Sun salutations are a keystone region of any vinyasa run manner yoga exercise. You may not even realize you are doing them, but many teachers use them as a warm-up at the begin of course or evening base hale classes around them .

If you learn this sequence, it will very help you if you always want to practice at family, since one of the biggest obstacles to doing yoga on your own is figuring out what to do when you beginning get on your mat. Sun salutations are much a great option .


Watch Now: A Beginner’s Guide to Sun Salutations

The Breath

The breath is a very significant function of this sequence. apparent motion from one present to the following is always done in conjunction with either an inhalant or halitus of the breath. You can control the footstep of the sequence by altering the act of breaths in each perplex. Make sure to move to the following airs on the right breath.

bit-by-bit Instructions

Follow these simple instructions to start practicing sun salutations at home. Warm up with a few Cat-Cow stretches first .

Begin in Mountain Pose

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To begin, bring yourself to the front edge of your master of arts in teaching in Mountain Pose ( Tadasana ) with the hands in Anjali Mudra at your heart. This is traditionally where you might stop and set an purpose for your practice if you choose to .

Inhale. Bring the arms out to the sides and up to the ceiling to join your palms above your head in lift arms pose ( Urdhva Hastasana ). Lift your gaze to your thumbs and allow your shoulders to naturally extend upward .

Uttanasana to Flat Back

Uttanasana to Flat Back
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Exhale. Release your arms to either side and fold over your legs ( as if you were doing a roll dive into a swimming pool ) to come into a forward deflect ( Uttanasana ). alternatively, you can keep your palms together and pass them in front of your heart as you fold advancing .

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Place your fingertips in line with your toes. Flatten your palms, if possible, or tent your fingers. Place your hands on blocks if they do n’t reach the deck when your legs are uncoiled. You can besides bend the knees a small if that makes you more comfortable .

Inhale. Lift your head as you come to a compressed back ( Ardha Uttanasana ), coming onto your fingertips or placing your hands on your shins, whichever allows you to get your back actually flat .

Plank Pose

Plank Pose
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Exhale. Plant your palms and step or jump back to a plank position. In plank, make certain your shoulders are over your wrists and your butt is neither sticking up nor drooping down. A directly cable from the crown of your head to your heels is what you are going for. Take an inhale here .

As an alternative for more have yoga students, you can plant the palms in Uttanasana, chute back directly to Chaturanga Dandasana on an exhalation, and go through your vinyasa from there .

Knees, Chest, and Chin or Chaturanga Dandasana

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If You’re a Beginner

Exhale. Lower to your knees, chest of drawers, and chin. Lower your chest of drawers and chin down to the floor, landing your shoulders right over your hands. Keep your border high and your elbows hugging your rib .

For More Advanced Yogis

Exhale. Shift your shoulders forward a few inches and lower devour to four-limbed staff pose ( Chaturanga Dandasana ). Bringing the shoulders slenderly in front of the wrists before lowering avail you get the alliance right in the final model. If you are getting tired, lower to your knees since doing Chaturanga falsely can injure your shoulders over time .

Cobra or Upward Facing Dog

Cobra or Upward Facing Dog
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If You’re a Beginner

Inhale. Come forward to a low Cobra ( Bhudjangasana ). Anchor your pelvis and the tops of your feet to the shock, but try not to press into your hands as you come up into the backbend .

For More Advanced Yogis

Inhale. Roll over your toes ( if possible ) to come into an Upward Facing Dog. Bend your elbows out to the sides at foremost in order to bring your shoulders down and away from your ears. then straighten your arms. Make certain your legs are square and your knees are lifted off the deck .

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Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog
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Exhale. Push back to Downward Facing Dog. You can come through hands and knees on the way if necessity. Stay hera a few breaths ( or more ) if you need to take a respite. If you are going ​at a brisk footstep, just stay one breath .

step or Jump to a Forward Bend

Step or Jump to a Forward Bend (Flat Back)
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Exhale. Step the correct infantry next to the correct hand and then bring the left animal foot to join it in standing forward flex ( Uttansana ). You may besides choose to jump forth rather. To do this, bend the knees on an exhalation and jump your feet to meet your hands .

