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During my visit to the Monkey Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal, I had an interesting demonstration of Tibetan singing bowls which are not only musical instruments but are also used for meditation and healing. The store owner showed me how they work and the bowls make very soothing sounds. Although many Tibetan bowls are known as Tibetan bowls because they were originally thought to come from Tibet, many are made in Kathmandu. I enjoyed the demo so much that I ended up buying a Tibetan singing bowl! Where can I find my music: Pond5 royalty-free music: If you click the link, you will get a 20% discount on your first purchase of free Pond5 music, video clips, photos or special effects rights. As an affiliate, I will earn a small commission if you purchase media from the Pond5 site. Thank you! SUBSCRIBE to Andy’s Awesome Adventures and activate “Everyone” in the subscription bell icon. Thank you!

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fake singing bowls.

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40 thoughts on “SINGING BOWL DEMONSTRATION: KATHMANDU, NEPAL (4K) | All the knowledge about fake singing bowls the most detailed

  1. Austin says:

    It doesn't literally heal you like magic but if you really take it in and let the vibration sooth your thoughts away you can find internal healing.. most of our pain comes from mental suffering.. these bowls are so therapeutic to me.. so relaxing.. but let's be realistic about it ❤️

  2. Brianda Mar says:

    I HOPE YOU got at least one of this bowls , since he made you more than 4 million views loool.

  3. Deepanjali Pathak says:

    I was ramdom on nepal phone tour and i got my spritual answer with this video. Thankyou sai

  4. Alexander Adavar says:

    Its a shame these are so expensive in Europe, even 3 inch bowls can be up to 100 in cost

  5. ASMRyouVEGANyet? says:

    Really awesome demo! I work in a metaphysical shop and love the bowls. I'm getting more into them.

  6. Sandy Nicholas says:

    Oh yes the bigger bowl please very . Let's do the 4 sides of big bowl. Migrane patient….

  7. Katrina Thomas says:

    Would love to know what sound note the head one was.. the second big bowl to sooth the head

  8. Teresa Harris - Travel By Books says:

    This is amazing. The tones vibrate through my phone and right up my arms. Just incredible.

  9. UCan CallMeRay says:

    Those bowls are so wonderfully resonant! I wish I could find some available here in the US that were of that high quality.

  10. ThriftyWitch says:

    It vibrates the water in your body to the frequency of that bowl. Frequency heals negative vibrations that are not your energy patterns

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