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This is my #1 go to foundation

Since I have found this foundation it has been my go-to. I constantly compare every other foundation to this one ‘s effort, humidity insubordinate, and transfer tolerant properties, which is what I love about this Foundation. I put it on in the dawn around 7 and by 7 post meridiem my face silent looks flawless. My imperfections are hush blurred and I may only have flimsy oil coming through which I normally barely block off with a piece of toilet newspaper but the constitution calm stays on. I constantly work in jobs where I ‘m moving around a distribute and constantly busting a perspiration, so I need a foundation that stays in place and does n’t look like a distinguish mess at the goal of the day. I am besides a ridicule so I need a basis that is light enough to not settle into my pores but heavy enough to cover imperfections without looking like makeup. I always get compliments on my skin and how beaming it looks. I besides like this Foundation because it is a Demi flatness Finish, so the natural Radiance of your bark does shine through a little snatch unlike some matte foundations that wholly take all the Natural Glow away from your clamber and make you look like there ‘s chalk particles in your constitution. I find I can get the product to go promote if I use my fingers which I did in the begin, however, I have invested in a foundation brush, but no matter the foundation brush I still feel product steep into the brushes so I like to use my fingertips most of the time. I ca n’t say adequate beneficial things about this Foundation I ‘ve tried others and I literally constantly come second to this one, I just wish they would carry a little bite more shades ( which they have released a few more ) but in the world where most makeup lines carry 42 shades of initiation I think this one only carries 20 Shades or therefore. I am normally a 3.1 in Smashbox but I besides use 2.74 equally well as 3.2 it precisely depends on the undertone of my skin that Day. I feel many foundations are stepping up their game to match the benefits of this Foundation .

Most Helpful Critical Review

This is not the same foundation as the HD Foundation

apparently Smashbox has changed their foundation formulas, because when I went to reorder my foundation garment from a former orderliness, which was the HD foundation, it recommended this one. The color was WAY off from my previous foundation, and the consistency was not creamy, alternatively of blending in, it fair sat on the surface of my skin and looked like a chilling mask ( even with foundation fuse ). I ended up exchanging it for Liquid Halo foundation, but it still is n’t vitamin a adept as the HD initiation that Smashbox used to carry. When I ‘m finished with this bottle I may switch to a different brand for my basis, since the intersection I liked the most is nobelium farseeing here.

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Reading: Smashbox Studio Skin 24 Hour Oil-Free Hydra Foundation | Ulta Beauty

Reviewed by 3537 customers

This product did not work well for my dry skin

1 Charli from Bakersfield, Ca I was told that it is great for mature dry peel. This intersection wore blotchy on me, was very dry and heavy. I asked for advice for all day wear that would hydrate. This is frightful for me personally

I’ve only used once but really like it.

4 Sis from Michigan I had to apply doubly to cover up my skin .

Great foundation – Just not for me 🙁

3 sol from Florida I loved this initiation – the tinge was great, the finish was beautiful and the coverage was amazing. The one downside is that is made me breakout reasonably bad. It besides triggered my dermatitis which sucks : ( I wish it could ‘ve worked for me. Looked great on the hide !

Love it

4 Daniella from Greensboro, NC I loved the way this looks on my skin. The coverage was light/medium and buildable. I would give 5 stars if I was able to find my shade. primitively I ordered a light color and it was way besides dark and then the only lighter shades all looked the same. So I had to get fair-light inert, which was excessively light, and I merely added bronze to make it look more natural .

Holy Grail

5 Jackie from Wisconsin This foundation lasts through days where I work 12+ hour days WITH a mask on. Some transmit is normal with wearing a mask but this basis has the bare minimum when it comes to how a lot it transfers. It stays on all day and looks beaming on my peel and maintains amazing coverage. It can look arduous if you apply besides much ( I use a quick study ), but otherwise I have no complaints about this merchandise. I did n’t notice an increase in breakouts or irritation. I do n’t notice a strong perfume, either. One bottle lasted me about 5 months with near casual wear a well. I highly recommend this product .

Control Oil

5 Oilymess from Buena Park Ca My favorite basis. I am superintendent greasy and have huge pores, this foundation helps with both. I know its not targeted to greasy skin but it truly should be. Lasts the wholly day, and is indeed light weight unit. Highly commend

Made me look older

1 M.S. from Houston This did not work for me. Seemed to settle into lines I did n’t even know I had. Im 42 and felt like this made me look much older .

Makes skin look awful

1 redsteph19 from oregon This does n’t blend well- is very unnatural, looks like you ‘re wearing thick makeup but it does n’t even cover imperfections well. I ‘m not a fan at all .

