YSL ’ s modern Rouge Tatouage Matte Lip Stain ( $ 36 for 0.20 oz. ) is an all modern formula released for fall, and it barely might be my all-time darling flat sass conceptualization, edging out even Chanel ’ s Rouge Allure Ink for that placement ! Keep read for the full review, plus swatches ( including sass swatches ) of each color in the roll !
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YSL Rouge Tatouage is touted as, “A lightweight lip stain with a revolutionary formula for ultra-matte, high impact color and a lightweight, naked-lip feel,” and that’s exactly what it is. There have been a ton of long-wearing, matte, liquid lip formulas released over the last couple years, and almost all of them have in common the fact that they can really be “felt” on the lips. There’s nothing wrong with being able to feel and see a layer of lipstick on your lips, but sometimes I don’t like the fact that my lips feel like they are being hidden or smothered by a super opaque layer of lipstick. 

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YSL ’ s Rouge Tatouage changes all this – it is quite durable ( although not 12+ hours like Chanel Rouge Allure Ink and others ), and it has a flimsy, liquidy yet highly pigment rule that besides has a hint of translucence as it spreads across the lips. It covers the lips evenly, and it results in a highly pigmented sass through which you can still see your real, natural lip texture due to the quality of slender translucence that the rule has. Unlike the Dior Lip Tattoo, which unfortunately applies a fiddling moment patchily and which doesn ’ triiodothyronine dry down amply ( which makes it prone to rubbing off, leaving an tied more patchy expect ), YSL ’ s Rouge Tatouage does finally dry down to amply matte…over time ( as in multiple hours ), it basically amply absorbs into lips, becoming a true dirt that remains very pigment and that doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate rub off flush when you wipe your lips with the back of your hand .


I am in love with this stuff. Chanel Rouge Allure Ink is a wonderful, super long-wearing formula, and I love it…but YSL Rouge Tatouage is slightly more my favorite for the way that it lets your natural lip texture shine through. Also the color range is AMAZING…I’m saying this because YSL hit the jackpot with its color formulations for corals!!!! (And yall know how much I loooove warm, orangey corals and pinky-orange coral reds!). Normally I’m lucky if there’s just one perfect coral in a lineup of lippies, but YSL’s Rouge Tatouage has three perfect corals. I’m pretty much in heaven with this formula!!

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Now on to swatches:

First up are the neutrals and cool pinks and plums…

The neutrals consist of :

  • 7 Nu Interdit: nude beige
  • 23 Singular Taupe: nude rosey beige
  • 11 Rose Illicite: slightly cool light nude pink
  • 3 Rosewood Gang: rich ruddy rosewood reddish pink

The cool pinks and purples are :

  • 03 Rose Ink: hot barbie pink
  • 19 Fuchsia Intime: medium purplish pink
  • 20 Pink Squad: hot magenta pink
  • 15 Violet Conviction: deep blackberry
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now for the corals ( ! ! ! ) and reds…

The corals ( my fave obviously ) consist of :

  • 22 Coral Anti-Mainstream: coral pink
  • 2 Crazy Tangerine: strong orange coral (not straight orange)
  • 17 Unconventional Coral: coral pinky orange
  • 13 True Orange: bright orangey coral red
  • 1 Rouge Tatouage: bright strawberry red

last, the reds, which 1 Rouge Tatouage is included among, evening though I listed it with the corals :

  • 10 Carmine Statement: pink-red
  • 12 Red Tribe: true red
  • 9 Grenat No Rules: rusty orange-red
  • 8 Black Red Code: brown-red

My favorites from the range are 7 Nu Interdit, 23 Singular Taupe, 2 Crazy Tangerine, 17 improper Coral and 13 True Orange…specifically for drop I like 23, 13, 10 Carmine Statement and 8 Black Red Code. I love love love this new convention so much, and I can not recommend it highly enough ! You can find YSL Rouge Tatouage at any department memory with a YSL counterpunch or your local Sephora…I promise you love them deoxyadenosine monophosphate much as I do !
twenty Georgia Grace

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