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Śrī Vidyā is the name of a Hindu religious system dedicated to the goddess Lalitā Tripurasundarī or simply Tripurasundarī (“Beautiful Goddess of the Three Cities”). The Sanskrit word vidyā means knowledge or tradition; thus, the literal translation of Śrī Vidyā is Knowledge of Goddess Śrī. In Śrī Vidyā’s theology, the goddess is supreme and transcends the cosmos, which is a manifestation of her. The goddess is worshiped in the form of a mystic diagram (Sanskrit: yantra) of nine intersecting triangles, called śrīcakra, which is the central icon of the tradition. The name śrīvidyā is also used to refer to a specific mantra used in this tradition that has fifteen syllables. This mantra is called pañcadaśī; The fifteen syllable; and the pañcadaśākṣarī. Some people also worship her with a sixteen-syllable mantra called ṣodaśākṣarī. It should also be noted that the ultimate mantra of the system is "shōdashi" which has 32 syllables. … The underlying principle of all practice is to realize the ultimate unity of the Devata, the mantra, the teacher and the practitioner. Sung by a modern seer, Sri Annapoornamba Sameta Sri Amritananda Natha Saraswathy. People affectionately call him Guruji. Video text also from their website: Additional credits at the end of the video.

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Sri Vidya Mantras (Sri Amritananda –

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Sri Vidya Mantras (Sri Amritananda –

sri vidya tantra.

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  1. sri says:

    thanks for uploading this beautiful mantra, as there is no other way for the common people to get this knowledge.

  2. Peter Le Zotte says:

    I play this over and over not only to learn the mantras, but also for the sound of his voice. It has a late-night quality, very still. Like a cool, moonlit mist settling over you. Thanks for posting this!

  3. Colette Summerland says:

    Thank you LilaSakura,
    I really harmonize with this, but I have to figure out more of what this is good for….does this help the seer in us?

  4. raj singh says:

    Excellant work by Shri Amritanandji.. .I am just a beginer and while searching Shri Vidya for 3 days reached the site .Can you please tell me the NIS–KEELAN mantra for Shrividya mantra which is the master key

  5. Vishudha Avatar Baba says:

    This is for both Women and men, this is the worship of the Divine goddess in us all, and it is extremely powerful and full of peace.
    You cannot do this to much it will transform your atma or spirit and bring you to the light of the Gurus feet!

  6. ENAIRAMA1 says:

    Thank you!!!! This is incredibly helpful for those like me starting in the vedic tradition. A jewel of info!!!

  7. LilaSakura says:

    Hi, those numbers are the times to be repeated. This video is just to get basic idea and learn proper pronunciation. With permission, they are based on, where you can learn more Sri Amritananda at devipuram . com (you can email him questions, as I am only beginner). (:

  8. VK Agarwal says:

    Thanks a lot for putting so wonderful Vidhya Mantra, we appreciate your work, please continue to upload such Mantra

  9. jingal indi says:

    Hari Om Lilaji and Sri.Sastry-gana Very Kind of you to put this in Makarsankranti period all of are blesses by MaaSri VidyaParmeshwari.Hari Om

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