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35+ Best Bridal Pattu Sarees We’ve Spotted on Real Brides!

BY Sakshi | 16 Aug, 2021 | 431122 views | 14 min read not just gorgeous lehengas, WedMeGood veranda is a treasure treasure trove of so many pretty Bridal Kanjivaram or wedding Pattu ( Silk ) Sarees besides !
The South indian bridget has a dateless and authoritative vibration to her- right from her jewelry to her sari to her haircloth to even her kamarband, and we are in love with the look !

Pattu sarees or Kanjeevaram silks are known for their bright colours and their lively designs & these days brides are going for off-beat colours besides, like pastel cold pinko and mint or even lilac – hues that were never considered 5 years back .
loss or pink are however democratic colours and big borders are mandate but people are moving towards more plain sarees with punchy blouses to accentuate the style. hera is some solid inhalation for South indian blouses if you wish to go that way ! besides, if you ‘re looking for bridal Pattu sarees, we ‘ve got you covered .
so hera are 30+ of the prettiest bridal Kanjivaram or Pattu sarees we ‘ve spotted on real Brides- and trust us, you would have never imagined there is sol much kind and colors !

1. This delightful sky blue pick

double via Sam & Ekta – Sonder Frames★ 4.7

2. This gorgeous customised gold one worn by actress Bhavana

Golden Kanjivaram Pattu Saree
persona via Bhavana ‘s marriage
gorgeous in gold- With the sleeve blouse embroidered Radha-Krishna motifs, and the borders and pleats with beaded flowers. There is no such thing as besides much amber, and don ’ t let anyone tell you otherwise. You ’ re the bride and you ’ ra think of to shine. Do consider this gold color pattu sari for your marriage, if you are looking for a discolor that is different from the traditional reds and pinks .

3. This pink wedding pattu saree with the peacock motifs and checked design

Bright Pink Kanjivaram Pattu Saree
visualize via The Third Eye Photography
Bright pink is constantly a favored, and this one with the peacock theme is a win-win for every bride ! Giving the elegant front with the color being more of a bright shade that can go with both good morning and even weddings ! This pink pattu sari is ideal bridalwear for the bride .

4. This gorgeous plain red one with a gold border

effigy via Frame Roots
Red has constantly been the independent tinge related to weddings either it be South amerind Weddings or North indian Weddings. The Big faded golden borders on this one is giving it the classical, dateless elegance of all times !

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5. This lavender pattu silk saree with the contrasting blue blouse

image via Makeovers by Ramya
lavender being the purest colors of all contrasted with a touch of blasphemous makes it look more celestial and stand out flush more. The check traffic pattern of this pattu sari with animal motifs makes it more attractive .

6. This yellow and pink bridal pattu saree with the butis

visualize via The Third Eye Photography
Love how this real Bride paired her chicken booti design pattu sari with the far-out, embroidered blouse, with hints of green. This is a cover girl combination for brides with a slenderly benighted skin tone. The pinko border wholly complements the sari, and the bridget is carrying off this drape with so much dash and dash .

7. This red and pink one with gold work all over

Pink and gold kanjivaram pattu saree
persona via Shivani & Parikshit ( Mumbai )
The transition between red, orange and pink is what makes this Pattu Saree a good to go for. With time-less designs all over and boutis on the border. There is so much happen in this sari, even none of it looks besides much. The beautiful paisley molding, the bootis on the sari, the embroider blouse- all complement each other beautifully, with the pinko of the sari blending into the read border so seamlessly .

8. This yellow and gold pattu silk wedding saree with the pink embroidered blouse

Yellow Golden Pattu Saree
picture via Khyati & Tushar ( Bangalore )
Another gold pattu saree that ‘s super pretty and elegant ! Love how she paired it with that light pink blouse with embroidery on the sleeves, and the lovely frame which complements both the tinge of the sari and the blouse .

9. This light pink one with the subtle gold border

prototype via Shopzters
This minimalist and elusive candy pink sari with easy golden borders paired up with gold jewelry is best for those of you who love keeping it simple ! No bling, no embellishments, good a dim-witted molding on the blouse is what makes this sari therefore elegant and refined .

10. This purple floral pattu saree with the pop of blue

image via Pinterest
This purple one with a pop of blue paired up with blue embroidered blouse with bright fortunate border makes is a win-win ! We love how the bride has used the molding of the original blouse on the embroider blouse, to match it with her sari .

11. This gorgeous gold and off white one

image via Pratyusha and Nischinth ‘s wedding
The yellow fortunate hue with the whitish is giving it the traditional South-Indian allude. In a break with custom, the bride has paired this adorable pattu sari with diamond jewelry alternatively of aureate. This gorgeous sari decidedly stands out because of its coloring material. Such a smasher !

12. This dull gold and maroon hindu marriage pattu saree

image via Jackson James Photography★ 4.9
Dull gold hue, you do n’t see many brides rocking this tinge but yes some actually rock this one with facilitate ! We love the color combination of fawn, bone, dense aureate and rust. This adorable man needs no embellishments in terms of borders or embellishment. The beauty lies in its simplicity !

