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Today in The Transplant Helper The danger of humidifiers. In 2013, a normal humidifier nearly killed me. At the time, I had no idea of ​​the importance of regular cleaning. In today’s video, I’m going to tell you about my near-death experience and give you some tips on how to buy or use a humidifier to stay safe. Amazon Affiliate Links Below: Honeywell Humidifier Link: Another Better Choice: Learn More About Cryptococcosis: #StayStronger #TransplantLife #Humidifier Dehumidifier, Best Humidifier, Humidifier, Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier, Best Humidifier for Bedroom Shop on Amazon and support The channel: (More links below) Vogmask: 1) SUBSCRIBE and get ready to live the good life sub_confirmation=1 2) LET’S CONNECT – – – 3) CONSIDER SUPPORTING my channel by buying “The Transplant Helper” T-shirts. This will help me maintain my ability to produce high-quality content 2-3 times a week. Check out the link below. My Favorite YouTube Video Gear: Camera: On-Camera Mic: On-Hook Mic: Voice-Over Mic: Ring Light: Other Lights: Primary Audio Recorder: Backup Audio Recorder: Audio Mixer: Hanging Arm: Stands of light: GoPro Hero 5: JBL headset:

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The Hazard of Humidifiers- This Thing ALMOST  KILLED ME
The Hazard of Humidifiers- This Thing ALMOST KILLED ME

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The Hazard of Humidifiers- This Thing ALMOST KILLED ME.

hydrogen peroxide travel size.

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45 thoughts on “The Hazard of Humidifiers- This Thing ALMOST KILLED ME | Summary of knowledge related to hydrogen peroxide travel size most detailed

  1. llengford says:

    You got to clean this thing man. You need to use a little bit of bleach wash thoroughly and then at other times maybe some peroxide and then at some other time you might need to use a little alcohol. Do not set your unit on the floor. Any time that you use water in humidifier air washer it is going to cause some bacterial growth. I have been HVAC mechanic for about 32 years. You would be surprised how much mode and bacterial growth grows in between in your coils. Your filter stops dust and stuff but it does not stop algae growth. You have a condensate drain. You ought to see what comes out of your condensate drain. so this humidifier does not have a whole lot to do with killing you. Your air condition system is a whole lot more dangerous… People would be surprised if they could see what I have seen in my lifetime from their home air condition system. You will drive yourself crazy Trying to prevent all the bacteria and mode. And these days with COVID, you could be pulling air through cracks and crevices from a apartment next to you. There's no way to make it 100% bulletproof. You see those people at Walmart that has the little glass shield in front of them. That is not doing a whole lot because they are using the same air condition system that the rest of the stories using. It's more of a psychological thing. You have a supply air and you have a return air on a air conditioning system it may be split up between several different units in different locations, but it's pretty much all pulling and using the same thing. Use a little common sense here and study it out. I do not know how many of you remember something that happened up in New York City years ago, but it was called a legion's air disease. After a big corporate meetings several people started dying come to find out it was caused by the air condition system. Again, do some research have a qualified HVAC man come out and clean your coils a thorough cleaning of your duct work. He has a special type cleaner for cleaning your coils that eats way bacteria, but you have to make sure that this guy is actually doing what he is supposed to be doing. These days and time you need to have him to make a little short video of what he has done and verify that it is your air conditioner that he is working on. Some HVAC mechanics will tell you that they have clean your coils but then they just kind of sidetrack it. So a good qualified air conditioning man is important This needs to be done at least once a year, Maybe more for people with breathing problems. Changing your air conditioner filter is not doing this. Listen to me people changing your air conditioner filter does not do anything for your condenser coil on your AC system. Again this day and time if you have a lot of company over at your house. If you have a lot of people that are being sick around you this may need to be done more often. Yes again, that little fix humidifier vaporizer needs to be cleaned regularly like a couple of times a week. They make things that you can put into the water for those systems too. So wise up people nobody's going to take care of you except you. Hope this has helped someone.

  2. Classic City Vapors says:

    I'm still coughing up mucus after being sick..but like you said I woke up one morning and I thought I was confusing I was having chills so bad it was hurting my back from my muscles contarcting…but I'm not sure what I had they gave me azithromycin and I took that and was still sick after a week…but I'm getting a little better now..but I do vape I think I was vaping some bad stuff

  3. Classic City Vapors says:

    I'm glad I found you…i had that before and I fought it…i also am 36 years old and been having weird heart palpitations and blood pressure starting to be high

  4. Unseen Animation says:

    B4 I opened this video I knew he didn't clean it… like wow moisture causes mold to grow

  5. GOD says:

    Stop using ultrasonic humidifiers. Get an evaporative one and you won't have this problem.
    Ultrasonic humidifiers spit out water droplets, collect and spit out mold and bacteria, and also leave white dust everywhere including your lungs even if you use distilled water.
    Even if you clean it after every fill, you still have to deal with some of these issues. An evaporative humidifier is just a wicking filter and a fan. Very simple and much safer.

  6. S JT says:

    If you add some colloidal silver to each refill of water, you will never have this problem. Even hospitals use silver. It's highly antibacterial & anti-fungal. And it's of absolutely no danger to anyone to be breathing in.