Try to land with your toes in line with your fingertips. Inhale astir to a flat back and then exhale binding to Uttanasana .

Finish the Sun salute

Sun Salutation (Mountain Pose)
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Inhale. Lift your arms out to the sides and up, reversing the affirm honkytonk to return to raised arms pose. Exhale. Come to stand in batch pose with your hands in a prayer position at the heart

common Mistakes

There are a draw of moving parts to the sun salute sequence, which can make it easy to break good shape and position tension on the joints or cause injury. Be extra mindful of these poses, in particular .

Misaligning Plank Pose

Core persuasiveness and engagement are all-important to maintaining a neutral spine in Plank. Avoid collapsing into the shoulders or sagging in your hips by actively pressing the floor away from you with your hands as you pull your abdominals in. Try adjusting your hand and foot placement to hold you steady. You should besides avoid tilting your head astir or down—your neck should be in credit line with the remainder of your body .

Collapsing Into Chaturanga

Chaturanga Dandasana is one of the slippery poses to master. Remember to keep your elbows hugged in close and alone lower about halfway or three-quarters of the way down to avoid collapsing into a “ banana back. ” If you ‘re calm building core and upper soundbox persuasiveness, use the knees-chest-chin method acting to lower yourself down ahead transitioning to Upward Facing Dog .

Dropping the Head Back in Upward Dog

The winder to a well-aligned spinal column in Upward Facing Dog is to avoid dropping your head back, which compresses the cervical spine at the back of the neck. It ‘s better to stay lower to the background, similar to Cobra Pose to ensure duration in your spur .

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Rounding the Spine in Downward Dog

A coarse discriminative stimulus for Downward Dog is to straighten the legs and press the heels to the floor. But the trouble with that is it can cause a tendency to round the spur, specially if the hamstrings are taut and it ‘s difficult to straighten the stage. To achieve the desire V-shape in the present, quite than a U-shape, bring a flimsy bend into the knees. Maintaining a inert spine is more ideal than striving for straightened legs and heels touching the floor .

Modifications and Variations

There are a few variations of sunday salutations to try, some of which are more challenge than others .

Need a Modification ?

Sun salutations can be modified to suit about any skill level. Try the following change to learn the run of the bowel movement design before progressing onto more difficult variations :

  1. Begin in a tabletop position on your hands and knees.
  2. Keep your elbows hugged in as you shift your shoulders forward past your wrists.
  3. Lower slowly, either all the way down to your belly or just halfway down if you’d like to stay off of your belly.
  4. On an inhale, press into a small backbend or baby Cobra Pose.
  5. On an exhale, press back to your hands and knees.

If you ‘re meaning and already have a regular yoga practice, try this prenatal sun salutation sequence as a alteration .

up for a Challenge ?

Try sunlight salutation B ( surya namaskar B ) or moon salutations ( chandra namaskar ) to mix things up. Sun salutation B includes challenging poses like Chair Pose ( Utkatasana ) and grounding poses like Warrior I ( Virabhadrasana I ) while moonlight salutations include a boastful heart-opening standing backbend .

safety and Precautions

Sun salutations should be avoided if you have sustained an injury to your bet on, arms, or shoulders. Those who have recently had abdominal operation or are pregnant should ask their doctor about sun salutations, particularly Chaturanga Dandasana, which could put pressure on the abdomen .

If you feel any breed on your lower back in Upward Facing Dog, lower yourself down a bite to a low Cobra or skip it altogether. Simply transition from a moo plank to a high plank and then back to Downward Dog. As a bonus, your upper berth consistency and core will get an extra exercise .

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Try It Out

Incorporate sun salutations into any of these yoga workouts :

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