Prices for many stainless steel Rolex sports watches have risen significantly in holocene years. This besides applies to the current Submariner Date, the referee. 116610LN. Mint-condition models are in high requirement but in low issue. even some pre-owned pieces have seen noteworthy price increases over the last few years. many factors influence how much a Submariner Date costs, including its year of output, discipline, and accessories, with full sets demanding the highest prices. Two-tone and solid amber models are no less expensive ; however, prices for these models are growing at a a lot slower rate than their stainless steel steel counterparts .
Watches produced since 2010 feature of speech a alleged “ maxi case. ” While it shares its 40-mm diameter with its predecessor, this case type has wider lugs and a larger crown defender. That like class besides saw the change to Cerachrom bezels. Cerachrom is a type of ceramic alone to Rolex .
plan to spend around 12,500 USD on a new stainless steel steel timepiece with a black dial and bezel from the stream solicitation ( ref. 116610LN ). This like watch starts at about 11,000 USD pre-owned. If you ‘re looking for an early, vintage model – such as the Submariner Date ref. 1680 – be prepared to dig a bit deep into your pockets. Depending on the watch ‘s condition, prices range from 17,500 to 21,500 USD .
September 2020 saw the exhaust of a new stainless steel steel mannequin with a classical black bezel. This timepiece, the ref. 126610LN, replaced its harbinger. Despite its 41-mm case, the watch feels slimmer overall thanks to its narrower lugs. Like the other newly Submariner Dates, its exponent comes from the in-house bore 3235.

This raw movement has an improved, 70-hour ability reserve and boasts Rolex ‘s proprietorship Chronergy escapement. This escapement is made of a nickel-phosphorous alloy, which is more repellent to magnetic fields and allows for more precise timekeeping. Rolex lists this lookout for 9,150 USD .

A Hint of Green: The Submariner Date Kermit and Hulk

Collectors should be on the lookout for the refs. 16610LV and 116610LV. Rolex introduced the former in 2003 in celebration of the Submariner ‘s fiftieth anniversary. Fans were quick to dub this model the “ Kermit “ because of its green bezel. Its black dial is besides slenderly unlike from the criterion Submariner Date. Rolex outfitted this model with a “ maxi dial, ” which has larger indices. You can call a Kermit your own for about 21,000 USD new or 16,000 USD pre-owned .
Released in 2010, the 116610LV is a much more low-cost option. It comes with a “ maxi case ” and a greens ceramic bezel. What ‘s more, its dial is besides greens and features a beautiful sunburst form. This singular color scheme led to this timepiece receiving its own nickname : “ Hulk. ” Never-worn pieces sell for around 11,000 USD, and used watches cost approximately 10,000 USD .
In September 2020, Rolex launched a brand new Kermit version. The ref. 126610LV keeps the Kermit ‘s black dial and green bezel but is 1 millimeter larger and has narrower lugs. As with the early 2020 Submariner Dates, this watch features the in-house quality 3235 with a Chronergy escapement and 70-hour power reserve. You can purchase this timepiece for the commend retail monetary value of 9,550 USD .

Ref. 16610LN: The Last Submariner Date With an Aluminum Bezel

Rolex produced the reference 16610LN from 1987 to 2010. many fans prefer this model and refer to it as the final on-key Submariner due to its narrower sheath and aluminum bezel. This adaptation is clearly a tool watch, while its successor ( the ref. 116610 ) feels much dressier. nowadays, the 16610LN is highly popular and can demand high prices .
Be sure to have at least 11,500 USD on hand for a mint-condition watch, though many sellers will ask for more. Pre-owned pieces change hands for about 8,800 USD on Chrono24.

Gold and Two-Tone Submariner Date Models

The first Submariner Date with a jaundiced amber case and bracelet bears the reference number 16618. Rolex offered this watch with a black or gloomy dial and bezel. Regardless of the color, prices for this timepiece come in at around 26,000 USD. Used models cost slenderly less at 23,500 USD .
More holocene yellow gold editions with the reference number 116618 besides come with black or blue elements. Prices for raw and pre-owned pieces are quite similar, ranging from 31,500 to 33,000 USD .
Rolex besides offers more late models with a 41-mm case, specialize lugs, and the bore 3235. These timepieces bear the reference numbers 126618LB ( “ lunette bleu ” or “ amobarbital sodium bezel ” ) and 126618LN ( “ lunette noir ” or “ black bezel ” ). Both have an official list price of 36,950 USD .
Rolex calls the two-tone combination of stainless steel steel and jaundiced gold “ Rolesor. ” Watches with this end can be found under the reference number 116613LB or LN. The letters “ LB ” and “ LN ” stand for “ lunette bleu ” ( blue sky bezel ) and “ lunette noir ” ( total darkness bezel ), respectively. The dials besides come in the comparable color. Pre-owned pieces cost around 14,000 USD, while those in mint stipulate demand about 15,200 USD. You can save a piece of money by buying an older model with the reference 16613. These vintage watches cost between 9,900 and 13,000 USD .
In late 2020, Rolex announced the ref. 126613LB and retired its predecessor. Its two-tone stainless steel and yellow gold case is 41 millimeter in diameter and houses the quality 3235. This timepiece demands a list price of 14,300 USD. If you prefer black to blue, you should take a closer spirit at the ref. 126613LN. other than its color, this model is identical to the blue sky edition in terms of size, engineering, and price .
If a Submariner Date in ashen aureate is more your style, you should take a closer look at the ref. 116619LB. As you may have guessed by the character issue, this model is outfitted with a blue sky bezel and dial. One of these watches requires an investment of around 37,000 USD new and 31,500 USD pre-owned in very good condition .
Rolex besides updated the white gold Submariner Date in 2020. This translation has the reference number 126619LB and is 41 millimeter in diameter. It has replaced its harbinger and combines a blue bezel with a authoritative total darkness dial. Its official list monetary value is 39,650 USD, though – like every Rolex sports watch – that number is expected to rise.

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Water Resistant to 300 m: The Oyster Case

Thanks to its careful construction, every submariner Date since the ref. 16800 has been water system insubordinate to 300 m ( 30 bar, 984 foot ). Older models could withstand up to 20 bar ( 200 megabyte, 656 foot ) of water blackmail. Like all Oyster models, the case is composed of a single piece, known as monobloc, and the case back is screwed onto the center section. The referee. 16800 besides marked the introduction of scratch-resistant azure crystal to the series .
How well a timepiece can keep water out is a crucial characteristic of a dive watch. The pennant is a possible weak point, as it requires a hole be made in the event. This is why Rolex equips the Submariner Date with their Triplock system, which features four rubber gaskets to keep out water and dirt. furthermore, the crown screws down into the lawsuit when not in use. It is only unscrew when the watch needs to be set or manually hurt .
A counterclockwise unidirectional bezel is another compulsory have for any dive watch. This allows you to easily keep track of how long you have been submerged. It ‘s impossible to turn the bezel clockwise, meaning you can never by chance lengthen the honkytonk time. It ‘s besides important to be able to tell the time in dark. This is why the Submariner is equipped with aglow hands and indices. Since the ref. 116610, Rolex has been using their own aglow material, Chromalight, which glows blasphemous in the dark. Chromalight ‘s coloring material differs from the previously-used aglow message, SuperLuminova, which glows green .

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