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This Sattvic Bhojan, a healthy dish prepared by Ajeeth Janardhananan, Executive Chef, and Dr. Anitha Manoj, Assistant Spa Manager at Raviz Resort and Spa Ashtamudi, Kollam, would help you give your monsoon diet a delicious makeover. #SattvicFood #SatwikFood #VeganFood #IndianPureDiet For More Information Visit: Website: Subscribe: Follow Us Facebook: Twitter: Onmanorama Food is an online portal for all your favorite recipes, foods, dishes and more. You will find traditional Kerala recipes as well as continental dishes, how-to tips, great cooking videos and much more on the site. It is a wing of Onmanorama, the English edition of Manorama Online and has the same authenticity and reliability as the most popular Malayalam newspaper, Malayala Manorama. Visit the site: send your recipes, food photos and videos to to be featured on the Onmanorama food channel.

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Sattvic Bhojan - an Ayurvedic diet meal recipe | Onmanorama Food
Sattvic Bhojan – an Ayurvedic diet meal recipe | Onmanorama Food

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Sattvic Bhojan – an Ayurvedic diet meal recipe | Onmanorama Food.

sattvic organic and natural.

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30 thoughts on “Sattvic Bhojan – an Ayurvedic diet meal recipe | Onmanorama Food | All knowledge about sattvic organic and natural most detailed

  1. Chetan Jain says:

    Very good recipe….some variation if I have created these recipes( for first two )are …

    1. Buttermilk : black salt, roasted Jeera powder, roasted /fried whole black pepper that will come on the surface of buttermilk glass … garnish …fresh green coriander leafs with their small (not hard)branches chopped, a small cherry ..the fruit in between and the branch will touch on to the glass

    2. Sprouts : instead of urad's sprout…small desi Chana sprouts with some steam in open utensil, with some more veggies if u desire…, Roasted peanuts / mungfali dana, some roasted sesame seeds ……to garnish ….fresh chopped green Coriander leafs with soft branches, some pomegranate sprinkled, some kish- mish sprinkled, a lichi at the top in-between the sprouts plate

    Creative food is like Meditation…..U can have the beginning of creative ideas in cooking n garnishing..but u can not have the end of creative ideas on chef's Table….. as Meditation don't have any end…. I can write atleast 5 pages on to this video n recipe… but that will also be insufficient……to be continued…to …. infinity…..

  2. Indian Encyclopedia says:

    Ayurveda is a balanced approach to eating that suggests eating mindfully, healthfully and with gratitude. According to Ayurveda, a good food habit helps to improves ones physical and mental wellbeing. When people try Ayurvedic recipes, they discover a, deep sense of fulfilment and satisfaction. Their whole system responds to the nourishment that comes from the subtle tastes and aromas of the special blend of spices.

  3. sweet Girl says:

    I am basically vegetarian but unfortunately i dont eat right diet to fullfill everyday nutrients need, recently i changed my diet more wholegrains, vegetables, nuts, i think this video helps me to follow right diet.

  4. Dheeraj Musical says:

    Kyo satvic bhojan ko badnam kar rahe ho. Abhi tumhe ye hi nahi pata hai ki aluminum is very bad for cooking.

  5. H. N says:

    They them self seems like unhealthy. They are unfit . Recipe is good I would like to recommend first for them to eat.

  6. poornima agrawal says:

    Can u pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease provide links regarding the kind of clayware one should buy and from where……


  7. Varaprasad rao Gadhireddy says:

    Generally people sees that the speaker personality and his voice to follow their message especially with regard food related. Please🙏

  8. Teddy Sofia says:

    I have been dealing with HPV since May 6th. Until I got a review online about natural cure people testifies how Dr Ben Uda on YouTube channel cure them with his herbal treatment.

  9. saksham singh says:

    I don't understand one thing that satvik food is best so why you upload tamsik foods in your blog 🤔🤔☹️☹️🙁

  10. Diit the best spoken English center says:

    That's why we Indians were living happily and healthily. New generation started Pizza Cola Burger culture. Nice food, Where is that rice available?

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