Being the hub of beautiful beaches and romantic spots, Goa has some of the most incredible pre-wedding photoshoot locations of all time. Its beaches, forts and scenic landscapes surrounded thoroughly have been democratic among bachelors and couples to spend some playfulness, relaxing and timbre clock.


well, pre-wedding shoots are here to add a joyous occasion to your list by giving another reason to celebrate your love and life. Goa photoshoot locations allow both partners to become more acquaint with one another and create durable memories.

We have done some research to save you from the bustle, and here we have listed the places, forts, beaches, and resorts in Goa best for pre-wedding photoshoots and video shoots. Read on to find out more about these fantastic places and decide how and where you want to build your pre-wedding memories. Book Best Photographer for Pre Wedding shoot



Free Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Locations In Goa

Goa is blessed with respective pre-wedding photoshoot places, but not every invest is freely available. But you don ’ t need to worry. Have a attend at these places providing free access equally well as photoshoot opportunities for your perfect day .

1. Amboli Waterfalls

Believe it or not, waterfalls are completely charming, and they make your photos look dreamy and fascinate. Amboli Waterfalls provide you with a phantasmagoric experience and let you strengthen your bail in a comfort atmosphere. It ’ south known for its brilliant views that will make you click some faultless photos .

2. Agonda Beach

widely known for its turtle nest sites, Agonda Beach is here to make your pre-wedding photos speak for themselves. This rate has a lot to offer. Capture those romantic memories in the repose of this topographic point with the love of your life to click some dreamy pictures .

3. Palolem Beach

Do yourself a little favor and schedule your clock time to visit gorgeous Palolem Beach that will let you click some perplex pictures with enchanting themes. If you want to click some amatory, intimate pictures trust us, Palolem Beach should decidedly be on your list .

4. Baga Beach

You good can ’ thyroxine go to Goa and miss this place. It ’ sulfur one of the most visit sites of Goa that attracts thousands of tourists from all over the populace. apart from having fascinating restaurants and night public house, this place besides offers playfulness activities such as banana tease, parasailing, etc. How about the idea of getting clicked at a romantic beach with water sports activities ?

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5. Fort Cabo De Rama

When it comes to pre-wedding photograph shoots, the more the forts the better. We are not even kidding, Fort Cabo De Rama is the fort that has it all. Forget all your worries and spend some quality time with bae in the breathless views of this enchanting locate. The fortress provides you ample space and exquisite views to experiment with props to add drama to the images .

6. Terekhol Fort

Terekhol Fort is widely known by couples from all over the country for incredible photoshoots with themes related to the rebirth period. The set holds some spectacular backgrounds that let you click some breathless pictures, and its architecture adds a historical refer to the photos making them more dreamlike .

7. Chapora Fort

Chapora fortress is even another stunning blot to click some gorgeous snapshots with your beloved. It ’ randomness one of the most beautiful destinations in Goa to click some meaningful pictures with very emotions and expressions. thus go ahead and let the worldly concern see your best angles to click some fantastic pictures .

8. Tito’s Street

We are decidedly sure that you ’ ll descend in sleep together with the streets of Goa after visiting this place. Tito ’ s Street has some cool backgrounds to shoot your pre-wedding photograph. It ’ s advised to visit this put during night as it looks phantasmagoric. The atmosphere is wholly relaxing that it gives adequate chances to be comfortable and click some quixotic pictures with your fiance .

9. Divar Island

What ’ south better than clicking your pre-wedding photos on a deity damn island ? If you ’ ra looking for some spectacular background for your photos, this should decidedly be on your list. You will fall in beloved with the smasher of this place. It ’ second once in a life opportunity that you should never miss .

10. Panjim

You ’ five hundred be living under the rock if you ’ ve not heard of this space. If colored pictures interest you then no place comes near the beauty of Panjim. People from all over the earth love this locate because of its breathless views. You can capture diverse cunning pictures in the streets and give your pictures a magic equal.

Paid Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Locations In Goa

Images speak louder than words only when these have striking backgrounds complementing the joy and spell of the couple. There are locations in Goa that could help you define the root for your pre-wedding fritter. Though these are not freely accessible, but worth a die .

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11. Chorla Ghat

Are you looking to shoot some theme-based pictures in dense forests ? Chorla Ghat is your identify. Chorla Ghat is well known for its photography sessions in the canopies and greenery. Capture some lifelike moments with your partner for life in these scenic atmospheres .