13. This orange one with the green and gold border

trope via Jajatjth & Monica ( Coimbatore )
The play of colours in this one is pure sleep together. Love how this one transitions from orange to golden to green paired up with red blouse with embroidery on the sleeve ! This adorable bride exemplifies that there is no such thing as besides much, when you ’ re the bride. This arresting marriage pattu sari makes it the stunner it is !

14. This orange and gold one with the checked design

Orange and gold kanjivaram saree
prototype via Stories By Joseph Radhik
One of our favourites- who knew orange and gold could look so good with embroider sleeves and the ohio so adorable aureate jewelry – WE JUST CA N’T TAKE OUR EYES OFF FROM ! ! This traditional pattu sari looks in orange and gold looks lovely with the heavily embroidered blouse .

15. This light green and pink wedding pattu silk saree

persona via Manish and Kalai ‘s wedding
such a unique imbue of this Kanjivaram Pattu Saree. You won ’ t find oneself many brides wearing this adorable pastel ghost. The mint greens with golden borders with a equal of magenta, paired up with a mirror ferment on the sleeve of the blouse which makes it look then therefore reasonably. In fact, the mirror work blouse is a fresh take on the traditional embroider and/ or silk blouses. The traditional pattu sari looks adorable with this type of a blouse .

16. This contrasting one with the checks and the bright red border

image via Nandini & Chandru ( Bangalore )
A alone one for sure- this Bridal Pattu sari with transitioning colors from red to orange to whitish with chicken checks, quite bare but is truly the lighter of the even. Such a cover girl, clothing pattu sari. Ideal for your own marry deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as other routine you may be attending as a guest. We love how the bridget has stuck to the traditional loss, even kept her search light and blowy

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17. This pomegranate pink pattu saree with the olive green and gold border

Pomegranate Pink Kanjivaram Pattu Saree
visualize via Vivek Krishnan photography
This Pomegranate pink Bridal Pattu sari with golden and olive margin on the pallu and the sleeves of the blouse make it therefore simple even elegant enough for ones who like keeping it simple ! ! besides notice the detail on the blouse with the thin pleat bound in olive ; A bantam touch of modern with the traditional .

18. This gold pattu saree with the unique fuchsia border

image via Bhramini and Abhishek ‘s marry
The unique surround on this Kanjivaram Pattu Saree with Fushcia borders and fortunate embroidery on it, makes this one a achiever !

19. This glam gold one with the pop of red

effigy via Pavan and Leelu ‘s marry
That pop of loss on the gold Pattu Saree is merely then elegant and strictly reasonably ! ! Red and gold is such an evergreen combination, that you can never go wrong with it. With all the jewelry and the bolshevik and gold sari, you don ’ t need any type of embroidery on this beautiful bridal pattu sari.

20. This yellow and pink one with the floral embroidered border

image via Manish and Kalai ‘s marry
Floral embroidered border on a Kanjivaram Pattu Saree is merely sol eye catch, however takes our heart away with its Fuschia blouse with embroidery on the sleeve. The blouse matches the embroider molding and makes it stand out against the pale backdrop of the pattu sari. Yes please ! This one is actually a winner ! !

21. This bright pink one with the floral pattern

Bright pink floral kanjeevaram saree
effigy via Neeraj and Maya ‘s wedding
such a felicitous color, simple and elusive and just love how she paired it with the traditional gold kamarband ! ! besides, the minimal jewelry very works with this beautiful sari, keeping the attention focussed on the pink pattu sari and the kamarband .

22. This bright green pattu saree with the pink border

effigy via Mithun and Nidhi ‘s marriage
Bright and glad for a bride- light green with fuchsia Kanjivaram Pattu Saree with a hint of golden on the borders is looking just for eye catching and adorable. You can surely pick this one up for both good morning and evening weddings for its bright and elegant shade. Green it such a alone color for a wedding pattu sari, but it does look adorable and is perfect when combined with pink and gold .

23. This ultra bright green one with the funky border

image via Neha and Rakshan ‘s wedding
A short far-out, but quite a modern invention at that ! This WMG bridget is slaying this pattu sari ! ! We love the fact that this cover girl bridget has managed to elevate a sari without any embroidery to such a gorgeous bridal equip. The motley surround wholly steals the attention. Pretty as punch !

24. This bright green and royal blue one

effigy via Rhea and Mehaal ‘s wedding
Our WMG Bride wearing this Bright and pretty Kanjivaram pattu saree- play of color ! The transition of colors from green to blue to golden is good sexual love !

25. This royal blue and pink one with the checked design

Royal blue and Pink Kanjivaram saree
persona via Rhea and Mehaal ‘s wedding
now that ‘s one alone design of a pattu sari for a bride to rock at her wedding ! What we love is how the molding on the sleeves has been divided and the blouse has a double edge .

