When you hear of Korean dessert, what is the beginning thing that comes into your mind ? As for me, it is decidedly the bingsu. And when I think of bingsu, the first post that is top of the heed is none other than the Sulbing – Korea ’ s spokesperson dessert café range .

What is Bingsu ?

first, let me introduce Korea ’ s celebrated bingsu. It is a popular korean shaved ice dessert with odoriferous toppings and condense milk. It has variety of flavors from fruits to red beans, to chocolates, and more. This dessert is best during summer but you can besides enjoy eating this even in cold days .

About Sulbing

Sulbing pride itself as the new paradigm of dessert café that lets the world know about healthy korean desserts. It started its operation in 2013 and is not at the forefront of traditional Korean dessert culture. The stigmatize has achieved this by providing creative, popular, and goodly desserts and beverages for all seasons using korean traditional ingredients. They have besides developed progressive menu and is continuously trying hard to make spaces where people want to stay in and where unlike generations can share together .

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Menu and Price

At Sulbing, you can enjoy the Korean shaved ice dessert all throughout the year during the give, summer, fall, and winter. It ’ mho tasteful menu besides comes with a very reasonable price that even young people and students can afford .


With the use of traditional korean ingredients and early flavors loved by many, Sulbing offers variety of menu. It includes red Bean Injeolmi, Injeolmi, Oreo Monster, Mango Cheese, Green Tea Chocolate, and Strawberry. My personal darling is the Oreo Monster. Its cost per serving ranges from 15,000 to 22,000 KRW. Each service is actually good for 2 to 3 people .

Side Specials

Sulbing besides serves other side specials such as cakes, pizza, macaron, tart and other pastries. For individual servings, the cost ranges from 6,500 to 7,500 KRW while the pizza costs 18,900 KRW and the Honey Butter Bread is at 12,900 KRW. In addition to that, you can besides buy your drinks at Sulbing. The price of chocolate ranges from 3,000 to 6,000 KRW and it can be hot or frost. furthermore, you can besides decree tea at 4,500 KRW while a smoothie ranges from 7,000 to 8,000 per serve .

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Seasonal Menu

They besides have seasonal worker menu such as the Mango Cheese Sulbing. I besides remember ordering a Melon flavored sulbing and was surprised to see that it in truth has a melon on top of it. seasonal worker menu are worth the try for they are only available in sealed times of the year .

Special Events

aside from those limited and seasonal worker menu, Sulbing is besides leveling up its commercialize in terms of post collaboration. sometimes they partner with Kpop agencies for limit edition season of bingsu that comes with dislodge trade. In 2017, my friends and I went to Sulbing ramify in Myeongdong and we were delighted to know they have a partnership with our favored Kpop group, BTOB. so for every ordering, you will get a 1 free official personal computer ( photograph card ) from any BTOB member. The photograph calling card was given randomly and we couldn ’ thymine choose the penis but tahnkfully, the cashier gave me a personal computer of my bias in BTOB. Must be destiny, right ?

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As for the ambiance of a typical Sulbing café, it is normally broad. I have been to numerous of their shops in different cities in Korea like Seoul, Busan, Nonsan and Daejeon and I can say that they maintain its cleanliness. besides, another matter that I like from dining in at Sulbing is their playlist. I ’ m not sure if it ’ s the staff ’ second playlist that they play at the store but whenever I dine it, the songs are truly music to my ears.
disavowal This is not a patronize post.

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