Get real film attend while shooting digital.

At RNI we constantly wanted to transfer the true character of analogue film to digital medium. So we did by digitising our library of analogue slides and negatives, building their profiles and packaging those profiles into a lightweight and easy to use mobile app.

RNI Films is a capital mobile companion for those who appreciate the smasher of analogue photography. And this short app enables creators to bring the artistic flare of film into their mobile work flow.

Many professional photographers find our film profiles to be more sophisticated and genuine to real film than rivals. That ‘s because we work very hard to recreate every elusive aspect of very film, with great attention to general accuracy, discolor separation, skin tones and grain texture.

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RNI ‘s film-simulating expertness is proven by time and appreciated by photographers from all over the ball. Our desktop and mobile solutions have been praised in a number of autonomous on-line reviews, so do n’t hesitate to search for RNI Films on-line to find out more about our products, doctrine and overture.

Film filters
The RNI Films ‘ filters are born from veridical film stocks and split into categories that include negative, slide, instantaneous, black & white and vintage. The app comes with a generous basic package of dislodge film filters. besides extra trickle packages can be added via in-app buy.

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Adjustment tools
Use RNI persona adaptation tools to make sure your images perfectly meet your creative sight. You can crop and revolve, alter the brightness, contrast, and color, enhance shadows and highlights, add sketch and real movie grain, and much more.

RAW support
RNI Films supports RAW. Some minor picture artefacts may bee seen while editing RAW in the app ‘s viewport which uses draft mode. But those artefacts wo n’t be there on export. And by and large the timbre of the end product of this small app is comparable with professional background software.

Share your photos to your social networks immediately from the app. Supported networks include Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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In-app work flow
The RNI Films app is childlike, intuitive and square to use. It ’ s designed with high efficiency in mind, from opening a photograph to sharing the result. No clutter, no extra taps to ‘ hide/unhide that control panel ’, no unnecessary ratification steps – everything is streamlined and simpleton for your convenience.

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