Sun-kissed skin coupled with carefree, tousled hair—like you ‘ve been laying out on the beach all day, basically—sounds dreamy. But if it ‘s not your reality, you can fake it ’til you make it. Those perfectly tousled, piece-y, just-napped-on-a- beach waves ? Yeah, those do n’t fair happen. Blake lively did n’t just come out of the uterus with gorgeously textured haircloth, and Chrissy Teigen does n’t emerge from seam each dawn with gently mussed waves. ( opens in fresh pill ) No, the secret to getting the ultimate “ what, this ol ‘ thing ? ” beachy waves is to use the actual beach on your hair—via sea salt sprays .

What should I look for in a sea salt spray?

Salt sprays are precisely what they sound like : Sprays that are formulated with your classical sodium chloride ( i.e. salt ). Some contain a more traditional molecular structure, while others tap sea salt, which besides contains minerals that can add grit and nourish your hair. With the best ocean salt sprays—i.e. the ones that contain a mix of cushion, volumizing, and shine-enhancing ingredients—you ‘ll be blessed with loss carpet–level beachy waves. When it ‘s done ill, however—i.e. it ‘s chiefly just salt and alcohol—you ‘ll be left with a gluey, straw-like fix. thankfully, we rounded up only the best of the best for you, ahead. Spritz them over damp or dry hair ( or both ! ) for a absolutely crinkled polish, even if your beach vacation is n’t in the foreseeable future. But hey, it ‘s summer. It ‘s meter to start plan. The Cult-Favorite Formula

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For less than $ 10, treat your hair to the vacation-ready texture it deserves. This lightweight spray defines waves, adds lots of body, and serves as the perfective heat styling protectant .$7.00 at ( opens in new pill )
This Hydrating Formula ( opens in fresh check )

This coconut-infused spray contains the same degree of brininess as the Pacific Ocean, so it ‘s the closest you ‘ll get to an actual beach day while sitting on your sofa. excess strategic arms limitation talks would normally mean supernumerary stickiness, but this rule uses a dose of aloe water to keep your hair moisturized all day .$20.00 at ( opens in new pill )
This Crunch-Free spray ( opens in raw pill )

This low-cost recipe is beloved by hairstylists for its ability to create major bounce and definition without a trace of crunchiness .$15.50 at ( opens in new pill )
This Extra Salty Version ( opens in new tab )

If you ‘re looking for a little spot of carry, a small farinaceous grip, and a draw of disheveled flatness texture ( but no heavy remainder ), this post new put up from Bed Head might be the answer to your hair’s-breadth prayers. Extra credit since sodium chloride is the second component listed …$17.99 at ( opens in new check )
This Humidity-Resistant recipe ( opens in new tab )

This humidity-resistant recipe will let your waves live their best freakin ‘ life for hours on end, as it ‘s made to give your hair a durable cargo area. That means it ‘s one less thing to carry around in your beach bag because you wo n’t need to reapply it throughout the day .$48.00 at ( opens in newfangled pill )
This Curl-Enhancing formula ( opens in new check )

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The identify says it all : dateless summer spray. This alcohol-free convention uses chia seeds extracts to cloak your hair in a veil of radiance that will enhance your lock clog and amp up your volume .$24.00 at ( opens in fresh yellow journalism )
This Mineral-Rich rule ( opens in new pill )

Lived-in looking waves are slippery to get. I inactive ca n’t wrap my mind around the illusion of “ casual ” hairstyles, which hush require exploit to pull off. This, on the other hand, makes life easy because it has a special mineral and amethyst crystal-rich recipe for bombshell waves that will make you feel like a blasted goddess .$26.00 at ( opens in new tab )
This Texturizing Formula

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technically all sea salt sprays add some grit to your hair, because salt is a natural texturizer, but not all sea salt sprays give your hair an amped-up, wind-blown finish in the process. fortunately, this dry spray does. It ‘s basically a mix between a salt mist and a dry shampoo, so it manages to give your hair a tangible, non-matted texture ( and wo n’t weigh down very well hair ) .$18.00 at ( opens in new tab key )
This Gold-Flecked formula ( opens in raw yellow journalism )

Yes, the idea of spritzing a shimmer-flecked spray over your hair probably conjures flashbacks to your middle-school days, but trust me : This deluxe rule is anything but flashy. Infused with elusive, finely milled flecks of shimmer, the light-hold rule gives hair a lightly tousled finish that looks ethereal when the light hits it—as if you got actually, truly excellent highlights yesterday .$28.00 at ( opens in new tab )
This Smells-Like-Roses Formula ( opens in modern yellow journalism )

Get a back-from-the-beach look with this spray that besides happens to smell of roses. The organic sea salts will provide the texture, while the nutrify essential oils will give your hair a soft, smooth feel. The addition of aloe and vitamin B5 means you ‘ll besides be strengthening and conditioning your strands .$20.00 at ( opens in fresh tab )
This Hair-Protecting formula ( opens in new yellow journalism )

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Give your hair a major hike with this spray that uses Mediterranean sea salt to amp up your bulk and texture. The mist ‘s formula besides includes rice protein excerpt and alga excerpt that thickens, strengthens, and helps protect your hair’s-breadth from environmental wrong. Plus, its aroma of vanilla, bergamot, lemon, and almond will make you feel like you ‘re actually on vacation lie by the ocean .$34.00 at ( opens in new pill )
This Ultra-Light recipe ( opens in new yellow journalism )

Spritz your manner to summer hair’s-breadth with this light spray that ‘ll lift your haircloth and give it effortless waves. botanical moisturizers will keep the dispassion away, so your tresses will have a beautiful luster .$28.00 at ( opens in new yellow journalism )
This Firm-Hold formula ( opens in modern tab )

Give your haircloth added dynamism and achieve a piecey, beachy expression with this merchandise. The mist has a tauten defend and will allow you to build bulk with its formula that includes Dead Sea salts and magnesium-rich sea botanicals .$18.00 at ( opens in new check )
This Moisture-Retaining rule ( opens in modern pill )

Amplify your natural curl up or add beachy waves without drying out your hair with this USDA-certified organic sea mist. The spray will give your hair texture and depth that ‘ll make it look as if you ‘ve been swimming in the ocean. however, it ‘ll besides hydrate your hair and keep your strands shining, thanks to lavender and aloe vera .$24.00 at ( opens in new pill )

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