italian pornographic actor ( give birth 1964 )

Rocco Siffredi ( digest Rocco Antonio Tano ; 4 May 1964 ) is an italian pornographic actor, film director and producer of pornographic movies. [ 3 ] [ 4 ] He took his stagecoach mention from the character Roch Siffredi played by Alain Delon in the french gangster film Borsalino ( 1970 ). [ 5 ] Known as the “ italian stallion ”, Siffredi has starred in more than 1,300 pornographic films. [ 1 ] He is known for appearing in the “ Buttman ” series of adult movies and largely for his anal scenes. [ 6 ] [ 7 ]

Pornography career [edit ]

Siffredi met pornography actor Leonardo Codazzo in a french sexual activity club in 1985 and was introduced to producer Marco and conductor Michela, who cast him in his first pornographic function, Attention fillettes… ( Watch Out, Little Girls… ) in 1987, in which he performed anal arouse. Siffredi then stepped away from pornography and worked as a fashion model, but returned to the business after two years with the assistant of pornography actress Teresa Orlowski. [ 8 ] Siffredi went on to perform in both plot-based and gonzo-style pornography, with styles of sexual activity ranging from average to extreme. however, it was Siffredi ‘s performances involving anal sex and anilingus, vitamin a good as rough sex and his psychological intensity and athleticism, which earned him recognition and ultimately a cult following. Through collaboration with John Stagliano ‘s Evil Angel studio apartment and then his own Budapest -based Rocco Siffredi Produzioni as both a performer and director, Siffredi became one of the most brawny and recognizable personalities in pornography. “ Rocco has army for the liberation of rwanda more power in this industry than any actress, ” Stagliano commented in 2001. Siffredi has credited Stagliano with being his mentor through all 30 years of his career. [ 9 ]

retirement [edit ]

In June 2004, Siffredi declared that he would retire from performing in pornography for the sake of his children, and alternatively focus on commission and production. “ My children are growing up, ” he said, “ and I can no farseeing just say ‘Dad is going to work to make money for the family. ‘ They want to know more. ” [ 10 ] Regarding Siffredi ‘s retentive career, Axel Braun commented, “ The problem is that he ‘s been trying for years to find an ‘heir to the enthrone ‘, but it ‘s no easy undertaking. He thought he found him in Nacho Vidal, but then Nacho went his own way ”. [ 11 ] Siffredi, while continuing to direct, was largely lacking as an on-screen performer for closely five years. however, sexual frustration and disappointment as a film director with his male endowment and the state of the pornography industry overall led Siffredi to return as a performer in 2009. [ 12 ] Despite renewed success, Siffredi announced his retirement once again in 2015, concisely after appearing on the italian world television receiver show L’Isola dei Famosi ( Celebrity Island ) which saw him stranded naked and alone on a beach for one week. He was reported to have told a friend, “ I never felt therefore naked as I did then. I was all entirely and it gave me a lot of time to think about what is crucial. And I realised I do n’t want to lose my wife. ” [ 13 ] He late told the bid, “ More than a year ago I started to get uncomfortable in the front of the camera … Something inside of me has changed. ” [ 9 ] however, he has continued performing sex in titles such as Rocco One on One and Rocco’s Intimate Castings. [ 14 ]

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style of pornography [edit ]

Actress Bobbi Starr noted of Siffredi, “ Any girl in the industry who has been with him … will tell you that they have done things with him that they [ would ] never do with anyone else. ” [ 15 ] Speaking of his female partners, Siffredi says, “ I want to see emotion … fear … exhilaration … the eyes going up from being surprised. ” [ 12 ]

In mainstream media [edit ]

Siffredi is one of a few pornography actors to enjoy crossover attract and success with respect to other segments of the adult film industry, angstrom well as some in mainstream media. In 1999, he appeared in the controversial Catherine Breillat film Romance. His operation in this function was followed by a separate specifically written for him by the same director in her 2003 movie Anatomie de L’enfer ( Anatomy of Hell ), in which he played a brave man who became sexually involved with a womanhood. Both films featured unsimulated intimate scenes involving Siffredi, although it is disputed whether he actually had sexual intercourse with co-star Caroline Ducey in Romance ( she said no, Siffredi said yes ). [ 16 ] In 2012, he made a cameo as himself in the successful french comedy Porn in the Hood. Siffredi is besides visible in non-pornographic roles on italian television, including television commercials for Amica Chips, a bite food, which have spawned considerable controversy and have at one point been taken off the air, [ 17 ] a Cielo show, Ci pensa Rocco, [ 18 ] and a La 5 docu-reality series, Casa Siffredi. [ 19 ] In 1997, italian band Elio e Le Storie Tese dedicated a song and a video, “ Rocco vitamin e Le Storie Tese ”, to Siffredi. Siffredi himself directed the television, besides appearing in it. [ 20 ] He besides duetted with the band in the song “ Un bacio piccolissimo ” at the 63rd edition of the Sanremo Music Festival. [ 21 ] He has besides done a cameo appearance as himself in the 2018 italian comedy film Natale a five stelle.

