About The Saem

Inspired by nature, Korean smasher post The Saem studies culture and customs from around the earth to discover diverse beauty secrets. The brand believes that healthy beauty starts with nature, which is why they develop high-quality products using effective natural ingredients selected through ecological research. The Saem has not lone found big achiever in Korea but all over the worldly concern. The brand was honored at the Korea Prestige Brand Awards for three straight years from 2017 to 2019, and has won the Grand Prize in Glowpick ’ second Consumer Beauty Awards for the Cream, Cleansing Tissue, Makeup Base and Pact categories .

What Are the Best Skin Care Products from The Saem?

The Saem offers many skin worry ranges based on different ingredients, skin types and skin needs. Some of its most celebrated collections include Urban Eco ( Waratah and Harakeke ), Iceland, Cell Renew Bio, Calamansi Pore, Derma Plan, Healing Tea Garden and Eco Earth Sun .
The Urban Eco range is split into Harakeke and Waratah, two of the brand ’ s signature ingredients. The Harakeke line is enriched with harakeke infusion, a plant that ’ s long been used by the Maori kin of New Zealand. In 2012, The Saem launched its hit Urban Eco Harakeke Toner, becoming the first beauty brand to formulate this ingredient into a skin manage product. early popular products in the lineage include the Urban Eco Harakeke Cream and Urban Eco Harakeke Emulsion. From leaves to seeds to roots, The Saem harnesses the plant ’ s calming effects to improve skin ’ s moisture-retaining abilities, avail with oil-water remainder and smooth rough bark. The box of this line, which is inspired by curves and tree materials, won Red Dot Award ’ s Packaging Design category. The Waratah line, which includes the bestselling Urban Eco Waratah Toner, is enriched with australian waratah bloom infusion. This ingredient strengthens the clamber barrier by building a hydration layer to protect skin from stress and harmful substances in the environment .
Launched in 2014, The Saem ’ s Iceland collection is formulated with Icelandic glacier body of water to deliver purify, refreshing and hydrating benefits to skin. Packed with biomineral water system and botanical extracts, its products offer abundant hydration to skin and enhance water-retention capacity. popular products include the Iceland Hydrating Soothing Gel, Iceland Hydrating Toner and Iceland Hydrating Eye Stick, which cools and brightens iniquity, gusty under-eye areas – it besides comes in an adorable polar bear design !

The Cell Renew Bio solicitation makes use of eryngium maritimum found on the seashore of Bretagne, France. besides known as sea holly, it ’ s a halophyte – a salt-tolerant implant that grows in soil or waters of high gear brininess. Formulated with eryngium maritimum preserved through cell bio capsulation, products in this solicitation aid restore and improve the overall condition of pall and uncut skin, leaving it bright and bedewed. Bestsellers include the Cell Renew Bio Micro Peel Soft Gel, Cell Renew Bio Eye Cream, Cell Renew Bio Emulsion and Cell Renew Bio Toner. The Cell Renew Bio solicitation was besides the achiever of the 2016 Red Dot Award ’ s Packaging Design class for its easily reclaimable promotion .
The star topology ingredient of the Calamansi Pore line is calamansi educe from the Philippines, but the production line ’ south products are besides infused with Vitamin C and cinehulin. This cable controls excess sebum and clears impurities from deep within pores, leaving skin blank and bright. Two of its most successful products include the Calamansi Pore Freshner and Calamansi Pore Tightener .
Derma Plan was launched in 2018 for sensitive clamber. All products are made with the patent Derma Max Formula, which is blended with seven cautiously selected botanical plants to deeply hydrate and comfort unbalanced skin. Derma Plan ’ sulfur products have completed clinical tests verifying that the derma-cosmetic formulas are safe for sensitive hide. The trace is best known for the Derma Plan Peeling Toner Pad, Derma Plan Soothing Toner and Derma Plan Balancing Moisturizer .
For cleaning, The Saem ’ s Healing Tea Garden line includes cleansing waters, foams, gels, tissues and constitution removers in fleeceable tea, tea tree, white tea and rooibos formulations. Products thoroughly cleanse peel while offering moisture and nutriment, leaving clamber soothed, refreshed and protected from external irritants. Of the respective cleansers, the Healing Tea Garden Green Tea Cleansing Water and Healing Tea Garden Green Tea Cleansing Foam are favorites, and the former was even recognized as the best cleaning water in the 2015 Glowpick Consumer Beauty Awards .
last, no Korean smasher sword would be complete without sun care, which is where The Saem ’ s Eco Earth Sun range comes in. Its sun caution products come in assorted forms, such as sun cream, sun stick, sun gel, sun infrastructure and sun cushion, and are customized for different needs with Waterproof, Mild, Tone Up, All Protection and Aqua options. not entirely do these products protect bark from UV rays, but they ’ re besides enriched with moisturizing Natural Plant Power Complex to soothe skin. Bestsellers include the Eco Earth Power Pink Sun Cream, Eco Earth Power Light Sun Cream and Eco Earth Power Clear Sun Stick.

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What Are the Best Makeup Products from The Saem?

