There ’ s excessively much at stake now to get catch rocking forge Supreme. Paying hundreds, or flush thousands, of dollars for a Supreme hoodie or shirt only to find out it ’ s a Supreme replica may be one of the worst feelings for a streetwear enthusiast — specially if your friends are pointing out and gassing your fake Supreme .
nowadays more than ever, you ’ re likely to mistakenly stumble into buying a Supreme replica. Why ? Because the business of Supreme has never been richer .
Streetwear is a multi-billion dollar diligence in 2020, and at the vanguard of it all is James Jebbia ’ second Supreme, primitively founded as a belittled skate shop in New York City in 1994. Thanks to a secret equity firm ’ s $ 500 million investment in 2017 for 50 percentage of the company, Supreme is immediately valued at $ 1 billion—an unprecedented valuation for a dress mark with no official market.

But as Supreme has rocketed in popularity and value in late years, it ’ second become easier than ever to ensnare yourself in a fake Supreme trap. Business is booming not alone for Supreme but besides its counterfeit competitors .
Before you purchase a newly Supreme piece on the resell commercialize, be sure to check out our guide to spotting fakes below .

Looking Out For The First Signs Of Fake Supreme

first thing ’ south first : if the piece looks juke, feels fake to the touch, or in your intestine feels fake, then it ’ s credibly fake Supreme. If the price of the detail from a reseller is excessively effective to be true, or they ’ rhenium request payment through non-secure channels, don ’ t gamble with your money .
Standard bank transfers, Zelle, or Venmo won ’ thymine help you out if you ’ re tricked into buying a Supreme replica. If you ’ re buying from sites like Grailed or eBay, try and buy Supreme from reputable resellers who have had their transactions reviewed and rated by former customers. In this game, it ’ sulfur about who you know and who you can put your religion in .

Highsnobiety / Sunny Lau
More know buyers can use their Supreme senses to weed out bogus Supreme from the actual deal, but for those first-time or less season buyers faced with judging the authenticity of a patch, the devil is in the details .
On a Supreme replica, the giveaways come to light when closely observing the sewing on identify areas of the dress, the color and letter of logo, the placement of the neck tag and wash tags, the timbre of the drawstrings, and the format of watermarks. only an educated, discerning eye can promptly spot a Supreme replica, indeed read on to find out how to do then .

How To Spot A Fake Supreme Hoodie

Box Logo Basics
The box logo ( or “ bogo ” ) hoodie is the ultimate Supreme staple, leading to it becoming one of the most forge items out there. When evaluating a Supreme hoodie, it ’ south best to start with an inspection of the embroider box logo on the front of the bogo hoodie — if it ’ s not embroidered at all, or lacks a cohesive, high-quality stitch, that ’ s an automatic crimson flag .
Along with precisely centered flat white “ Supreme ” inscription ( underneath target sunlight, talk through one’s hat Supreme inscription can sometimes look grey ), the surrounding discolor of the bogo should be that deep, rich people dark red that ’ s internationally recognizable. Anything besides bright or excessively dark should raise suspicions .
Looking close at the embroider bogo, start with a simpleton ruler trial for the “ flying e ” flaw. If you lineup a rule underneath all of the “ Supreme ” letters, they should absolutely align. In many pieces of forge Supreme, all of the letters align except for the “ e ” at the end. It can sometimes float just a few millimeters higher than the rest of the letters, but if that space exists, the hoodie is likely a Supreme replica .
After you ’ ve put down your ruler, take a step binding and look at the overall letter and sewing of the bogo itself. Legitimate bogos have recognizable, coherent spacing between each letter in “ Supreme. ” none of the letters should come close to touching .
Looking at the individual letters, there should be clear divots at the top of the “ phosphorus, ” “ r, ” and “ m ” —that goes for looking at any “ Supreme ” inscription, whether it ’ s on the bogo or a tag .
sometimes, however, the fakes are good. Like, truly good. And the form of imposter Supreme can be something a superficial as poor sew. Peep the remainder between the real ( black ) and fake ( red ) bogo below .