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personal life [edit ]

Siffredi is married to Rosa Caracciolo ( born Rózsa Tassi ), a hungarian model whom he met in 1993 in Cannes and with whom he performed two years late in Tarzan X: Shame of Jane. Together they have two sons, Lorenzo and Leonardo. [ 2 ] During his initial retirement starting in 2004, Siffredi battled arouse addiction and disappeared from home for days to have arouse ; including with women and men. [ 22 ] Upon his decisiveness to return to on-screen pornographic performance in 2009, Siffredi recounted, “ I spoke with my wife and she said it ‘s my problem merely, it does n’t belong to her and the boys. And she said, ‘You decided to stop ; we never asked you. so if you want to go back, just go second ”. [ 12 ] however, after a long period of intensive acting, with much time away from his home in Italy, Siffredi announced his retirement again in 2015 for the sake of his marriage. “ today I can see, my wife, she is the top precedence ”, he said in a press statement. “ She deserves to have what she wanted from day one, to be with entirely me without sharing with other girls ”. [ 9 ] Caracciolo told the weigh, “ I know him identical well and I love him for who and what he is. Let ‘s see what the new version of him will be like ”. [ 13 ] Siffredi discussed his personal life on the reality television receiver show L’Isola dei Famosi ( Celebrity Island ). Speaking of his sex, Siffredi discussed his sex addiction as emerging from “ some kind of devil in me ” and spoke of himself, “ [ It ] sometimes sends me out of my mind ”. He discussed asking God for intervention from the spirit of his mother, whose photograph he always carries. [ 23 ]

In democratic culture [edit ]

Siffredi in 2009

Filmography [edit ]

Select pornographic [edit ]

  • Buttman’s Ultimate Workout (1990)[27]
  • Curse of the Cat Woman (1991)
  • Buttman’s European Vacation (1991)[28]
  • New Wave Hookers 3 (1993)[29]
  • Bend Over Brazilian Babes 2 (1994)[30]
  • Buttman’s Big Tit Adventure 3 (1995)[31]
  • Buttman & Rocco’s Brazilian Butt Fest (2000)[6]
  • Buttman and Rocco Go to Montreal (2001)[7]
  • Fashionistas (2002)
  • Rocco smashes tunes back doors in (2005)

Awards and nominations [edit ]

AVN Awards [edit ]

Year Award Film Result
2000[55] Male Performer of The Year N/A Nominated
2003[56][57] Best Actor Fashionistas
Best Anal Sex Scene
Best Group Sex Scene
Best Oral Sex Scene
Best Scene Coupling
Taylor Loves Rocco 2
Best Supporting Actor Rocco’s Ass Collector
Male Foreign Performer of The Year N/A
2011 Director of The Year
2012[59] Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production Rocco’s Dirty Teens
Best Three Way Sex Scene: Girl/Girl/Boy Rocco’s American Adventures
Most Outrageous Sex Scene
2014 Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production XXX Factory
Rocco’s Perfect Slaves
2015[60] Best Anal Sex Scene Rocco’s Coming in America
Best POV Sex Scene
Best Porn Star Website N/A
Favourite Male Porn Star (Fan Award)
Most Outrageous Sex Scene Voraxious II (Volume -IV)
2016[61][62][ non-primary source needed][63] Best POV Sex Scene Rocco’s Intimate Initiations
Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production Rocco’s Perfect Slaves 5
Bonnie vs. Rocco
Best Three Way Sex Scene: Girl/Girl/Boy Rocco’s Intimate Initiations
Favourite Male Porn Star (Fan Award) N/A
2017[64] Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production Rocco’s Italian Porn Boot Camp 2
Best Three-Way Sex Scene: Girl/Girl/Boy Rocco’s Perfect Slaves 8
Male Foreign Performer of The Year N/A
Mainstream Star of The Year
Best Sex Scene in a Feoreign-Shot Production Rocco: Sex Analyst
2019[66] Best Foreign-Shot Group Sex Scene Rocco: Sex Analyst 3
Teens vs MILFs 7
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Hot d’Or Awards [edit ]

Year Actor Result
1996[67] Best European Actor Won
1997[67] Best European Actor

NightMoves Awards [edit ]

Year Award Result
1997[68] Best Actor Won

Ninfa Awards [edit ]

Year Award Film Shared with Result
2002[69] Best Actor Ass Collector N/A Won
Best Director N/A
2004[70] Special Jury Award N/A N/A
2005[71] Most Original Sex Scene Who Fucked Rocco? Venus
2007[72] Best Actor Fashionistas Safado N/A
Most Original Sex Sequence Belladonna, Gianna Michaels, Jean Val Jean, Jenna Haze, Melissa Lauren and Sandra Romain

Venus Awards [edit ]

Year Award Result
1997[73] Best Actor (Europe) Won
2000[74] Best Actor (European)
2003[75] Best Actor (Europe)

XBIZ Awards [edit ]

Year Award Result
2011[76] Foreign Male Performer of the Year Won
2015[77] Foreign Male Performer of the Year
2016[78] Foreign Director of the Year
2017[78] Foreign Director of the Year
Foreign Non-Feature Release of the Year
2019[79] Foreign Director of the Year
Foreign Non-Feature Release of the Year
Year Award Film Result
2012 Foreign Male Performer of The Year N/A Nominated
2013 Best Supporting Actor Voracious
Foreign Male Performer of The Year N/A
Crossover Star of The Year
2015[81] Best Actor – Feature Movie Voracious II (Volume – II)
Best Scene – Feature Movie Voracious II (Volume – III)
Best Scene – Non-Fearure Release Rocco’s Coming in America
2016[82] Best Scene – Gonzo Release Rocco’s Perfect Slaves 4: American Edition
Crossover Star of The Year N/A
Foreign Male Performer of The Year
2017[83] Crossover Star of The Year
Foreign Male Performer of The Year

XRCO Awards [edit ]

Year Award Film Shared with Result
2006[90] Best Actor Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge N/A Nominated
2011[91] Best Cumback N/A

erotic Lounge Awards [edit ]

Year Award Result
2011[54] Bester Darsteller (Fan Award) Nominated

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References [edit ]

further reading [edit ]

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