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Silicone makeup sponge is something I have never tried. That’s why I decided to give it a try and see how it compares to a regular Beauty Blender! Please watch this video to see how the silicone sponge compares to a beauty blender. It’s me!! Instagram – @Robertwlsh Twitter – @Rwlshmakeup Snapchat – Robertwlshmua Check out some of my other videos: MY NON-SURGICAL NOSE – HOW TO EDIT BEAUTY GURUS INSTAGRAM PHOTOS – Lunar Beauty “Lifes a drag” palette –

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lei makeup applicator.

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32 thoughts on “SILICONE SPONGE VS BEAUTY BLENDER | Cover the knowledge about lei makeup applicator the most detailed

  1. Laura Rover says:

    I'm VERY late to comment, but I recently bought a silicone sponge, and I LOVED IT. The first time I tried it, it wasnt nice at all, I added too much foundation, and it was hell to Apply. The second time 'tho, I added a single drop at a time, and it actually ended up with a nice result.

  2. khanbibi says:

    i love the silicone one and the products doesn't get absorbed in to the silicone sponges and they are a lot easier to clean

  3. greydaisy0903 says:

    I bought the silicone sponge and didn't quite like it, but it's great for applying the charcoal/mud masks xD I don't ruin my brushes or fingers and it's easy to clean.

  4. Teletubbies Tune Twister says:

    It's great and fast for someone who wants to use very little product. It spreads the product so you need less than half as much – for me anyway. I really go for a natural look so tended to go over with the usual beauty blender for a good minute or two.

    Using the gel pad (I just use a small one from my face pad set that sticks to my finger and has super smooth edges) allows me to get the product on, spread it well, then finish with the sponge in less time than the blender alone. But again, I like more of a sheer coverage. Using less product has also helped in using product in the center and blending and fading out so that I don't have foundation/concealer anywhere near my hairline.

  5. Turaç D. says:

    Hello, ıt's bit late, but I would like to say that the way you use that sponge is not the way you should use it. Silicone sponges help you to get full coverage with less foundation, so you should use less foundation than you use to actually see its benefits. Main logic behind is to get full coverage.However, I can't say ıt's application is as easy as typical makeup sponges, but I kinda like them.

  6. Ms12pm says:

    It's the safest choice for a 14 yo though who doesn't really bother to properly clean a beauty blender. My daughter is really happy with the result she gets (also let's face it, her expectations aren't too high either) plus same tool doubles as a mask applicator tool. Really convenient and helpful for a particular target group i guess. Cheers ❤

  7. CKD says:

    I have one by ulta that is the silicone sponge on one side but is a regular sponge one the other. I like it quite a bit. 🙂

  8. Codify Lifestyle says:

    Wohhhh! A guy doing makeup +all makeup knowledge + British accent .who are you an angel?😂😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
    Its wonderful, keep posting 🌼✨

  9. Charlie says:

    I am super neurotic about beauty blender cleanliness (I read a ton of horror stories right after they got popular about people never being able to clean them properly and then cutting them open and finding like, bugs and black mold and maggots etc) but the silicon blender, I've found, puts on a layer so thick you look like a plastic doll unless you're very careful and skilled – and I'm frankly too lazy. So the compromise I've found is using the silicon blender to smear the foundation on to get great coverage with very little product wasted ( i mean seriously, you need almost nothing and it doesn't absorb) and then buffing and blending it out with a beauty blender, which makes everything look more natural and leaves much less bacteria and product in the core of the sponge to create problems. I mean, hopefully. I haven't cut mine open to check yet 🤢

  10. JDblackbird says:

    I like using a silicone sponge to fill my pores with foundation (spackle), using a gliding motion, not dabbing. Also, is it possible that Robert was using the wrong side of the sponge?

  11. Nycki Willemsen says:

    @Robert Welsh I bought one of those silicone beauty blenders and I didn't like it either!! Thankfully it was really cheap in price!! Haven't used it since!!

  12. marlasinger77 says:

    I was experimenting with the silicone sponge, also known as "silisponge" and the beautyblender. What I found works best for me is to apply and dab the foundation with the silicone sponge, and when you're done, just finish the application by doing small touch ups with a damp beautyblender. It works wonders! So silisponge + beautyblender is way better than beautyblender alone. Plus, you get the advantages of the silicone sponge : needs less product to cover your face, it's a lot easier to wash, so no need to change it as often. In the end, it makes you save money 💸. Ah, also, you don't have to use your beautyblender as much, so it lasts longer. It's win win all the way! But that's just me. 😊

  13. jeni nestler says:

    The flashing chicken cutlets, I'm rolling! 😂😂Thank you for this (and them lol) — super helpful!

  14. Ellie says:

    I can understand why, if you're doing someone else's face, you'd need to use a blender but if you're applying your own makeup why not just use your fingers?

  15. Nikki Craven says:

    I had one, and I thought it was awful as well. Figured I was doing something wrong since everyone else was loving them. Glad to know it's not just me!

  16. Deepika Dutta Tejpal says:

    and i wonder ppl still promote this…o man where were you?? i wish i had found you earlier, had learned so much from you.. xx

  17. レミ says:

    I like to use silicone sponge to spread the product on the face and then use beauty blender to tap it into the skin

  18. Thalia McKnight says:

    i personally love my silicone applicator. mine has a slightly textured side that i use for my foundation. i then use a damp beauty blender to press in setting powder. mine also has a little strap on it that i slide two fingers into for grip and control. im new to your channel and i love your videos!! thank you for the content!

  19. Kayamoure says:

    The chicken cutlets at 0:34 had me DYING!!!! 😂😂😂 I'm currently going back and binge-watching all of your videos, as you've quickly become one of my favorite YouTubers! Thank you for all of the educational, hilarious, and quality content. Love youuuuuu! 💕

  20. One Whisper says:

    I’ve had 2 different people give me a silicone sponge and I’d never heard of it or seen it. I was like wtf is this?! 🤨 Silicone?! Really?! It’s like using a breast implant to apply foundation! 😂 💁‍♀️ Then I’m binging Roberts videos and see this video and I’m like 😱 This is great!! So I watch it, see Robert smacking it around and the images of meat 🤣 And thinking yep that’s what I thought when I first saw it! 🤣 Now I’m glad I didn’t try it! Doesn’t seem like a fun experience! 😬 So thank u for saving me from having to try it out! 🙏

  21. Ghiovanna Bernal says:

    The chicken 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I love watching your videos and your honesty, so genuine and funny at the same time

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