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Meet the world’s most eccentric Lamborghini owner! Join me as we meet Bryan of Team Salamone and his all-chrome Lamborghinis, both the Aventador SVJ and the Urus. You won’t believe all the mods these cars have now! The Salamone crew are regulars on the supercar rally scene, from Gumball 3000 to Goldrush Rally and Bullrun, and they always know how to put on a show. In fact, Bryan has owned and driven more miles in Aventadors than anyone else at around 175,000 miles and has owned an original LP700, Roadster, SV, SV Roadster and now the SVJ along with the Urus. Both cars in the garage are heavily kitted out with full chrome wraps and chrome parts as well as reflective liveries on top. In addition, there are many LED lights, neon lights below, and light strips. The SVJ also has a tank to expel smoke when the doors are opened for spectacular effect! Bryan makes no secret of his desire to have fun, enjoy the cars and make people smile and there is no doubt that the Salamone team does just that. While not to everyone’s taste, the quirky attitude is fun, full of energy, and completely full of positive vibes. If you are not yet; follow the Salamone team here: Thanks for watching, Tim Follow: Website: Shop: Instagram: Facebook:

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The Most ECCENTRIC Lamborghini Owner and his CHROME Aventador SVJ!
The Most ECCENTRIC Lamborghini Owner and his CHROME Aventador SVJ!

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The Most ECCENTRIC Lamborghini Owner and his CHROME Aventador SVJ!.

color one krom.

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  1. Shmee150 says:

    There are Lamborghinis and then there are Team Salamone's Lamborghinis! Meet Bryan, supercar rally legend, and owner of these two WINNING cars with outrageous chrome wraps and surprise features you won't be expecting! Be sure to follow at

  2. missouri mongoose says:

    20 bucks says this guy gets his cocaine from the same place as the guy that built that half a billion dollar monstrosity of a house lol

  3. jakethreesixty says:

    I saw that guy on Netflix and immediately knew he was Italian. Takes one to know one ahaha

  4. Rhamer (Varo. Music) says:

    Bryan is a great guy and uses his status and car for good, to help put smiles on ppls faces and does much charity style work. Someone as eccentric and unapologetic as he is will always catch haters and others trying to put him down. He knows what he likes and doesn't care what others think and that is refreshing these days to say the least. Be true to yourself and do what makes you truly happy. People could learn a lot if they weren't so scared of opinion of others. Thank you for showcasing this, Schmee. Shout out to Long Island NY!

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