The recording app used by multi-platinum band Gorillaz on their album ‘The Fall ‘

StudioMini is a brawny however slowly to use multitrack registrar with professional quality sound recording, audio loop & much more.

– PRO AUDIO choice : Records in 44.1 kHz / 16 morsel pro quality audio, the quartz glass clean and decompress standard.
– WAV AUDIO FILES : Records WAV sound recording files, the universally used Linear PCM format. Recorded files and loops will work on any calculator with any audio software.
– MULTITRACKING : Multitrack record on 4 tracks.
– input signal monitor : Listen to audio input signal in real number time through StudioMini with the lowest reaction time your device can handle.
– audio loop : extra loops track with 78 built-in professionally produced loops spanning 13 styles of music. Includes BPM display.
– metronome : part of the loop track, and sampled from a classical metronome to sound like the real thing.
– MIXDOWN : Create final examination mixes in the WAV or AAC formats. Download to your computer, or email mighty from your iPhone.
– synchronize : Download your files to your computer using Wi-Fi Sync or iTunes File Sharing.
– import : attention deficit disorder files into StudioMini from your Music Library, or through iTunes File Sharing and then import into StudioMini tracks.
– NOTES : Each sung comes with a notepad for keeping cut of notes, lyrics, harmonize progressions etc.
– alone, MUTE, RECORD ENABLE BUTTONS : available for each lead, fair like on master hardware mixers.
– status LEDS : fake LEDs lights on top of each track indicate whether the track has a recording on it, to help prevent recording over good takes.
– radio receiver : pitch reference tuner.
– COUNT-IN : Sets up the tempo before recording starts to keep you in perfective prison term.
– multiple sung FILES : record and save as many songs as your device can fit.
– professional AUDIO timing : pro audio synchronization and latency compensation.
– erase auspices : confirmation checks for track and birdcall deletes, to prevent erasing unintentionally.
– timeline : Timeline slider enables moving back and away to any spot in the sung.
– PRO MIXER FADERS & METERS : Calibrated faders and meters for adjust and monitor track sound recording levels.
– repeat SONG SWITCH : act song duplicate on/off.
– exploiter manual : Full 33 page pdf manual that ‘s bundled in StudioMini. Read it in StudioMini, or open in iBooks or any pdf reader/editor app.

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StudioMini includes a collection of 78 loops spanning 13 styles. These audio tracks are professionally produced and are merely available with StudioMini. There are no repetitive 1 bar loops that sound dated or bum, these are modern and inspiring 4 to 8 barricade patterns that sound real number and “ feel ” right.

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– acoustic Pop Rock
– mod Rock
– classic Rock
– alloy
– Reggae / Ska
– Funk
– Pop
– R & B / Hip Hop
– Electronica
– country
– jazz
– latin / brazilian
– Blues

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Examples of what you can do with StudioMini :

– record a song with your band. Connect with a mixer and use professional studio apartment microphones to record your following hit with StudioMini, then create an AAC shuffle and email it straight from your iPhone.
– Keep track of your songwriting ideas, riffs, raps, whatever you like. Never loose that capital theme again.
– Use it for practicing : record some chords, then drill your scales, improvisation, a song you ’ rhenium learn, etc. Or good use the metronome & drum grooves to keep you in time while you practice.
– Use it as a field fipple flute. Record a lecture, your isthmus ‘s rehearsal, keep traverse of your thoughts.
– record a cover song and show off your vocals : pick a closed circuit, have a friend meet guitar ( keys, synth etc. ), add a sea bass agate line and then sing or rap over it.

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