If you ’ rhenium looking for a serious constitution splurge this gay temper, look no further than the latest collaboration between Shiseido and Sirivannavari — the fashion house founded by HRH Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana. Titled “ SHISEIDO X SIRIVANNAVARI Princess Hanayaka Collection, ” it conveys the picture of a charwoman who is vibrant and as ravishingly beautiful as a princess .
Reflecting on the inspirations and doctrine behind the collaboration, HRH Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana said the Sirivannavari brand and Shiseido shared a reciprocal intention to create “ what will enable the smasher of women in Asia to glow from inside and out naturally. ”

Shiseido X Sirivannavari Princess Hanayaka

“ For this solicitation, my intention is to create the beauty products that are compact, easy and convenient to apply. The color in the palette must be beautiful and highly flexible for diverse combinations of shuffle and equal for different occasions, from day natural look to nighttime hex. One palette can be applied for eyes, impudence, and lips makeup while the texture of the cosmetics must make it slowly for different color combinations. I chose all the color schemes and different shades for this collection myself based on what discolor combinations I think will best bring out women ’ second beauty. I then used those colours to work with the graphics and drawings inspired by previous Sirivannavari collections to design the promotion. The drawings of rice ears, bees, and lovebirds are used as the chief designs. When combined with a japanese equal, the lines and feels become perfect for the packaging design of this collection, ” the princess explained during the launch of Shiseido X Sirivannavari Princess Hanayaka Collection survive workweek .
incorporate of 4 smasher products : Eye Colour Palette in 8 shades, 2 Face Illuminator & Blush Palettes and a Lip Collection, the collection is a result of hard work and decision of Thailand ’ s beloved princess. The Princess has dedicated more than two years of her valued time to design it, being in care in every design footstep, from choosing the texture of the beauty products to matching the semblance of center colours, font colours, and lip colours. All of them are the Princess ’ front-runner color which are not only beautiful but easy to apply, perfect for constitution creativity to design newfangled looks .

Eye Colour Palette

The Eye Colour Palette has 8 exquisite colours in an entirely designed case depicting rice ears in chopper golden brown against the backdrop of dark nox sky full of glittering stars in the zodiac constellations, unique of Sirivannavari. The designs in gold are painted on each discolor which fit every clamber tone of women in Asia. The colours are divided into 2 groups, fortunate brown of rice ears for day and flatware midnight blue with glittering stars for glam look. All colours come with glitter which, upon application, reflects a bold, metallic effect. The rule is highly pigmented, and so far feels light and very easy to blend .
price : THB3,500
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Face Illuminator & Blush Palette (Natural) and Face Illuminator & Blush Palette (Glam)

The elegant design on the case is inspired by beautiful flowers, bees, rice, and lovebirds to convey beautiful nature full of biography and freshness represented by two palettes in the collection. The Face Illuminator and Blush Palette ( Natural ) consists of grapefruit-colour blush matching with highlighter in light-coloured Wild Lily. The Face Illuminator & Blush Palette ( Glam ), meanwhile, comes with coral-tone blush matching with aureate highlighter to brighten up the buttock. The matte texture of the blush makes both colours look natural on the skin, yet their buildable textures can give a dramatic consequence when applied in layers .
price : THB2,500

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Lip Collection

Two lipsticks, one in crimson red and the other in nude brown color offer semi-matte texture with soft satin touch. The popular colours come with a Shiseido lipstick brush. The font features the independent designs of this collection — flowers, bees, and lovebirds — specially created by Her Royal Highness Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana. Both lipsticks give easy, about scantily there feel and so far, the highly pigmented formula has good staying office.

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price : THB2,500

Princess Hanayaka Collection is available in Bangkok from Nov 2, 2018 onwards at 40 SHISEIDO counters across Thailand, SIRIVANNAVARI pop-up store at King Power Rang Nam and  other branches, and online thru www.central.co.th. More information about the beauty products are available at www.shiseido.co.th

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