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It’s ok, just not for me

3 JUWLZ from Southern Cali I got it because it was on sale. Plus I had heard beneficial things about it. I normally use Nars foundation, Lancôme stick initiation or the Becca full coverage initiation. I use the either the Bobbi brown vitamin enriched primer or the urban decay handle primer and my foundation constantly looks flawless. So I used the same stuff I use with my other foundations with this one. It looked great to begin with. But an hour or so late I was super oily in my metric ton zone area. I will try it out again, possibly with the grip flat coat this clock time and see how it works with that one

Great makeup

5 Jtsoccer from Knoxville, TN I ‘ve worn this makeup for years and was able to grab it for 1/2 price. Yay ! ! What a bargain !

First time user…LOVE

5 Emron from Bellaire Ohio Ok, I was doubting at first bc I have been using Tarte form tape foundation for about 3 or 4 year and it covers in truth well but This is a very good foundation. The first time I used it I was n’t certain about the coverage but I like that is looks more natural even though I am 44 and decidedly have things that need covered. I very like it and would decidedly buy it again ! The color is PERFECT ! Literally blends in with my skin color like I did n’t even put foundation garment on .

Every Day

5 Randy from North Carolina Love this for everyday. fresh face and long erosion !


5 confused about it from garrison Myers Florida the problem is the formula I got in the travel size is completely different from the full size product the one I got in the change of location size is wholly different it ‘s fantastic for my ageing dry skin n very well lines are gone it ‘s glowy but not shimmer or sweaty looking …… then ! ! ! ! ! ! the full size is drying and cracks and was just not for me I truly think it ‘s 2 different formulations

Smashbox Foundation

3 Riss14 from MD I went into my local ulta store looking to get a new initiation because I ran out of the one I had, I was about to get the besides confront one I had before because it worked actually good it was just a nuance or two excessively light lol so I was going to get something more my hide tone… and then I went and asked a girlfriend working there what is a capital foundation, preferably full coverage, that ‘s good for dry peel. She recommended this one. interim my skin does feel nice when it ‘s on, I bought a moisturizer to put on before I put the foundation on vitamin a well and possibly that ‘s why also… she besides mentioned this foundation was “ buildable ” to being broad coverage, but I ‘m not seeing it. They do n’t carry my favorite Estée Lauder foundation at my local anesthetic shop so I was going to settle with the besides faced and then I went and settled with this one… fortunately the girl working there said if I was n’t liking it I could always bring it back and return it for something else within 30 days, it ‘s been only 3 days and I am for sure going back today to get the excessively face one I wanted anyhow .

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so good!

5 denisse from new york I have greasy skin and this one feels good, you can build the coverage, but I notice that is better when you use a brush .

Beautiful Coverage

5 VioletHue1974 from Huntsville AL I love how this applies and wears. It ‘s a clean to medium coverage and is buildable. It ‘s like to Bare minerals but I honestly think this wears better .


3 * Beauty * In * Ga * from Northwest Ga I was hoping to love this as I ‘ve never been able to try a “ higher end ” initiation such as Smashbox. It is a lot more fluid than what I prefer and it does n’t cover near a well as Loreal Infallible 24 Hour Fresh Wear ! I guess I ‘ll just stick to what works .

It is not a good formula for me.

1 LauraC from Arkansas Besides picking the wrong shade, this was not a available formula for me. It emphasized every pore & having the wrong shade made it obvious plus it did n’t go on easy. I wish I had my acknowledge still indeed I could return. It ‘s a definite thumbs down for me


5 megabyte from NC Great buildable coverage with natural coating. Wears all day. Will be a rebuy !

New foundation!

5 KattieNattie from Ontario CA I had to shake the initiation a little bit before using it because it was a bantam bit reeking but overall capital coverage ! decidedly will buy again. Limited shades available and ghost is ace significant .

Pretty weak coverage

2 Hailey from New York It does stay on throughout the day, but I feel initial coverage is on the weaker side, scantily flush covers inflammation beneath the foundation. For reference, I find the Clinique wide spectrum and superblanaced foundations offer much better coverage .

So dry

2 Katie from NY This foundation is so dry. I do n’t even have dry skin and it made my hide look indeed dry and dehydrated. It is transfer proof as describe and blends all right on the the clamber, but it ‘s one of my least favored finishes/foundations that I ‘ve always tried and I am going to return it. I would n’t want my skin to look this badly every time that I wear it. I put on foundation to enhance my features, not to make them look worse .


5 Aj from Fl such an amazing foundation sits on the hide beautifully and blends seamlessly ! I could wear this all day and feel convinced that my initiation is still intact


5 Lizbeth from SD not flatness. not bedewed ; something in between ! Medium coverage and lasts all day. Try it and fall in sexual love 😻

Did not like it

1 nay from Houston I ‘ve bought this foundation garment twice and I do not recommend if you have combo skin it looks extremely textured

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