If you ’ ve followed me for any length of time you know I ’ ve been obsessed with japanese brand SUQQU for well over seven years. Before I even had a blog. It ’ s so nice to see them last becoming more accessible for the US. I used to have to hunt them down on japanese custom buyer sites like Ichibankao or take the $ 40 shipping plunge from Selfridges. I ’ ve besides ordered from Harrod ’ s a few times a well. now that they ’ re on Cult Beauty I can see quite a fortune of people becoming more haunted with them now. They are lavishness high quality cosmetics stigmatize. Their powders are brilliant. I love how japanese brands do the slurry technique for powders it actually makes the gunpowder timbre quite nice. Their eyeshadows and blushes are my favorite beyond the real hair makeup brushes which are a classic. once you try SUQQU you ’ ll be addicted .
So they launched a newfangled limited edition Powder Blush Compact with four blush shades and two highlighters. The powders are easy, pigmented, never dry or powdery and they blend seamlessly into the skin. You can build up pigment with them or keep it soft. The texture is in truth quite superb on their powderize products. The best function of SUQQU is besides that you can pop pans out well to rearrange or depot and put in larger palettes if you desire. I ’ m a huge fan of that as I adore my big re-arrangeable palettes. This pallette works great with the SUQQU Cheek Brush which allows a soft buildable finish .
The blush shades are a hushed plum, russet bare, magenta and coral. They have a hint of shininess but it ’ randomness truly more for depth and doesn ’ metric ton understand on the skin as shimmer at all. It barely gives the powder a courteous depth & luminosity. The blush shades are all pigmented as I said and pack a punch, so start light and build up. The highlighter shades have this very gorgeous sparkling shininess. It ’ s not wide on crisp bling, but it ’ s not in truth subtle either. No glitter. I quite like this newfangled highlighter powder, their other ones are normally way more subtle. They are a cool beige and light rose pink shade. I ’ molarity partial derivative to the cool beige the most. As with the blushes start with a less dense brush and build up with these due to the highly pigment nature. They make a great cheek and brow bone highlight.

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They equitable launched a second limited edition version of this and I ’ thousand tempted to grab it. Remember japanese brands label their limit edition merchandise with a 101 and so on so that ’ s how you know .

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