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While you ’ re looking at the letter, check inside the bogo ’ sulfur “ phosphorus ” in “ Supreme. ” There should be an egg-shaped or egg-shape comprising the letter ’ mho open space. With a fake Supreme hoodie, that exposed space inside the “ phosphorus ” will look more round, or like a “ D. ” however, this authentication scheme is tougher to depend upon in some cases, because authentic pre-2007 hoodies, a well as contemporary tonal colored hoodies, won ’ t inevitably have that egg-shaped “ p ” shape .
once you ’ ve passed those hurdles, soar back in and observe the quality and direction of the red bogo stitching. On real Supreme pieces, the bolshevik sewing behind the white “ Supreme ” lettering should come in a close diamond or criss-cross blueprint. identifiable horizontal or vertical sew will comprise the red background on a forge bogo .
That legitimate criss-cross or rhombus sew convention should be even more identifiable when looking at the garment wrong-side-out, as its white threads will reveal. When examining the hoodie ’ mho bogo wrong-side-out, the “ Supreme ” letter should calm be agio, completely white in color, and embossed. If that flipped “ emerpuS ” international relations and security network ’ thymine wholly covered in tight white sewing, or if the sew barely looks overemotional, that ’ s a good game show that you ’ ve got a Supreme replica on your hands .
Take a close look at the stitching on the perimeter of the wrong-side-out bogo. A single solid white screw thread should systematically run through the center of the wrong-side-out bogo ’ south bolshevik out stitching — on many pieces of juke Supreme, that white train of thought will look break or jagged .
Observing the Neck Tag
If the bogo on your Supreme hoodie seems to pass all of the above tests, it ’ south time to move onto the evening more chondritic details, like the inside tag. In general, the labels on any Supreme musical composition should be the easiest contribution of any legit-check .
The neck tag is the best set to start, because there are a few obvious flaws a juke Supreme hoodie could have there. First, the Supreme neck tag should have that rich red color, and the “ Supreme ” letter, like on the bogo, should look clean and clear. The letter should besides sit on the lower one-third of the crimson neck tag, or about the width of your little finger finger from the top .
next to the “ Supreme ” tag, a smaller red “ Made In ” tag should be placed a few millimeters to the right. The break between tags can vary, but you ’ ll know if it ’ randomness fudge Supreme if the two tags equal or overlap, and aren ’ thymine parallel to each other .
last, the unretentive “ Made In ” tag should extend down and line-up with the small letter “ upreme ” inscription on the “ Supreme ” tag. On some authentic Supreme hoodies, that “ Made In ” tag may extend a bit past the lead of the “ e ” on the “ Supreme ” tag, indeed while it ’ mho effective to look after, it ’ s not a black flaw indicating forge Supreme by any means. If the two tags are equal in duration, however, then it ’ s most likely a fake Supreme hoodie .

A Deeper Dive Into Wash Tags

Investigating inside the hoodie further, it ’ second crucial to note the sew and placement of the wash tag. This may be the easiest catch of them all .
On a real Supreme hoodie, the moisten chase will be located inside the lower back of the dress, and will have a single straight black sew note near the top of the tag connecting it to the hoodie .
A little flap of wash tag material should peek out from above that single stitch note — on most fake Supreme hoodies, that beat is either nonexistent or region of a criss-cross stitch connecting the wash chase to the hoodie. other juke Supreme hoodies can have that individual sew line, but frequently enough, it ’ sulfur sloppily done at an angle, or there ’ randomness another stitch line above it .
Remember : Legit Supreme hoodies have a wash rag with a single, straightaway sew line across the lead and small upper berth roll above that .
Below, the leave is bogus and the right is real .

