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Good day friends ! I’ve been obsessing over Sea Moss for about a week and I need your help cleaning up some stuff. You can buy sea moss here: Here is sea moss from Ireland too: — 🚩 Subscribe to our channel: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: ASMR Youtube: Youtube Family: TikTok: — – 💖 Want to send me something? Are you sure? I mean… of course! I’ll be sure to put it in my videos as a big thank you! Michael NightWing 9201 Edgeworth Drive #4512 Capitol Heights, MD 20791 USA Where can I get my royalty-free material? These are some of the equipment I use for these videos. ⚠️ So some of these links help me make money…so yeah…click everywhere! #nebusociety #netergold #light skin #natural hair

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SEA MOSS LIES DEBUNKED! || Time To Clear Things Up
SEA MOSS LIES DEBUNKED! || Time To Clear Things Up

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SEA MOSS LIES DEBUNKED! || Time To Clear Things Up.

sea moss green.

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39 thoughts on “SEA MOSS LIES DEBUNKED! || Time To Clear Things Up | Summary of the content about sea moss green the most detailed

  1. Mercy Merc says:

    Yeah I get mine from essential Sea moss. They the only one I trust. Had covid and went away super fast

  2. SupremeTeamFP says:

    Wow man, thanks for the breakdown. You got a new buyer and subscriber. You have some other cool products as well. Think i might get the beard oil as well. Blessings G

  3. Be Kool says:

    I have a general question. Can taking seamoss pills replace taking a daily vitamin? Or can you take a daily vitamin and seamoss pills together?

  4. steve polius says:

    Jamaica Saint Lucia an other Caribbean islands have it
    An full grown
    If poss by from a secured source

  5. Patron Noel says:

    Honduras would make sense bc of the difference in traffic through its coasts. Far less in the Pacific as apposed to Ireland and the Atlantic.

  6. Semaj Galbert says:

    No your wrong on this 1. Way before Dr. Sebi came out Mexicans where sale'n real seamoss from Belize. you can't get seamoss from china, or any asian store are not good because there waters and ports are very dirty and contaminated. So you only get 10% of the minerals you need thats not good. Now Seamoss from the islands are always very good there waters are clean and dont have boats running in and out the sea contaminating the waters. So the seamoss plant is sucking the minerals out the rocks in the sea and you go and pick from the sea. Wild harvesting is not bad but your not getting the full 70% of minerals, the body need 100% which doesnt come in 1 seamoss plant you have to add other things to it to make it 100% minerals you need. And Also irishmoss is totally different from seamoss.

  7. Rackelle says:

    Very interesting insights! I live in a region that's reasonably close to Ireland & the company I bought mine from calls it, "Irish Moss". How can a person know if they're getting the real thing?

  8. ceri orchid says:

    Yeah my friend has been trying to get me to take sea moss but in tablet form it's very confusing to me why sea moss is in a tablet form as I see it very much like u do but couldn't explain myself properly so thank you for helping me figure this stuff out

  9. fortified says:

    To simplify the difference between Irish sea moss and the other type of sea moss is location!! Dr. Sebi , in one of his tapes speaks of the sea moss that is grown on a rock that you can only find where the water stays cold. He also speaks about where the waters are always moving. Listen bro. You are confusing yourself!

  10. Jason B says:

    I love this! Hey man I got a few more questions. Where are the other 30 something minerals come from? The rocks? Also that Caribbean species sea moss also has different colors such as purple, brown, and even green? Can you please break that down or do you have another video covering that?

  11. Neil Sunstrum says:

    Saint Lucia Irish Sea moss wild crafted I got was fantastic. Cleaned better than other suppliers and I noticed huge benefits from using it after one week. 8 ounces for like $45 Canadian and I was extremely happy with the product and how much easier it was to prepare and tasted better. I also have burdock root tea every other day with a tablespoon of Irish sea moss gel and 2 tablespoons of honey. Honestly feel so much better, almost feel younger and heal much faster, more energy and higher libido.

  12. Amarilia Rosado says:

    I live in Tampa bay I see sea moss brown color hanging on to the rocks is that sea moss good for consumption yes the ocean is a body of one you can get sea moss in anybody of ocean is finding it you sound crazy saying you can only get it from this ocean when the ocean is a body of one farm rise sea moss GMO it will do absolutely nothing for your body best sea moss is hunting it your self I have a boat I see it every were in Florida ocean the ocean is a body of one & yes there is cleaner ocean with some less pollution in part’s of the world but what’s important here is the ocean is one body of the same no matter we’re you live just like the sun it connect

  13. Tega Helen says:

    I checked on Dr Okooboh on YouTube and ordered for cure for Hsv2 4 weeks ago and today am negative after my doc confirmed it no symptoms of herpes in my immune system . new subscriber❤️💕❤️ ❤️❤️

  14. Jason J Robin says:

    Bro, I am from dominica 🇩🇲… and I have beeen in seamoss processing for over 20 years.. seamoss are filter feeders so the species are all good, where they are grown is the important info… there is nothing such as fake seamoss do not repeat that… all the Caribbean island have seamoss…

  15. Cipher says:

    Very instructif vidéo, I also made my own reaserch and I discovered the different between Eucheuma cottonii, chondrus crispus, and also Alvarazzi kaperficius and Gracilaria. I found the good Irish moss coming from Ireland. Wild crafted sea moss is the hand made sea moss, they use poles in the sea watter and help it to grow, in the meanwhile they make a good job to protect the sea moss from some kinds of bugs and others species who damages the sea moss. I still doubt that the Sea moss takes is minerals from the stones, I heard that it takes is minerals from the sea watter. And, the "Ionthropherosis" as Dr Sebi talked about still very obscur to me. Thanks!

  16. Nia Dennis says:

    But if if grows on a rock then it extracts the minerals of the polyps it grows on. So did we add that into account?

  17. BIG GEE says:

    I've noticed for a long time when ever black come across something healthy or positive and puts it in the atmosphere it turns into eather a scam or the corporations get ahold to it and screws us over. 🙉🙈🙊

  18. Sha Spearman says:

    Ummmm wildcrafted actually mean plucked from earth. I wildcraft herbs all the time. It’s just me going on it getting it from outside. So ocean crafted should mean that the ocean made it

  19. sunchildofsirius says:

    just breathe , sungaze, drink your own waters, meditate, dance your head and behind off , walk barefoot everywhere , read the scriptures with advanced eyes , never listen to what the enemies say, make your own drum and dance to the beat of your own drum .

    a beautiful intelligent mind just carrying on over nothing .
    Eat it or don't eat it .

  20. DROKOOBOH says:

    I am Dr Oko-Oboh, I am a herbal doctor, I am into preparation of herbal medicine and sales of  herbal products that cures any kind of disease or virus such as Hpv, warts, rosacea, Hiv/Aids, low sperm, infertility, dick enlargement e.t.c. I don't know if you, friends or family may be interested in my herbal products or are you having any virus or disease in your body system that needs to be cured with my herbal medicine do share to save lives..🌿

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