  7. Mikey Mikey says:

    Are Ultrasonic Humidifier Safe?
    For the most part, ultrasonic humidifiers are safe. The ultrasonic frequencies that an ultrasonic humidifier generates are not dangerous to humans and pose no health risk to the user. However, because ultrasonic humidifiers do not use heat to nebulize the water, water contaminants can be projected into the air, which the user breathes in. Water contaminants may include viruses, bacteria, fungi, and minerals and are often referred to as “impurities.” Impurities in an ultrasonic humidifier can be prevented by only using purified water, using some type of filter, and cleaning the device regularly.

  8. Eoin Walsh says:

    Very helpful video on the importance of cleaning these humidifiers.Sorry you got so sick but be very cautious about using antibiotics for so long.I was on a high dose for a few months and got major gut problems with a thing called cdiff from all the antibiotics.Nearly 3 years on my gut is still not right.Be warned people it is not a pleasant experience.

  9. Karla D says:

    I bought a humidifier that didn’t require a filter. Huge mistake. I began seeing a thick cover of white stuff on my furniture. I didn’t pay much attention to it, but when I began feeling chest pain that I’ve never felt before, I stopped using it because I put 2 and 2 together. It freaked me out so I threw that thing away. I never again had any issues with my chest. I think these humidifiers should be regulated a bit more because they’re dangerous. I have a new humidifier that has a filter, and I only use it when it’s too hot in my house due to my heater. I haven’t had any issue now, but I do change my filter once a month.

  10. Nd nightmare says:

    My school has these in the stalls they are gone when I go but I have one of these so i think it’s it

  11. John Newby says:

    Nebulizer with salt, a little iodine and food grade hydrogen peroxide…breathe it in all clean all the time

  12. Paul Richardson says:

    I just looked it up and it’s $94 now in 2022 but at the same time you can’t put a price on your life

  13. What am i doing with my life ? says:

    I knew the cause of this even before i clicked this video. So many people neglect to clean their humidifiers despite knowing that humidity promotes bacterial and fungal growth, which could very easily be spread by you humidifier contaminating your air. You're lucky that you survived this, pulmonary diseases can be very very deadly, and can leave one with permanent irreversible lung tissue damage.

  14. Beach Bliss says:

    My Dad had the same experience. Ended up in the respiratory ward with pneumonia and on IV antibiotics. Now he uses a nebuliser with hydrogen peroxide. A pot of water on the stove will increase mold in your house.

  15. Jojo Rey says:

    It's not really rocket science you should always make sure the that the things that go into your lungs are clean..

  16. David Kelly Mitchell says:

    I've heard all humidifiers need to be cleaned everyday and even for non-immunosuppressed people. Legionnaires disease that caused the deaths of many was from the spray mist of contamidated water towers circulating through the air conditioning system.

  17. Renegade Mind says:

    I run my cool mist humidifier with Hydrogen Peroxide in the water while sleeping. (40 mil, 35% food grade /Gal ) only after I consume 4000mg of Vit C (anti-oxidants)

  18. king rutse says:

    Lol so they gave u strong I’v antibiotics lol that’s what caused the fever’s.. u had an infection but the fever was the antibiotics

  19. Shadayha Jacobs says:

    Did you ever think that maybe it was Covid because I think you made this video befor Covid was known

  20. SianaKatu says:

    That's why I clean my Humidifier everytime i use it. before using it, i'm changing the essential oil with water on it with a new one

  21. crashpig says:

    This got me scared my parents have a humidifier that was sitting under a plastic bag for years idk how many about 5 years I think not sure but I used it for the entire day as I found it in the morning no water was in it for the duration it was sitting but I might not use it when I fall asleep tonight and clean it tomorrow morning thanks for potentially Saving me from what you went through not a transplant patient or have any heart or lung issues just use it for allergies and clear my sinuses

  22. Ivelina Ozgur says:

    Thanks for sharing… I didn’t expect that can be dangerous to use humidifier…
    But yes,it’s absolutely logical.

  23. Claudia Karzen says:

    Ir i get sick I use it everyday, I clean it everyday and replace the water at night, I use vinagre after I feel better and before I storage for the next use

  24. Oscar Jansson says:

    A humidifier isnt hazardous in and of itself, the lack of knowledge in the fact it needed to be cleaned is entierly your own fault. The humidifier didnt try to kill you, cryptococcus did. Its been a while since this video was made so im not sure why i bother commenting.

  25. Wicked Fit says:

    The humidifier you linked to is not "Germ Free" or at least no longer advertised as such. I'm thinking they had to remove that. Maybe because of covid?

  26. Ernie says:

    Thanks foe that info. BTW I use 25% bleach solution to clean many things and it can be almost as effective as commercial sterilization products if used right. Bleach can damage certain surfaces so be careful. It's my go-to preference. Lysol et al is almost like nothing at all.

  27. Emma says:

    I was really thinking of getting a humidifier but I don't know now😬
    Can anyone recommend a warm mist easy clean humidifier?

  28. Aaron Isaac Arias says:

    Oh no ! My lungs have been feeling bad ever since I been using my humidifier they are itchy and I feel like I can't breathe!

  29. atiq khan says:

    I had same symptoms in 2007 but never new what the disease was. Fever going up to 105 in under five minutes with every joint aching and nails turned blue. Had every test in vain and got a multi purpose anti viral at least and got cured. Doctor thanked God as he used that tab as last resort. But safe

  30. H K says:

    We use a humidifier named Miro that disassembles down to the smallest motor and fan. It's very easy to reassemble. There is no part that you cannot clean unlike other humidifiers out there that only lets you disassemble partially.

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