initially released in 1955 in collaboration with Pan American World Airways, the GMT-Master allowed Panam ‘s pilots to see the time in more than one clock zone. The Rolex GMT-Master has always been one of Rolex ‘s most popular models, but recently it has exploded in popularity. While the celebrated bi-colored bezel is running in that there is a distinction between daylight and night-time, it besides serves as a direction to give the watch its own unique search amongst Rolex ‘s early offerings, and help it to make a instruction aesthetically .
Rolex has used this aesthetic view of the bi-color blueprint to their advantage, and they have released numerous bezel combinations for the GMT-Master, the two most historic being the Rolex “ Pepsi ” and Rolex “ Coke ” bezels, which are blue and red and black and loss, respectively .

Rolex Pepsi vs. Rolex Coke

Rolex Pepsi

The first bezel color combination seen on the GMT-Master was loss and blue. This bezel has dearly come to be known as the Rolex “ Pepsi ” bezel, due to its similarities to the eponymous sodium carbonate party. It has systematically been one of Rolex ‘s most democratic bezel combinations, partially because of how instantaneously recognizable it is and partially because of how quintessentially Rolex the spirit has become, due to the distance of clock time it has been available .

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Reading: Rolex Pepsi vs. Rolex Coke

Rolex Coke

The following most historic would have to be the Rolex “ Coke ” bezel, then named because it is red and black. The Rolex Coke bezel was not available until the Rolex GMT-Master II referee. 16760 was offered in 1983, and this color former came to be discontinued in 2007. Its popularity amongst vintage collectors spurs the rumour-mill into action every year right around the prison term of BaselWorld, as enthusiasts dream of its return second to Rolex ‘s catalogue .

Pepsi v Coke : Is it barely the bezels ?

While the bezels of these two iconic pieces are the most obvious difference, there are some more details that set these styles aside. The latest Rolex Pepsi model has a Cerachrom bezel and uses Rolex ‘s latest ‘ Super Case ’ which features larger lugs and a wide bezel, amongst other things. In contrast, the Rolex Coke uses the older, satiny event with smaller lugs and crown guards, angstrom well as an aluminum bezel slip in.

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Customizing the Rolex Pepsi

The best arctic dance band for Rolex watches is always going to be the band that plays to a detail exemplar ‘s strengths and iconic features. The Rolex Pepsi ‘s Cerachrom bezel ‘s colors tend to look slenderly subdued compared to how they used to look on the aluminum mannequin. Both colors make a stunning contrast, helped by the determine ’ s black dial. With this in mind, a white rubber flog for Rolex will very allow the bluing and red of the bezel to pop, highlighting the iconic coloring material way of the “ Pepsi ”. For a more acute look, go for the “ blue & red ” jazz band watch strap – which is half blue, half crimson, as you could likely guess .

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Customizing the Rolex Coke

The Rolex Coke ’ s dim-witted black and crimson bezel lends itself to a kind of straps. As the case itself is the older expressive style font that does n’t quite have the physical presence of the Rolex Pepsi, a bluff, more attention-getting strap very makes this slice popular. Our roentgen erectile dysfunction camouflage rubber flog for Rolex matches the colors absolutely and adds a mod stylistic dash to what is becoming an increasingly vintage expect. If you want a dim-witted look, you can ’ metric ton go incorrectly with our boron lack arctic strap for Rolex .

The Rolex Pepsi and Rolex Coke are two of the more iconic modern Rolex ’ second. Each bezel makes for an immediately recognizable piece on the wrist. While the Oyster Bracelet & Jubilee Bracelet makes for a beautiful, authoritative count, our Rolex strap serve to give your GMT Master II that extra flair, without compromising the integrity of the patch in any room .

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