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today I ’ ll be talking about CLAY MASKS !
It ’ s been a while since I tested out this particular type of masks. Okay so for bark reference point, I do have buttery, combination and sensitive skin. With that said, my skin does not like a draw of products shoved in all at once so the celebrated 10 to 15 step Korean skin care everyday international relations and security network ’ t truly for me. I did try that in the past and my skin equitable broke out ! I mean to the indicate that my adjacent bark concern after acne was post acne scar. therefore if you have the like peel concern ( or possibly you know person who has the like skin concern ) you might want to read on. . .or not. . .up to you guys but hopefully you ’ ll do ! therefore with enough said, moving on to my review. ..

I was sent this test clique for FREE ! Since I ’ m a big “ donor ”, I ’ ll be sharing the associate below on how to score some sweet detached farce !
The clay masks claim to be big for about all skin types namely : Normal, Oily, Combination, Dry and Sensitive. Formulated with “ NATURAL CLAY ” to target clamber wish problems such as : odd skin tone, dullness, dispassion and dark spots. A entire of 8 masks of the Sephora collection :

  1. Purple Clay Mask: Moisturizes and soothes .
  2. Blue Clay Mask: Purifies and oxegenates .
  3. Green Clay Mask: Purifies and minimize pores .
  4. Yellow Clay Mask: Revitalizes and tones .
  5. Red Clay Mask: Energizes and fights fatique .
  6. Pink Clay Mask: Unifies and brightens .
  7. White Clay Mask: Mineralizes and soothes .
  8. Grey Clay Mask: Mattifies and balances .
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Each throng contains SIZE 1.18 oz/ 35 milliliter with a travel-friendly promotion offers slowly and commodious use with up to five uses per package.
I was given a trial pack of the GREEN, PINK and GREY claymask. Sephora claymask review by eyecreviews 2 (2)Sephora claymask review by eyecreviews 2 (1)Sephora claymask review by eyecreviews 3
This is not my always first gear time to try a cadaver mask. I ’ ve tested a few clay disguise in the past and my only concern was that it tightens up my skin and some did irritate my already very medium clamber. now that my skin has finally healed. I promised to stay away from harsh chemicals and skin care routines that were very not necessary. away from the boldness that this was sent to me for “ FREE ”, ofcourse I did read ahead before testing the product out. The clay mask claims to NOT TIGHTEN your skin once applied and works for sensitive peel. That itself was adequate for me to test it out. Before I applied the mask, I washed my face with a easy cleansing agent then pat dry. I besides prefer to using a mask before bedtime which allows my skin to rest after any beauty mask besides, I wanted to avoid sunday vulnerability since I feel like with mud mask it tends to make my skin more medium after applying it so I just wanted to keep it on the safe side .
formulation of the mask was so soft and blendable. The PINK ( brightening mask ) and GREY MASK ( mattyfying ) had the same consistency and had matching colors to it ’ s individual package. The park MASK ( pore perfecting ) had the same blendable consistency but had belittled beads in it. After reading more about the product, it was a exfoliate MASK .
Sephora claymask review by eyecreviews 5
Green Clay Mask: Purifies and minimize pores. Exfoliating masquerade .
Applied it all over my PORES ! I have visible pores on my nose and on my boldness. I didn ’ thyroxine feel any irritations or sting while applying the mask. The green CLAY mask as mentioned earlier had little bantam beads. It melts away as I continually applied the mask with precisely the use of my feel tips. I read that alone a small sum was needed and that the dissemble does not actually dry up arsenic compared to other clay masks once exposed to air .

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Sephora claymask review by eyecreviews 6.png
Pink Clay Mask:  Unifies and brightens .
I applied the PINK CLAY MASK all over my frontal bone and on my chin. Areas normally exposed to SUNBURN ! Despite me applying a decent measure of sun protection. This mask was so blendable same as the green disguise. I just realized that a thin layer was room much better compared to applying a thick layer because it will take more fourth dimension to dry the mask out. decidedly avoided to apply near the areas of my eye to prevent irritation .
Sephora claymask review by eyecreviews 7.png
Left the masks to dry.. .

Sephora claymask review by eyecreviews 8.png
I did not feel any skin irritations, hide reduce or burning sensation while the mask sat on my skin until it completely dried .
Sephora claymask review by eyecreviews 9.png
It took a total of 15-20 minutes to get the mask to in full dry. My reading for the mask to be wholly dry was that it tends to crack a small piece once pressed against .
Sephora claymask review by eyecreviews 10.png
Clay masks are a moment more complicate to take off vitamin a compared to sheet and peel off masks. My technique is to remove it with a dampen washcloth and lightly wipe off the mud mask. excessive friction does irritate my skin indeed I had to do this lightly. I then rinsed off my face with halfhearted water and glib dry .
Sephora claymask review by eyecreviews 11.png
My peel after feels so smooth and soft. The mask leaves of a powdered finish again I didn ’ t see any red all throughout applying the mask. I evening noticed my white question dry off a bite after applying the mask. It did lighten up my skin a bite making it more “ even toned ”. My pores feel cleansed from within. Clay mask are known to suck up all the dirt and sludge inside pores without stripping out an extra layer of skin. Hence this works !
last the Grey Clay Mask: Mattifies and balances .
Since I occupied my face with the first 2 clay mask. I had to cleanse my face out for the following mask. I did wait a couple of hours before proceeding to use this disguise. similar to the PINK MASK, this GREY MASK was soft and blendable with no beads on it. I did feel a very mild sting once applied on my cheek. I focused my application of the dissemble onto my T-ZONE which was identical prone to oiliness ( because I have super buttery skin ! ) .
Sephora claymask review by eyecreviews 12.png Sephora claymask review by eyecreviews 13 Sephora claymask review by eyecreviews 14 Sephora claymask review by eyecreviews 15 Sephora claymask review by eyecreviews 16.png
SOFT, SMOOTH, EVEN TONED and instantaneously BRIGHTER. Rejuvenated peel in fair 15 minutes !
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