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Transcendence is already my favorite thing about 2017

This is going to sound odd, I know that. But this has become one of my favorite BLUSHES. Yes, you read that right. I have fair to light/medium skin ( between NW15 and NW20 in Mac ) so I ca n’t say that this will work for everyone. But when I put one or two generous layers of transcendence on my face, it imparts a alone, extremely aeriform, baby lilac pink flush and the shimmer only shows close up. so from afar, it just looks lightly glowy. It ‘s so princessy ! It honestly looks like fresh little baby buttock during the day, and then more of a glow at night for going out, which makes it versatile. The key is using your fingers to apply, which I know is n’t for everyone, but truly picks up the discolor and pinkens it on the clamber. I just take 2 fingers and swirl one of two times and it ‘s pigmented enough for me. Give it a try if you have lighter skin ! It ‘s natural looking but so unique .

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This product is similar to Star Light Star Bright

If you are considering purchasing this product buy the Stila Star Light Star Bright Highlighting Palette rather. First you get all three colors and that seems to be more pigment than the heavens imbue. My more detail review video is below.

Reviewed by 318 customers

In my top 5 needed products

5 Hannah from Columbia I ‘ve been using this product for over 5 years now since seeing it in a youtube review and being completely sold. I ‘ve tried multiple highlighters and blushes since, but I always come back to this. When I was in middle school I remember my ma having a product called ‘health ‘ that was a bronze / rouge couple that merely brings life back to the face and this is that for me. It ‘s the necessary concluding tone in my routine. It actually glows and has a wet expression but besides looks natural on the skin and does n’t emphasize sobriety or pores. It adds property and has a great undertone that looks like my natural blush. I use it both for a closely no constitution look with fair concealer or bb cream and on my marriage day at my most glam. Apply with a stippling brush. I ‘ve besides had the same compact death me years… and need to repurchase ! Never discontinue please !

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Glamorous and gorgeous

5 Beki G from Coastal Georgia I am a caramel brown complexion with cool undertones. “ Incandescence ” is a PERFECT list for this beautiful highlight. Although I do find it costly, you do n’t need a batch. It ‘ll final forever … ( if you ‘re like me & keep some items past recommend exp dates : D ) Tips : I ‘ve learned it applies best by just using my fingers. Brushes lay it on excessively thick and do n’t allow the decent subtle glow a much .

Gives my face a healthy glow

5 anne from From Phoenix I even like to use it as a day eye shadow..

Beautiful Highlights… beautiful color

5 Karenmarie from Camarillo It ‘s subtle… beautiful. Can be wear alone or with blush

Doesn’t highlife as well as I thought it would.

2 Disappoin, ted from Solon ohio I do n’t have anymore to say. Disappointed .


5 Rena from Minnesota so good and voiced !

meh, a little expensive for just meh

1 sadpanda4040 from NC I wanted so much to love this intersection because the colors are so beautiful in the compact. This merchandise does n’t give a embroil of highlight. This intersection relies therefore heavily on glitter to make give you that shine which is bizarre and cakey. Gals and guys, other companies make better highlighter for less $. Spend your $ 30+ elsewhere .

Barely blue

2 lexie from new jersey bought transcendence and it scantily shows up as blue by the end of the day the blue goes away and it ‘s just normal highlighter color. very defeated

Beautiful and Amazing Formula!

5 Stef from Any I first got this in Kitten and I knew I had to get the other shades excessively ! transcendence is my darling and this universally flattering yellowish pink pink hue is amazing excessively ! if you like products with texture and build able color than this decidedly worth a try !

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So pretty

5 rfeewjlj from WA country This highlighter is SO reasonably ! It goes on smoothly and adds just the right sum of highlight. Nothing insane, just the veracious total. : )

New fav

5 Makin it reina from Iowa I got the kitten. And I ‘m in love. not blinding but just what I need to hit all my high points .

