With so much bamboozle, Yuzawa offers a wholly range snow activities not good limited to skiing and snowboarding ! Yuzawa is covered in deep snow – not excluding the town area – and you can even enjoy snowmobiling in a park in town .

Opens in winter! Snowmobile Land Yuzawa

Snowmobile Land Yuzawa is only three minutes by car from the Joetsu Shinkansen ‘s Echigo Yuzawa station. The entire premises of Yuzawa Chuo Park, with a multi-purpose square and baseball ground, turns into a snowmobile field. The snow-clad park is arranged into snowmobile runs for you to enjoy the sport at your leisure .

Just bring yourself! Easy snowmobiling!

Snowmobiling does not require any limited license. Anyone, whether you are a novice, an adult or a child. You can start with a 30-minute quiz ride, to half-day ( 2 hours ) and full-day ( 4 hours ) rides. If you ‘ve never tried it before, the teacher will guide you in the basics like how to turn the engine on and off, how to handle the controls and other points of attention to help you enjoy the drive safely .

When riding you ‘ll wear ski or snowmobile dress. If not, you can rent it. Snow boots are besides available for rent, sol merely bring yourself .

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Step by step you’ll get used to operating it

At the beginning, your teacher will take a seat behind you and teach you how to drive it as you slowly get the snowmobile onto the run. It ‘s not difficult, so you ‘ll soon enjoy the ride ! All that ‘s left to do is to gradually get used to the accelerate .

once you get used to the amphetamine, you ‘ll be cruising around the course built on a baseball land. You can speed up along the straight, or aggressively take the corners – all while having a bang-up meter !

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Mini circuit for intermediate riders and above

If you ‘re at an intermediate tied or above, you ‘re entitled to ride the mini tour. There ‘s a kind of runs, from those with many ups and downs, to some with s-shaped curves for more thrills. It ‘ll take more nice steer, which is part of the fun.

The curves in the circumference have acute angles, requiring careful cover of the controls and amphetamine allowance. apart from the examination run and miniskirt circuit, there ‘s besides a variety show of courses on the huge premises, including a tree-run sphere, a powderize area, and a 3-4km tour course .

Close to town and easily accessible

only in Yuzawa can you enjoy snowmobiling thus close to township. The park operates as Snowmobile Land Yuzawa from late December to the end of March ( closed on Tuesdays ). You ‘ll need to book in advance. If you want a pickup service from Echigo Yuzawa station or any hotel in the onsen town, please make an inquiry .
[ Snowmobile know ]
・Dates : January 7-March 30, 2018
*Dates are subject to change depending on the quantity of snow.
・Apply to : snow Country Tourism Information Center ( Tel : 025-785-5353 / chain mail : yoyaku @ yuzawaonsen.gr.jp )
*Applications accepted for groups of two or more, up to and including the day of the ride.
・Fee : 6,000 yen per adult ( a special one-hour test-ride class ) /3,500 ache per adult ( a 30-minute test-ride course )
・Meeting sphere : RSS Snowmobile Land Yuzawa ( Yuzawamachi Leisure Pool ) )
・Hours : 9:00-17:00
・Charges include : volunteer indemnity fees, test fees ”
photograph & text : Chiho Kuriyama

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Facility Information

Snow Country Tourism Information Center

2431-1 Yuzawa, Yuzawa-machi, Minamiuonuma-gun, Niigata 949-6101
Access: At the west exit, Echigo Yuzawa station, Joetsu Shinkansen

RSS Snowmobile Land Yuzawa

151-1 Tsuchidaru, Yuzawa-machi, Minamiuonuma-gun, Niigata 949-6103
3 minutes by taxi from Echigo Yuzawa station, Joetsu Shinkansen


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