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Here is a tutorial on how to use the new makeup applicator, the silicone sponge. I am amazed at how little foundation you actually need when using this product! I am incredibly grateful that mine was sent to me.

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Silicone Sponge Tutorial
Silicone Sponge Tutorial

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42 thoughts on “Silicone Sponge Tutorial | All the most complete documents lei makeup applicator

  1. Connie Montoa says:

    I like short demos. Only such dramatic makep color comprare to her natural skin color when seeing her neck line

  2. No Reply says:

    That good to put on the inside sole of your heels or instep for comfort totally useless for applying mkup…Nice short video tho

  3. MysticXIV says:

    So on my silicone blender there is a plastic around it and I'm not sure if I'm supposed to take it off or keep it on

  4. Jo Arnold says:

    O.m.g, showed me how to do it in a couple of minutes, all the others were like watching paint dry, and you show how easy to clean, thumbs up to ya

  5. The Naz Planet says:

    You are so pretty!. Nice and short informative video.. Love the tattoo on your right hand wrist.

  6. Brianna Bennett says:

    This looks like it takes forever to apply foundation. I can get the job done in no time with my fingers or a foam sponge, and it does not take much foundation either. The silicone sponge is a real time-waster in my book.

  7. AwesoMESS says:

    I always use silicon sponge to distribute the foundation because it doesn't absorb anything and I legit use only ONE pump everytime and that's enough to cover my whole face. Then I use beauty sponge to just finish setting it.

  8. Hailey Radovich says:

    Does anyone know the answer to this? I got a silicone sponge and it was two sides, a silicone side, and a side that feels like a normal blender. Is there a difference to where I would use the two different sides for different kinds of makeup?

  9. Tran Lily says:

    You are beautiful & cute!!!
    I want to try this, it look good on you cause you have flawless skin, not sure if it work for me or it's worthy!!!

  10. Pamela Davis says:

    I Love this product. The application was very easy for me. I use Black Opal True Color Pore Perfecting Foundation and with the sponge I had to use water but with the Silicone Sponge I use no water. That's a plus for me.❤

  11. Riz gmail says:

    This was the only video I watched when I searched for silicone sponge tutorial.. "Short and helpful"… 😀

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