Highsnobiety / Bryan Luna

Highsnobiety / Bryan Luna
Drawstrings Are a Dead Giveaway
All of the above fake versus real signs can sometimes take an agonize measure of clock time to identify. Want a surefire short-cut ? Well, what do the drawstrings on the hoodie look like ? real Supreme hoodies feature flat laces and flat laces only. Their length matters besides — the laces should never extend past the embroider box logo eyepatch. If you see a Supreme hoodie with circular drawstring laces, or laces long enough that drop below the box logo, then you know for sure : That ’ s a fake Supreme hoodie .

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How To Spot a Fake Supreme Shirt

Check the Collar Stitch
Stitching, stitching, stitching. Whether you ’ re trying to legit-check a hoodie, shirt, or hat, the musical composition ’ second sewing will about always reveal its authenticity. On Supreme shirts, checking for the right sewing starts at the collar. There shouldn ’ t be any visible sewing along the neckline on a real Supreme jersey, even if it ’ mho just one production line. A unmarried seam should bind the collar to the pillow of the shirt. When dealing with authentic Supreme long-sleeve shirts, however, some pieces do have a single sew along the collar, but that ’ second limited to long-sleeves. If your long-sleeve has two or more stitches at the neckline though, it ’ s an alert that you may have a forge Supreme shirt in front of you.

Again, Take a Look at the Tags
The sew on the inside neck rag is besides key. Too much sew, or stitching where there isn ’ t supposed to be any, can help determine whether or not the garment you ’ re dealing with is fudge Supreme. With substantial Supreme shirts, a single stitch should run along each border of the white neck rag. Fake Supreme shirts will frequently have a bivalent or triple stitch running along those same edges .
The content of the neck tag matters besides. here, the tiniest—and we mean tiniest—of details can expose a fudge Supreme shirt. For starters, make certain all of the neck rag ’ second text is centered, bold, and easily to read. Next, and most importantly, look at the “ Made In U.S.A. ” print in the middle of the tag, equitable above the size letter. Look very, very close, because all real number Supreme shirts will have a period in between each letter and after the “ A ” in “ U-S-A. ” Fake Supreme shirts may skip on the little details, so watch out if there ’ s a single period missing in “ U.S.A. ”
Below, the leave is fake and the mighty is real .

Highsnobiety / Bryan Luna

Highsnobiety / Bryan Luna
( For pre-2000 Supreme shirts, the neck tag will look different. It ’ s probably just a red “ Supreme ” tag with the size and country of lineage on the bottom, but again, attend for those periods around “ U.S.A. ” They should all still be there, no topic the year of Supreme you ’ re looking to buy. )
Flip the neck tag and look for a faint water line. Below the wash instructions at the exceed of the tag, justly in the center, there should be a white, translucent all-caps bold “ SUPREME ” watermark that ’ mho visible under send light. For shirts made from 2005 to 2007, however, the water line may say “ SUP ” and the year it was made, so wear ’ thyroxine start a PayPal challenge if that ’ s the casing .
Do start a PayPal dispute if the water line is quite distinctly visible, a yellow color, not in all-caps, italicized, or all four .

How To Spot a Fake Supreme Photo Shirt

Highsnobiety / Sunny Lau
All Collabs Have Copyright
From Muhammad Ali to Marvin Gaye, and many iconic start culture figures in-between, Supreme collaborates with dozens of brands and estates every class to create the freshest and most nostalgic pieces. Often adequate, that ’ ll entail printing a well-known image of the collab ’ s headliner on the front of a Supreme shirt. On real number Supreme shirts, that print should be high quality and resistant to any and all desquamation, but even fake Supreme shirts can be arduous to spot this way. For a full-proof method, again, turn to the tags .
On the back of the neck tag, there should be text detailing the collaboration ’ s rights reserved and copyright legalese. Most pieces of fake Supreme will skimp on this bantam, but all-important, detail. then, for model, if the shirt is from the 2013 fall/winter Bruce Lee collaboration, the bottom of the neck tag should include the text “ ® & © Bruce Lee Enterprises, LLC ” and “ All Rights Reserved. ” right under it. No matter what collab you ’ re legit-checking, every collab Supreme does is reflected in the tag of the dress .

