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Travel with the girls of Dangerous Curves Hawaii, from Hawaii Kai to Sandy Beach. I really miss riding with these ladies! Shot with Drift Ghost at 960p.

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Six Minutes of Bliss

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Six Minutes of Bliss.

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50 thoughts on “Six Minutes of Bliss | In general, the content related to miss bliss maui is the most complete

  1. 808yewtube says:

    Yes, they came to my rescue! Such awesome sisters! Normally I ride in and back out so I don't have to deal with the hill, but all the bikes have to face the same way for the photo, lol! 🙂

  2. 808yewtube says:

    Send out a beacon! Maybe start a group by leaving your email at dealerships and craigslist for other interested ladies to contact you 🙂

  3. QwinT4U says:

    Loved how the girls got down and came immediately to help you!! sooo funny!!….but is nice to have sisters like that to ride with….Thanks for the video.

  4. 808yewtube says:

    Same group, same tune, no fisheye, hehe, yes, you could totally say that. I hope this reunion will be a yearly thing with the ole DCH gals. I miss riding with them.

  5. 808yewtube says:

    Thanks Kuya! It is quite crowded on the weekends. After peak hours it is quite sublime…. 🙂

  6. 808yewtube says:

    The scenery always takes my breath away. When I first started riding I was too scared to ride on the ocean side of the road, hahaha! Thanks Tyler 🙂

  7. eveRide says:

    I hope these types of rides never get old to you… to us mainlanders this is really REALLY spectacular. It may feel like home to you, but your videos are always a vacation to us 🙂

  8. TheBudgetJedi says:

    Some dangerous curves on some dangerous curves! :p really love the view always Misa, a great relaxing ride as always thanks for sharing!

  9. transdetendal says:

    mmmmm nice. liked the version of toxic. summer actually made it to day , about 20 c, niiiice

  10. 808yewtube says:

    It's even lovelier on a weekday in the morning or evening when it's less crowded and the sun is low on the horizon 🙂

  11. 808yewtube says:

    I think it does that when you pick 960p. I was being experimental. Kinda different not to have that fisheye effect. I think I will stick to 1080 or 720p in the future though.

  12. 808yewtube says:

    Haha, yeah, I don't know what I was thinking. I thought I'd run out of memory if I shot in 1080 since it was an all day ride. It was kind of refreshing not to see that fish eye effect although from now on I will pick 1080 and 720 over 960.

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