Airbrush Eye Liner Thin tip brush heading for Sharp Easy controls Contrast saturation without repeated durable, rainproof, but easy to wash off Used for writing on the eyeliners, delicate texture, writing in black discolor, lasting and tapered handle. Convenient rotating barricade. Creamy Eye Shadow A blend of beautiful shimmer The texture is durable, long permanent, easy to blend, with water, perspiration, easy to peel, and the eye brush, the sponge brush head is arrant for creamy eyeshadow. Mascara Special 2-Sided brush pass The first brush head for increasing the distance of the eyelashes looks more beautiful and more pronounce, and the Carbon Black Polymer Brush Head will help make your eyelashes look thick and do not catch a hunk of water, and sweat the lashes all day long.

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Mascara that comes with a particular brush head. For your eyelashes and eyebrows Beautiful in one stick. The eye shadow is available in 8 shades of same, and the debris is rigorous. Long lasting throughout the day The mascara comes in 2 particular brush heads, both brush heads for eyelashes, add a thickness to the eyelashes and little brush drumhead for lower eyelashes, and help to arrange the eyelashes, arrange the beautiful lines along the water, sweat the lashes for a long day. handiness : Out of stock Auto eyebrow pencil, rotating pass, commodious to use. soft and legato texture, easy to write. Decorate eyebrows to be beautiful and sharp and adjust the shape of the eyebrows with eyebrow mascara that comes in concert in the banish to be neat and beautiful naturally handiness : Out of stock 2 Mascara in one bar Enhances the thickness with silicone texture Makes the eyelashes look natural and strike. Gentle to the eyes Does not irritate The mascara does not catch a hunk. handiness : Out of stock powder and shimmer eyeshadow palette. With aglitter texture add a rainbow to the face, cunning box, easily to carry, comes with two quick study brush heads. There are 3 numbers to choose from. handiness : Out of stock The eye shadow is dense, crisp, unclutter, silky-smooth texture. A wide choice of 12 colors. Eyebrow palette with 3 shades of powder in a individual cartridge. There are 4 numbers to choose from, easy to write, durable, easy to carry, cute package. Makeup-based eye shadow The civilized classify is eye shadow. good body The clear pigment allows for a beautiful makeup for you. The eye apparition palette comes with a robust metallic software that is durable, cute, light and durable. 18 Colors in palace lapp

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