26. This royal blue and magenta pattu saree

image via @ aarna_studio
such a unique even reasonably Bridal pattu sari combination of blue with purple and gold borders with motifs on the borders of the pallu and the sleeve of the blouse. It is a traditional pattu sari and the bride hasn ’ t done a lot with the blouse, preferring to stick to the traditional silk blouse. Gorgeous all the manner !

27. This maroon and gold one with the bouti design

effigy via Pinterest
dateless and classic ! This Maroon Kanjivaram Saree with bouti and gold surround is a winner ! The color and design make it dateless and indeed elegant. We love the muffle tones of this gorgeous bridal sari. This one is going to be passed down the generations for sure .

28. This bright red one with the gold border

Bridal red kanjivarams saree with jewel tones
prototype via Nandini & Chandru ( Bangalore )
dim-witted, but thus so pretty for a bride in that ‘bridal red ‘ ! particularly the aureate boutis and the big borders with swerve sleeve blouse. What makes this pattu sari stand out is the ease of it, even though it is a undimmed red in color. There is no congestion of bootis on the sari and the bride has kept her expression dessert and simpleton .

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29. This Bubblegum Pink Wedding Pattu saree

visualize via @ theconartists
Another unique hue- this one wins precisely for the color itself ! besides the Kamarband adds to it. A distinctive pattu sari with an great semblance and. You don ’ t need much with this sari. Keep your jewelry and accessories to a minimal .

30. This red one with the self border and design

Red kanjivaram saree with self border
image via Deepak Vijay Photography
This Orange and Magenta Kanjivaram Pattu Saree is quite simple, yet elegant and gorgeous ! Makes any bride stand out in the herd !

31. This offbeat light blue and gold one

image via @ vipinphotography
nowadays that is one unique sari to rock at your wedding- shades of blue sky with amber with the embroider boutis on the blouse ! different from all the shades of crimson and pink, this blue pattu sari truly stands out amongst all the others !

32. The one with all the sparkle and gold

image Via Eesam & Co.★ 4.8
Keeping it absolutely gallant, this bridget is all decked up in amber pattu sari from capitulum to toe and shines brighter than ever. She is wholly rocking her look by adding easy weighted veil to complete her bridal equip .

33. Shades of blue simply make us go woooh with this pattu saree!

prototype Via Make-up by Afsha Rangila
This south amerind bridget has combined all shades of blue into this beautiful bridal pattu sari paired up with some gold jewelry. not so heavy with good a light border, the vibrant coloring material bring another level of glow to this bride .

34. Mixing & matching…the solution to all your problems!

image Via Siro Make-up Studio – by Edward and Zing★ 4.8
This bride is giving us major goals by combining two highly different and sprightly colours Purple and Orange. Pairing it up with some studded jewelry and an embroider blouse, this bridget ’ second wedding pattu sari can wholly be an inspiration for you all .

35. Absolutely Nature Loving!

prototype Via Weddings by Flashback
This bride opted for such different colours for her hindu marry sari that are then rich in itself. They bring out elegance and charmness appropriately. Paired up with light weighted gold jewelry with belittled butis, there has got to be some dip towards her !

36. Colours, Colours and Colours are all that a bride wants

image Via Neha Brackstone Photography
This bride is rocking her marry sari by combining all the vibrant shades possible into one and looks absolutely stun. Every color that matches with her gold temple jewelry gives all the brides out there an inspiration..want more than two colours in your wedding pattu silk sari ? Go for it !

37. Bored of the usual red? Why not get something peachy!

image Via Anya
The bride who ditched the classic bolshevik and picked the most assuasive yet vibrant colour..peach. Looking exceptionally well with the color gold, this bride leveled up her bet on by adding a small puff to the sari blouse which looks nothing but trendy and beautiful .

38. A mix of light and dark is better than the rest with this wedding saree

image Via Makeup Artistry by Sohini
green and pink make a actually good pair but what about a dark park and a lighter pink ? A BIG yes ! With the gold embellishment on the blouse and the simple gold edge on the sari this bride does not make it look extra even pulls off the look absolutely with the pattu sari for her marriage .

39. Minimalism has simply won our hearts

image Via Coffee Stains
This gorgeous bride is pulling off her bridal look in the most elementary way that anyone can imagine. With all the usual ones getting all decked up, this bridget chose the rich maroonish red pairing up with light up jewelry and match blouse. Don ’ thyroxine want to carry the weight of the kit with all the wedding stress ? Use this mind and look effortlessly beautiful on your d-day with this type of marriage pattu sari .
A silk pattu sari is perfect for any bride, not good a South-Indian one. These sari preceptor ’ t need any embellishment and are gorgeous on their own without any embellishments at all. There is no other sari quite as rich and elegant as a traditional pattu sari for a marry, be it for the bride or anybody else. If not for your marriage, make sure you include one of these in your trousseau, for certain .
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