How To Spot a Fake Supreme Hat

Look To The Bogo
At this point, you ’ re already a headmaster at picking out flaws in the box logo of fudge Supreme items. On Supreme hats though, there are a few points of emphasis in legit-checking the bogo. The bogo on the front of a standard Supreme hat should be 3.1 ten 1.1 and in that beloved italicize font .
We can ’ t stress this enough : The baptismal font should always be italicized when legit-checking the box logo, whether it ’ s on a Supreme hoodie or hat. More often than not, talk through one’s hat Supreme hats will have the correct baptismal font, but it ’ ll be bolder and standing straight-up rather of neatly and correctly italicized .
Examine the Cap’s Bill
Some imposter Supreme hats will phase out one of its most crucial parts, which is the classifiable lip on the boundary of the charge ’ s cap. A round lip should run along the outer function of the bill — the airfoil of many imposter Supreme hats will come with a wholly flat brim, proving how bogus it is. If the rounded brim is there though, and you ’ re still fishy, go ahead and count the phone number of stitches on the brim of the hat itself. real Supreme hats will have six curved and clear stitch lines taking the human body of the brim. More much than not, a Supreme replica hat will have less than six stitch lines .

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Highsnobiety / Christophe van Waetermeulen

The Fold Test
This is one of the simplest and quickest ways to figure out if your new Supreme hat is fudge or not. Just fold the hat into itself as you would for storage, and then check the eyelets. When folded, the eyelets located on opposite sides of the hat should lineup so you can see through them. On fake Supreme hats, those eyelets won ’ thyroxine align or will be blocked off by a tag or another fabric .
As Always, Check the Tags
tag is where most of, if not all imposter Supreme pieces get it incorrectly. With most hats, the white at heart tag should be about three-quarters of an inch and squared. On the tag itself, there should be a non-bold “ MADE IN ” text above an american english flag, with “ U.S.A. ” printed right underneath the ease up. Beneath all of that will be “ Supreme ” lettering in all its full and italicize beauty .
On fake Supreme hats, the text “ MADE IN U.S.A. ” text may be bold, the stars in the american english iris will look more wish little asterisks, and the “ Supreme ” lettering will most decidedly search, well, not like how the Supreme logo looks, whether the spacing between the letter is wrong or it ’ s not italicized .

Still Can’t Tell If It’s Fake Supreme?

The Community Can Help
hopefully, this template will give you all the tools needed to weed out imposter Supreme from the real thrust. unfortunately, counterfeit Supreme manufacturers are getting better and better, so with each passing class, it ’ s become hard and heavily to find all the flaw prevailing in a Supreme replica. even if you ’ rhenium diffident about a piece after consulting this template, preceptor ’ triiodothyronine fret—there are batch of other ways to legit-check your detail .
If in doubt, plow to the on-line community of Supreme fans and experts. Crowdsourcing a legit-check may be the easiest path for anyone diffident of their own capabilities. On the Supreme Reddit page, there ’ s an car hebdomadally string for posting legit-checks and a comparison steer for fall/winter 2018 box logo hoodies. alternatively, you can make your own thread for legit-checking an item .
Don ’ t stop at Reddit though. The eBay community and the most active Supreme reselling Facebook groups can help legit-check excessively — it ’ mho good to have ampere many opinions as possible chime in, sol keep going. Instagram is one of the best platforms for legit-checking, as many Supreme superfans will post or perform loose legit-checks sent into them via DM .
Legit-checking is a real skill, and only comes with practice and vulnerability to Supreme replica, so if you get burned on one sale, do your ascribable diligence to get your money back, but besides take it as a learn experience. Notice and take note of what looked off, and keep that in mind for purchases moving forward .
For a deep dive into Supreme, control below .

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