In 1982, Rolex added the GMT-Master II ref. 16760 to the mix. Thanks to its slightly slurred case, Rolex fans dubbed this model the “ Fat Lady. ” Rolex equipped this watch with a black and bolshevik bezel, meaning it is n’t actually a Pepsi watch, but rather a Rolex Coke. Nevertheless, it had certain features that would besides be meaning for future Pepsi models. For example, its quality, the 3085, allowed the concentrate hour hand to be set independently of the 24-hour hand, letting the wearer easily set the watch to the local time by having the center hour hand “ leap ” from one hour to the adjacent, advancing or backward. together with the rotatable 24-hour bezel, the wearer could besides now compute a third gear time zone. In addition, Rolex provided this watch with a larger pennant defender and replaced the plexiglas with sapphire crystal. You can purchase a “ Fat Lady ” in good condition for around 15,000 USD. The value of this mannequin has increased by about 100 % in the last four years, so there ‘s no disputing its popularity among watch enthusiasts .
The adjacent stage in the Pepsi ‘s development followed with the 1989 release of the reference 16710. Rolex inaugural outfitted this timepiece with the bore 3185 and late with the bore 3186. This adaptation is available as a “ Coke ” model or with a solid black bezel. These watches were besides the inaugural to use Super-LumiNova rather of tritium as their aglow material. Prices for a pre-owned Coke watch start at around 15,000 USD. If you ‘re concerned in a Pepsi bezel and tritium dial, a pre-owned model will set you back around 18,000 USD. Again, it ‘s deserving considering the prices in 2018, when both versions were still available for around 8,000 USD.

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The GMT-Master Pepsi With a Cerachrom Bezel

In 2014, Rolex released a GMT-Master II with a Pepsi bezel, which can be found under the character number 116719BLRO. Unlike its predecessors, this model is merely available with an 18-karat white gold case. What ‘s more, the swiss watch manufacturer furnished it with a Cerachrom ceramic bezel, a triple-sealed Triplock crown, and a “ maxi dial ” with enlarged, glow-in-the-dark indices. The bore 3186 with a Parachrom hairspring ticks away inside this watch. New, one of these watches costs about 56,000 USD, which is an addition of over 21,000 USD compared to what it cost in 2020.

At Baselworld 2018, Rolex announced that they would be adding a stainless steel steel GMT-Master II with a Cerachrom Pepsi bezel ( ref. 126710BLRO ) to their portfolio. In addition to the material and slightly altered event design, the vigil manufacturer besides made changes to the inside of this model. It is now powered by the in-house quality 3285, which features Rolex ‘s patented Chronergy escapement. Thanks to the use of a nickel-phosphorus alloy, this escapement is not only impervious to charismatic fields but besides a lot more effective. It besides features a new Jubilee bracelet in Rolex ‘s proprietorship Oystersteel stainless sword.

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This edition is in high demand. If you can find an offline retailer uncoerced to sell you one, expect it to come with a long expect period. This scarcity has caused prices for this model to rocket : We are now seeing listings that are more than triple the original retail price. When it was released, the referee. 126710BLRO had an official number price of “ entirely ” 9,500 USD. As of 2022, a mint-condition timepiece will set you back some 32,000 USD. Rolex themselves presently demand round 11,000 USD for this GMT-Master model .

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