When it comes to cosmetics, The Saem is decidedly the mark to beat in the concealer class. The Saem ranked No. 1 in the Brand Customer Satisfaction Index for the concealer class for five consecutive years ( from 2015-2019 ). The mark besides won No. 1 in the concealer category of @ cosme ’ s The Best Cosmetics Awards in 2019, a well as the Grand Prize in Cosmo Beauty Awards ’ concealer category for its Mineralizing Creamy Concealer. however, The Saem doesn ’ thyroxine equitable do base makeup. It besides offers brow products, eyeliners, shadows, blushers and brim products through two primary ranges : Saemmul and Eco Soul .
For base makeup, the Cover Perfection Tip Concealer and Cover Perfection Pot Concealer are both cult favorites known for lightweight formulas that adhere lightly for a flawless complexion. The aforesaid award-winning Mineralizing Creamy Concealer, which is made with mineral-rich celtic water and natural ceramide, besides comes in Mineralizing Pore Concealer and Mineralizing Serum Concealer variations. apart from concealers, the brand has cushions, primers, powders, pacts, lighteners and highlighters. democratic items from the Saemmul collection include the Oil Control Cushion, Perfect Pore Pink Pact, Perfect Pore Primer, Perfect Pore Powder, Face Lightener and Luminous Multi Highlighter. Eco Soul boasts an Essence Cushion All Cover that is infused with bulgarian damask rose water and Dutch aloe extract to moisturize, comfort and clear up skin .
For eye constitution, Saemmul ’ s most popular products include the Browcara, Artlook Eyebrow and Wood Eyebrow for brows, ampere well as the Liquid Eyeliner and Single Shadow. Another unique K-Beauty clean is the Under Eye Maker, a dual auto-pencil to create tear-eye makeup for a youthful, barren count. Eco Soul offers an Eyebrow Kit, which adds balmy so far detailed definition for well-groomed brows, and Powerproof Mega Slim Liner, which features a 2mm ultra-fine lean for accurate application. Eco Soul ’ s outstanding eye apparition choice includes Glam Eyes and Sparkling Eye. The former is a creamy shadow while the latter is a liquid shadow, but both come in assorted shades to add bright gleam to your eyes !
For blushes, Saemmul ’ south Smile Bebe Blusher gives a doll-like flush, the Cream Stick Blusher blends easily for contour, and the Single Blusher comes in 30+ shades. meanwhile, Eco Soul ’ s shimmering Carnival Blush is suitable for gay occasions.

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Outside of concealers, The Saem is probably best-known for its brim products, available in a battalion of forms spanning from oils, essences, scrubs, crayons and balms to classic lipsticks and sass tints. Saemmul ’ s Yum Yum Lip Syrup and So Hot Lip Sauce are both glosses packaged in cute, uber-realistic food-inspired containers. The erstwhile is a satiny smooth, scented and humidify urine glossary that comes in cocoa, cherry, strawberry and yellowish pink flavors, while the latter ’ randomness unique Red Pepper and Green Pepper variations are infused with pepper, garlic and pep extracts a well as plant-derived oils to create entire, plump lips with high shine. With standout products Honey Lip Essence and Honey Lip Scrub, Saemmul ’ s Honey Lip line features natural acacia beloved for ennoble exfoliation and intense nutriment, leading to smooth, moisturized lips. As for Eco Soul, the collection ’ second Kiss Button Lips is one of The Saem ’ s most innovative, forward-thinking creations – the leave of a request to meld the luminosity of a lip shade with the hydration of a lip ointment. After landing on the perfect texture and container design, The Saem was the beginning to commercialize the button-click-type lipstick in 2014. It has since become one of the stigmatize ’ s key signature lipsticks, with fresh textures, colors and editions being endlessly launched. For even more lip care, the Eco Soul Lip Oil comes in Honey, Berry and Grapefruit scents and creates plump, lissome and hydrous lips. apart from Saemmul and Eco Soul sass products, The Saem is besides home to Kissholic Lipstick, a collection of popular fame shades available in moisturizing, semi-matte and glow textures, and 3 Edge Lipstick, which glides smoothly to fill fine lines and ensure a accurate, flawless finish .

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Who Has The Saem Collaborated With?

Tapping into the K-pop industry, The Saem collaborated with male child group Seventeen to market lip balms, perfumes and hand creams with classifiable flavors, colors and scents for each member – a well as collectible box featuring the idols. The collaboration besides included an Aqua Bling Mist formulated with mineral-rich seawater and plant extracts to hydrate and soothe skin, american samoa good as limited-edition collections like the Lettering Lip Balm Set, Signature Perfume Stick Set and a Travel Kit. The Travel Kit, which came in three types to correspond with Seventeen ’ s rap, song and operation units, contained The Saem ’ s favored cleanse, hair’s-breadth, consistency and hide wish items in portable versions. The brand has besides had other K-pop acts as its models and spokespersons, such as SHINee, Red Velvet, G-Dragon and IU .

Where to Buy The Saem Products?

The Saem has physical locations across Eurasia and North America. Its first overseas denounce was planted in 2011 in Hong Kong, and it has since spread to Thailand, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan and the Philippines. In the U.S., the Korean smasher brand has two locations in New York and one in Washington. The Saem is besides available on-line at YesStyle, where many of the items mentioned above – and more – are readily accessible !

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