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The only diet recommended by Ayurveda in its scriptures Oziva Proteins and Herbs for Men – Oziva Proteins and Herbs for Women – (Use coupon code FT150 to get Rs 150 OFF) Buy Proteins and Herbs from ‘Amazon – There’s this one, just a diet plan that Ayurveda suggests in all its scriptures. And he recommends it with the promise that if someone follows him religiously, he won’t need many doctors in life. 00:47 – Why Ayurveda? 01:16 – The first thing you need to know before starting this Ayurvedic diet 01:57 – How is this diet different from intermittent fasting? 02:30 – The only thing recommended by Ayurveda to eat after sunset 02:47 – How to choose the meals of the day 02:59 – How should breakfast be? 03:08 – How should lunch be? 03:24 – What is the best time to enjoy a cheat meal? 03:31 – How should dinner be? 03:43 – Certain foods that are strictly forbidden at dinner 03:55 – Ideal food characteristics according to Ayurvedic scriptures 04:10 – The three types of food 05:10 – Why should food be seasonal? 05:33 – Why should food be local? What is the venue? 06:28 – How important is the taste of food according to Ayurveda? 06:46 – How much food should you eat? 07:24 – How much water should I drink a day? 07:46 – When is that time when water should definitely be consumed? FOODS AND PRODUCTS RELATED TO VIDEO (not sponsored) Rock Salt – Cow Ghee A2 – Semi-Brown Rice – Millet – Multigrain Flour – Jaggery Powder – Copper Jar – 09:13 – Video Partner – OZIVA Oziva’s Protein & Herbs for Men – Oziva’s Protein & Herb for Women – (Use promo code FT150 to get Rs 150 off) Buy Protein & Herb on Amazon – BEST PRODUCTS FROM WORST TO BEST SERIES (My Recommendations) (NOT SPONSORED) Best Shampoo – Best face wash – Best deodorant – Best sunscreen – Best face cream – Best breakfast – Best instant noodles – Best cookies – MY EQUIPMENT Camera – Microphone – MORE USEFUL LINKS Copper jug ​​I recommend – Kadhai brass I recommend – Bottle of water I use – Gram Flour to prepare Chilla – Semi Brown Rice I use – Multigrain Atta I used – Bhuna Chana – Rock Salt – Black Salt – Jagger and – Stevia – Honey – Millet – Oatmeal – Brown Rice – Peanuts – MORE ABOUT FIT TUBER 5 Amazing Patanjali Products You Should Try 10 Toothpastes In India Ranked From Worst To Best. Full Custom Oatmeal Recipe Video: Pesarattu Stuffed Paneer Full Recipe Video: Full Day Diet Plan For Building Muscle: Full Day Diet Plan For Fat Loss: Diet Plan For Weight Loss Music Credits: Library YouTube audio I wish you good health. FitTuber

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The Only Diet Plan That Ayurveda Recommends (Men & Women)
The Only Diet Plan That Ayurveda Recommends (Men & Women)

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The Only Diet Plan That Ayurveda Recommends (Men & Women).

sattvic organic and natural.

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32 thoughts on “The Only Diet Plan That Ayurveda Recommends (Men & Women) | Cover the knowledge about sattvic organic and natural the most complete

  1. Sudakshina Ray says:

    I don't give value to diet advice of people who abhor non- vegetarian food . These people forget diversity in food has been designed by nature, therefore is sattvik (of the definination of the term is correct).These people are prejudiced because they are ignorant.

  2. YASHVI PATEL says:

    diet plan that Ayurveda recommends thts all ok.but why pramote other brands n recomind to others ? today u recomind this product. tomorrow other one. thts not good.. its al going like paid pramotions here.

  3. Asha Bawalia says:

    I am bit confused about oil pulling video and drinking water first thing in the morning. They are both contradictory. Please clarify.

  4. Doriel says:

    Cannot use this diet due to severe allergies. Ayurveda says the sick and pregnant need to eat meat.

  5. urvi shah says:

    Hello, thank you for the insight, we live in Singapore, a place where there is no fresh produce and everything is imported here. What is your suggestion for such a place as we get all the fruits and vegetables everytime irrespective of season. So ideally for such a place, considering the weather is always humid with temperatures between 28-32 deg, what can be consume?

  6. Meet Cherry The crazy cat says:

    100km theory isn't sound correct. Because near Delhi almost nothing grows on large scale within 100km and banana coconut strawberry and many more didn't grow even 400km distance. So

  7. Sangita Devi says:

    Rajiv Dixit said digestive fire is very high in just after sunrise and just after sunset . Taking example of diya

  8. JR Odia Kitchen says:

    Sir my age 28 weight 50 , high triglyceride 350 mentioned protein powder oziva is good for me or not. Plz reply

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