12. Calangute

experience some breathless moments in Calangute. Calangute provides an opportunity to indulge in some sports activities like aqualung dive and kayak near it. Its enchanting beauty and fascinating upwind never fail to impress anyone. If you ’ re looking to shoot some diaphanous pictures, this should be your stake .

13. Bat Island

Pre-wedding shoots in Goa are incomplete without these beautiful beaches. The beaches add life to your photos with clamant capture. They are not aesthetically pleasing but besides provide some amazing backdrops to your photos. so fit ahead and experiment with different poses to click memorable snapshots .

14. Mandovi River

Want to click some dreamy pictures ? Trust us you can never go wrong with the beauty of the Mandovi river. person has rightly said, “ photograph speaks a thousand words. ” Don ’ triiodothyronine let some basic locations dull the reflect of your vibrant album. Visit Mandovi river and take gorgeous pictures with some amazing backdrops. From drone photography to candid one, don ’ triiodothyronine hesitate in trying new things to get some outstanding photos .

15. Latin Quarter/Fontainhas

From colorful streets to fascinating art galleries, the Latin quarter has it all. It ’ s a one-stop address for all your photography needs. It ’ s a bang-up home to click some cool pictures with amaze backdrops and backgrounds to click some impeccable photos. We are certain the latin quarter would be worth your visit and would be a perfect put to capture some quixotic photos for your Photoshoot .

Resorts In Goa For Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

not everyone is fond of outdoor shoots. For those couples, hera is an single number of beautiful resorts in Goa build with elaborateness and luxuries hard to match with one another. Hotels and resorts of Goa will add to your pictures that tint defining your history .

16. Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa

It ’ s normally not easy to find a place that has it all. Well, at Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa, you have all the things in one place. From ambiance to the food, everything at this topographic point is applaudable. The amazing views will melt your heart for sure and would be ideal for some cool pre-wedding photoshoots .

17. Dudhsagar Spa Resort

Love all things nature ? This is your set. Add a touch of natural beauty to your photos by visiting this gorgeous Dudhsagar Spa Resort in Goa. The sandbag views will make a perfect background for your photos. As a nature lover, you equitable can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate neglect this place. It offers abundant facilities for couples such as massages, health clubs, swimming areas, etc .

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18. The Zuri White Sands Resort

The breathtaking views of The Zuri White Sands Resort will surely leave a distinguish on your photograph album. Grab a probability to get to know bae a little more during your pre-wedding photoshoot at this mesmerizing home. The stunning backdrops will add an appealing look to the pictures which will make them look nothing but phantasmagoric. You can try blunt photography excessively to capture some of the most particular moments in your pre-wedding shoot pictures .

19. Swapnagandha Resort

If you want to capture some unforgettable photos with your beloved, it ’ mho no surprise that Swapnagandha Resort is an ideal place to find some amazing backdrops. Its absorbing views and ace interiors will leave your hearts full. We are not flush kidding it ’ randomness every board is exquisite in its way that will allow you to click some truckloads of charming images .

20. Heritage Village Club

inheritance Village Club is one of the most perplex beach resorts in Goa. Let ’ s be real, pre-wedding shoots without some beaches are incomplete if you ’ re in Goa. sol go ahead and some good light and capture your best moments with the love of your life .

21. Bogmallo Beach Resort

When it comes to enchanting backgrounds, Bogmallo Beach Resort has it all. It has well broad rooms that will make a perfect space for you to click some romanticist pictures. Indulge yourself in some blunt or flush themed photograph sessions to capture some particular moments in this aesthetically pleasing eden .

22. The Grand Leoney Resort

Located near Vagator Beach, The Grand Leoney Resort is one of the most extraordinary resorts to click some dreamy pictures with bae. It ’ s wide known for its dreamlike inside and architecture. therefore, do yourself a favor and sojourn this extremely gorgeous place to capture some amazing pre-wedding photos.

23. TreeHouse Hotels

Want to spend some intimate clock time with your fiance while doing your photoshoot ? We have got you covered. TreeHouse Hotels is one of the most gorgeous hotels in Goa that has an eclectic atmosphere arsenic well as food. It offers numerous amenities and services that you will love. aside from it, the place is besides close to several beaches so you can make the most out of your chew the fat. So get fix to witness the beauty of this place and click some pre-wedding pictures that last forever. Conclusion Though with your bae, every place feels terrific. But we thought to add some spice and fib to your love life. We hope you loved reading and find the list of pre-wedding locations and options available in Goa for exempt and paying some fees for architectural sites and resorts. We would love to hear from you if you have decided to choose Goa as your pre-wedding photoshoot destination .

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