thus I recently discovered these cute Love Me More cheek blushes and Kiss Me Harder Liquid Lip Matte from 4U2 Cosmetics and I immediately fell in sexual love with them. The blushes look like small sugarcoat pans which can add a sweet flush on your impudence while I was besides excited to try on the new felt lipsticks .

I absolutely love these two flat shades, M2 (I Miss You) and S5 (You Adore Me). They ’ re both pigment and dependable for casual practice. The powder picks up on a makeup brush with rest, looks truly good on skin with a individual end run and it ’ s amazingly buildable.

4u2-love-me-more-2 P284.00 for 5g
The solo pans didn ’ thymine come with any applicator, but for me, it ’ mho fine as I use my own blush brush anyhow. The solid solicitation has matte and shimmery finishes but I am not sure if all 20 shades will be available here locally .
4u2-kiss-me-harder-1 P294.00
4U2 Kiss Me Harder Liquid Lip Matte comes in super saturated shades. It has an impressive pigmentation, identical fair price and the colors stay on your lips for long hours. however, my lips aren ’ triiodothyronine perfect and I feel that this liquid lipstick is besides drying on my lips indeed adenine much as potential, I only apply a thin layer on my lips. I have here 08 Lonely Night and 09 Until Dawn .
I feel that these shades of liquid lipsticks are durable and high pigmented interpretation of Sunnies Face ’ south Nudist ( 4U2 lonely Night ) and Milkshake ( Until Dawn ). personally, Maybelline Super Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick is better in terms of matte formulation but the colors, texture and longevity of 4U2 is pretty acute .
Going back to the blush, this 4U2 Love Me More in  M2 I Miss You ghost has a elusive light rosy tint which gives a fresh bloom expression. If you like a blush powder that keeps your impudence expression matte but not dull, then this shade is commodity for you. I merely feel that this shadow won ’ t show off nicely on morena skin but it decidedly pulls off a no-makeup makeup front and tones down the reflect on your cheek.


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This shade doesn ’ thyroxine last very farseeing on my oily skin but I am happy that it is low-cost and it blends seamlessly into the remainder of my makeup. I think this shade goes well in concert with 4U2 Liquid Lip Matte in 08 Lonely Night. It is very suitable for those who are after a sublime daily lip color. It stays true to shade even after 6 hours but it lento fades specially in the center part of the lips after eating like most fluent lipsticks. Reapplication is a must in the middle of the day .
4U2 Love Me More in S5 You Adore Me, is a brilliantly peachy shade that squeals “ I am blushing today ”. Sweep this powder on your cheeks very lightly for a natural looking flush or add layers if you want to add more volume. I paired this shade with 4U2 Liquid Lip Matte in 09 Until Dawn and I think the combination is indeed perfect .
For me, I love applying about 3-4 layers of this blush. I fair love the effect on my impudence and I ’ five hundred probably start practicing on adding freckles soon .

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so, I read a comment in my Instagram post to mix the two blushes together and I thought it ’ s a capital idea since I can ’ t in truth decide which shade to use daily. Guess what ? Nothing noticeable hahaha but I think using S5 as a basal cheek color and M2 as your retouch bloom is a dependable scheme to avoid excessively flushed look .
I actually enjoyed playing with these newly makeup items. I hope you enjoy reading this constitution play blog besides. I am so felicitous that 4U2 Cosmetics are inactive sanely priced and they are stepping up their game to produce more fun so far effective makeup products. Would you like to try these products ? I can send these swatched items to you and let me know what you think ! 🙂
To view more 4U2 Cosmetics products available here in the Philippines, follow them on Facebook or Instagram @ 4u2cosmeticsph. They now accept on-line orders !

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