Adidas Solar Boost review

A few years ago, Adidas released the beginning Solar Boost, a road running shoe designed for neutral runners .
now, the modern Adidas Solar Boost has a street-ready plan packed with innovative technologies designed for hanker distance runs. It besides offers responsive padding and preciseness support .

What’s new with the Adidas Solar Boost?

One of the updates of the Adidas Solar Boost is the Tailored Fiber Placement ( TFP ). It is specifically placed in the midfoot for add stability and fasten fit.

The Solar Propulsion Rail is besides placed in the midsole of the Adidas Solar Boost which is designed for increased constancy. It aids the foot to move more naturally, reducing imperativeness and tire miles after miles .


  • Tailored Fiber Placement (TFP) – Sewn into the neoprene upper of the Adidas Solar Boost is the Tailored Fiber Placement. It is made from thousands of threads stitched together to provide midfoot support and enhanced fit.
  • TechFit – The TechFit overlays deliver adaptive fit without affecting the flexibility of the upper and the weight of the shoe.
  • FitCounter – Heel’s FitCounter offers improved fitting without compromising natural foot motion.
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  • Boost Technology – One of the notable midsole technology from Adidas which is designed to deliver responsive, long-lasting cushioning. The Boost absorbs impacts efficiently for a smoother running transition.
  • Solar Propulsion Rail – Working together with the Boost technology, the Solar Propulsion Rail helps the foot to move naturally, increasing stability all throughout the run.


  • Continental Rubber Outsole – Widely known as durable outer sole material, the Continental rubber offers dependable traction on varied surfaces. It also offers added flexibility without affecting the shoe’s overall cushioning.

Performance of the Adidas Solar Boost

Cushioning. The shoe uses the Boost Technology and american samoa usual, the engineering works efficiently in providing a more responsive and placid ride on the roads. The cushioning absorbs the shock during landing and it offers a knock-down toe-off. The solar Propulsion Rail engineering is besides effective in providing stability for a more hearty run .
Traction. The Adidas Solar Boost offers high-level of grip on vary prevail surfaces. aside from being durable, the Continental Rubber Outsole besides offers grip, flexibility and added padding .

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Fit and durability

Durability. I admired the overall sturdiness of the Adidas Solar Boost. The brake shoe is made from high-quality, premium materials, from the upper to the bottom .
The neoprene looks good as new even after several miles of running. The Continental arctic besides offers impressive lastingness a well as the Tailored Fiber Placement which offers morphologic lastingness .

Fit. The meet of the brake shoe is a bit annoying. There is no adequate room in the toe box. It is not constricting but not enough for the toes to move comfortably .
The midfoot area felt nasty because of the sewed threads. unfortunately, it gave excessively much blackmail on my foot .

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Comfort and breathability of the Solar Boost 

Breathability. The neoprene material in the amphetamine is durable but it is not breathable. There are no enough perforations for the air travel to pass through .
It besides gives the infantry a warmly environment, specially in hot weather. Compared to a mesh material found in some of my Adidas run shoes, the neoprene is less breathable.

Comfort. The smooth internal fabric lining of the Adidas Solar Boost offers a very comfortable in-shoe find. It feels indeed smooth on the skin but unfortunately, there are other factors to consider in determining the overall comfort that this running shoe provides .
Since the fit in the forefoot is a bit narrow and the threads in the midfoot put pressure on my foot, I think this brake shoe is not arsenic comfortable as I expected it to be .

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