Sh-Oligopeptide-1 is the celebrated molecule, which is besides called Epidermal Growth Factor or EGF. Chemically speaking, Growth Factors are biggish peptides or smallish proteins, or to put it in another way, medium-length amino acidic sequences ( EGF consists of 53 amino acids ). Biologically speaking, Growth Factors are cellular signal molecules that can stimulate cell growth, proliferation, healing and/or differentiation .
There are lots of Growth Factors and EGF is equitable one of them. The topic of “ Growth Factors and skin care ” is a big, confusing and controversial one and we will try our best to summarize the floor for you, including the professional and the cons .
EGF is a special snowflake when it comes to skincare as it was the first Growth Factor that made its way into cosmetic products and it is besides the most common one. The american biochemist, Stanley Cohen discovered EGF and was awarded a Noble prize in 1986 for it. As the lord pry may signify, the molecule is significant and knock-down and directly stimulates the proliferation of cuticular cells .
When it comes to Sh-Oligopeptide-1 in a cosmetic product, it has pretty well-established wound healing and skin renewal properties. It might evening do more than that. According to a 2012 study on a serum containing barley bioengineered cuticular increase gene, “ clinical evaluations showed statistically significant improvement in the appearance of fine lines and rhytids, skin texture, pore size, and respective dyschromatic conditions apparent within the first month of use, and continuing improvement trends for the duration of the study ” ( which was 3 months ).

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This all sounds amazing, “ give me some EGF Serum ”, we can hear you say ! But as we wrote in the intro, the topic is complex and controversial indeed here are some of the questions that keep coming up around slathering EGF all over our face .
The first and biggest concern is that if EGF is so good at stimulating cell proliferation, how does it relate to cancer? Is the definition of cancer not “ cells proliferating out of control condition ” ? Most experts agree on this answer : EGF is mitogenic ( = stimulates cell proliferation ) but not mutagenic ( = does not alter the cellular telephone to make it cancerous ). If you do not have cancer, you will not get cancer from EGF. however, if you have cancerous cells, EGF will help them to spread, precisely like it helps goodly cells. indeed if you have a lot of moles, excessive UV exposure in the past, or if you have any of the skin cancer risk factors, we suggest you should think doubly about using EGF products. The same is true if you have psoriasis, a skin disease related to the abnormal increase of cuticular skin cells. You do not want to add fuel to the fire with EGF.

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early ( less dangerous ) concerns are if EGF can properly penetrate the peel ( as it is a medium-sized, arctic atom, so a special delivery system is credibly needed ), if it can affect collagen synthesis ( or good works on the surface plumping up only the topmost layers of the skin ) and if it has beneficial effects at all when used in isolation versus when used in a “conditioned media” that contains lots of growth factors resembling the synergistic balance found in the skin .
Overall, our stamp is that EGF is decidedly a potent molecule. Some EGF products have a cult-like follow adding anecdotal evidence to the clinical studies showing EGF has a beneficial effect on the peel. If you like experimenting, by all means, go ahead ( unless you have psoriasis or high skin cancer risk factors ), but if you are a better safe than regretful type, stand by to daily SPF + a good retinoid product. This couple is still the gold standard of anti-aging .
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