Stunning Highlighter

5 Lipstick and Teacups from New Jersey This is a beautiful highlighter. It has a balmy, putty texture and blends like a dream. It can easily be built to a beam highlight, but I normally wear it as a more subtle everyday foreground. Either manner it ‘s adorable.

My Favorite Highlighter!

5 Kamryn from Missouri, USA This is the best highlighter I ‘ve ever tried. It ‘s a satiny, smooth consistency and not powdery at all. It looks amazing. My favorite shade is Brilliance, which sadly they do n’t sell anymore, but I have tried a couple of the others and they all look so great !


4 B Newman from Johnson City, TN I applied this after my foundation with a damp smasher blender.. I ‘ve never been asked more questions about a highlighted in my life sentence. DEF commend !

The absolute best! Hands down

5 BeccaJane from Cincinnati I love this highlighter more than words can say ! I not only use it as a highlighter but I take the biggest downy powder brush from IT cosmetics and use this to add shine all over my face. I besides use it as an eyeshadow when I ‘m wanting to go for a monochromatic day expression and it give your eyes the most beautiful besotted polish without creasing. I love this product ! it has lasted me two years sol far, which some may say is bad and to get a fresh one but it distillery works amazing and hasnt dried out or cause breakouts. That being said, I do follow a rigorous korean skin care act. haha. I highly recommend it ! … improbable ! !

I would buy this product again and again

5 mzzzz from Dallas, TX This is credibly my front-runner highlighter not to mention a unique putty formula ! It is decidedly worth the label of being a Best of Allure Beauty product ! I have tried Fenty diamond bomb calorimeter which is nice a good but not as long lasting as luxury ! This besides is creamier and does not emphasize texture due to the creaminess compared to the chalky/powdery that comes from wearing powdery highlighters that look like there sit atop the peel. ALL IN ALL PLEASE KEEP THIS FOREVER. : )

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I love this highlighter

4 KMAC from Bangor, Maine I truly like this product. I love highlights and this is no exception. I love the texture and the variety show of pigments. It does take a distribute to get on the brush but it looks in truth nice and comes with a lot of product. wholly worth the price .

My New Favorite Highlighter!!

5 holly from Scitiate, Massachusetts ! ! ! I have tried many highlighters ( bum to expensive ) and this hands down is my absolute FAVORITE ! ! ! ! ! ! I like a set of the ones I have but I LOVE this one. I have used it about 5x nowadays and out of those 5x I have had a compliment on my skin 4x out of the 5 ! ! ! I read comments before I purchase, so I hope this helps anyone questioning if they should buy ! YES, YES, YES ! ! ! ! ! I bought the heavens hue highlighter in kitten semblance. I am an italian women in her 40 ‘s. Hope this serve ! ! : – )

Absolutely beautiful

5 Jeffboys from San Antonio lovely pigmented lasts all sidereal day .


5 Jeffboys from San Antonio Pigmented gorgeous color lasts all day

Good special occasion highlight

4 Gehana from Missouri This foreground is practically glitter. It looks good when you apply with your finger at the highest point. Would n’t recommend for everyday unless you just like glitter highlights .

It’s just ok

3 Carrie from Alabama A little aglitter for my wish. The color is pretty ( lightest shade ) but it gets aglitter firm when you ‘re not careful .

Wouldn’t recommend!

1 Mary from Chicago Gets all gunky after a few swipes of a brush, no longer works as a powder. useless !

Cute highlight however USE YOUR FINGER

5 Winelovvvvver123 from Ohio Cute, decidedly sheer buildable coverage. Use your finger for application no matter what brush I try it ‘s soooo sheer. If you like a soft foreground use a winnow brush. however, if you want to glow glow glow- function your feel, coverage is smooth and easy to blend with your finger, Harder to blend with the brush.

I love this highlight!

5 Skye from Pittsburgh, PA I apply at the end of my constitution routine & use a mise en scene spray over it. I normally apply with my finger for a dense layer ( which I never do, because I hate using my fingers for makeup application, ) but it goes on direction better that way .

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