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Sibel Kekilli ( digest 16 June 1980 ) is a german actress. [ 1 ] She gained populace attention after starring in the 2004 film Head-On. She won two Lolas, the most prestigious german movie awards, for her performances in Head-On and When We Leave ( 2010 ). Beginning in 2011, she became more widely known for her role as Shae in the HBO series Game of Thrones .

early life

Kekilli was born and raised in Heilbronn, to a family of turkish beginning. Her parents came to Germany from Turkey in 1977, and were described by Kekilli as having a quite modern and exposed attitude. [ 2 ] After completing school with excellent grades at age 16, she entered a 30-month-long unite prepare platform to become a certifiable public administration specialist at the local city presidency. [ citation needed ]

After successful completion of the educate program, she continued to work as an administrative adjunct for another two years at Heilbronn city hall, then moved to Essen, where she worked diverse jobs as a bouncer, cleaner, wait, cabaret director, salesgirl, and pornographic film actress. [ 3 ] [ 4 ]


In 2001–2002, over a period of six months, [ 5 ] Kekilli appeared in a act of pornographic films for assorted directors including Josef Baumberger [ 6 ] and Harry S. Morgan. [ 7 ] [ 8 ] [ 9 ] Her stage name was Dilara. [ 10 ] In 2002, while at a shop promenade in Cologne, she was noticed by a cast film director, who invited her to audition for a function in a film. [ 11 ] She won the leading character in Head-On ( german : Gegen die Wand ) against a field of 350 other aspirant. The movie was released in 2004 and was a major achiever, receiving several prizes at film festivals. Filming proved strenuous for Kekilli personally, and she underwent an appendectomy during filming in Turkey. [ 12 ] shortly after the release of Head-On, the german tabloid newspaper Bild made public Kekilli ‘s earlier work in pornography. [ 3 ] [ 13 ] This led to a public sensation, and Kekilli ‘s parents broke off all contact with her. [ 2 ] She received the 2004 Bambi trophy for “ best shooting ace ” for her function in Head-On. During the telecast acceptance language, she tearfully complained that she was being subject to a “ dreckige Hetzkampagne “ ( “ dirty smear campaign ” ) and “ Medienvergewaltigung “ ( “ media rape ” ). [ 14 ] Bild-Zeitung was subsequently reprimanded by the Deutscher Presserat ( german Press Council ) for the manner in which it covered the floor. [ 15 ] Kekilli starred in the Turkish coup d’état film Home Coming ( Eve Dönüş ) ( 2006 ), playing the wife of a man who was unjustly imprisoned and tortured. The performance won her the Best Actress award at the 2006 Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival. besides that year, she played a jewish charwoman on the way to the Auschwitz concentration camp in the 2006 film The Last Train ( german : Der letzte Zug ). In 2009, she played Umay, a young Turkish womanhood who leaves Istanbul to return to her class in Berlin, in When We Leave ( Die Fremde ). She was awarded the Lola for Best Actress in 2010 for her function. [ 16 ] In 2010, Kekilli was cast as Shae in HBO ‘s Game of Thrones, an adaptation of George R. R. Martin ‘s A Song of Ice and Fire novels. [ 17 ] In 2011, one class after first appearing in a support function in the long-running crime series Tatort, she became a permanent wave cast extremity as new investigator Sarah Brandt, working aboard foreman research worker Klaus Borowski. [ 18 ] She said that she was glad not to be playing a character of extraneous descent, as she feels she has been typecast in the by. [ 19 ] In 2017 she left the Tatort franchise, after 14 feature-length episodes, citing a need for change. [ 20 ]

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personal life

Kekilli lives in Hamburg. [ 2 ]

Since citizenship in Germany is primarily established by Jus sanguinis quite than Jus soli, [ 21 ] she primitively held Turkish rather than german citizenship, and had to apply to the turkish government when she sought a marriage license ( for a plan marriage that ultimately did not take place ). [ 2 ] In 2017, she blocked her Instagram account from being accessed in Turkey, saying that users from that country had sent a multitude of abusive and threaten messages. Kekilli denounced the senders as “ bigoted, hypocrites and wax of hate ”. [ 22 ]

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political activism

Kekilli supports the arrangement Terre des Femmes in its workplace against ferocity against women. In December 2006, at an anti- domestic violence consequence run by the turkish newspaper Hürriyet in Berlin, she stated, in german, the equivalent of “ I have experienced for myself that both physical and psychological mistreat are regarded as normal in a Muslim class. deplorably, violence is partially of the cultural inheritance in Islam. ” In response, the Turkish consul general left the room. [ 23 ] In March 2015 at an International Women ‘s Day event at the President of Germany ‘s residence at Schloss Bellevue, Kekilli gave a speech on violence against women in the name of honor. The speech drew wide attention and praise in Germany for its empathic message. [ 24 ] [ 25 ] [ 26 ] [ 27 ] In May 2015, Friedrich Naumann Foundation named Kekilli “ Author of Freedom ” for the speech. [ 28 ]

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television receiver

Year Title Role Notes
2010 Gier Nadja Hartmann 2 episodes
2010 Homicide Unit Istanbul Fatma Benli 1 episode
2010–2017 Tatort Sarah Brandt 14 episodes
2011–2014 Game of Thrones Shae 20 episodes
2015-2017 Paare Patientin 4 episodes
2016 Inspector Borowski Sarah Brandt 9 episodes
2017 Bruder: Schwarze Macht Sibel 4 episodes
2017 Sesamstraße Sibel 1 episode
2018 Bullets Madina Taburova/Zamira Hoxha 10 episodes



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