We had a cover girl, memorable feel staying at Bangsak Village for 10 nights. The staff is WONDERFUL and then friendly. I very felt like they were happy to have us and wanted to make surely we were having a adorable time. The team helped a batch before the trip and during the trip to make sure we were doing everything needed for Thai Pass ( covid travel ) approval, following all rules, etc. so the tripper would go smoothly. The photos are a good representation of the property. Our room was clean, seam was comfortable, and there was enough space to unpack, and it was a close base on balls to the lobby area and restaurant. I felt identical dependable at the hotel. Atmosphere : I do n’t know what it was like before the pandemic, but the hotel was serene and reasonably calm … there was always a blemish by the pool, on the chairs facing the beach, at the restaurant, etc. I never felt like I had to rush down and save a descry by the pool or anything. But at the lapp prison term there were plenty of guests at least in the rooms you could see from the pool/restaurant area, it ‘s not like the hotel was empty, thus possibly it ‘s constantly this way. You decidedly would have to leave the property for more of a bar/party/club impression if that ‘s what you ‘re looking for. It would be decent to have more of a chair/umbrella frame-up by the beach – but the beach is EMPTY and very in truth courteous. We would go float in the dawn and sometimes see zero other people. The staff wore masks the integral time we were there, inside or out, and I actually appreciated that. All guests were commodity about wearing masks while walking about for breakfast but that ‘s the only time we were in a more captive sphere. The complimentary breakfast ( not sure if this is included in all bookings but it was in ours ) was a great start to the day. We had dinner for the two of us respective times and paid around $ 25 U.S. entire for drinks, apps, dinner, etc. – very average prices. The Thai food at the hotel restaurant was similar to Thai food we got at other places so I was happy with it. ( tip : Be Friend restaurant is right adjacent doorway, walk out to the beach and go left, to mix it up for dinner and drinks a few nights ) Cocktails : Like everywhere we went, the cocktail menu are kind of away of the 90s ( lots of places have the exact like picture menu of cocktails like margaritas, universe, mai thai, etc. ) and with a linguistic process barrier I could n’t truly explain a dirty martini etc. so I ended up just ordering off the menu and having lots of tropical and juice-filled drinks I would n’t normally drink. We had three massages each included with our software and they were lovely.

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