Chief Executive Officer
Ammonoosuc Community Health Services, Inc.

Head shot of Edward Shanshala The ten after Watson, Crick, and Franklin discovered DNA, Edward Shanshala entered the universe. Born in a sleepy fiddling township named after General Joseph Warren in the kernel of the Allegheny National Forest in Northwest Pennsylvania, it was a place that benefited from the post-World War II industrial boom. The collapse of the United States steel diligence would come a ten belated.

Ed ’ s first base recollections of healthcare were that of penicillin and the pain inflicted by the blunt bite end of autoclave needles, a well as from the orthopedic visits he received monthly in a cold, dark basement of a church service where the physicians came to care for his feet at the “ Crippled Children ’ south Center. ” It was these experiences that began his quest to “ find a better way ” in all he pursued.

After an exceeding high school education, Ed headed to RIT to pursue chemistry and biotechnology, minoring in doctrine. Eight years of pharmacology research and a overcome ‘s degree in education and human development from the University of Rochester Warner School followed. soon after, a unique opportunity presented itself.

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In 1997, soon after Congress passed the Balanced Budget Act, Rochester ’ second Strong Memorial Hospital was faced with a immediate motivation to reduce costs. This was Ed ’ s opportunity to use his background in skill and engineering on reengineering efforts. His team was successful, yet it besides led to the department ’ second dismantling. Off he went to rural Home Healthcare and Finger Lakes Visiting Nurse Service ( FLVNS ) which faced an equally daunting transition from Medicare Fee-for-Service to Medicare Prospective Payment System. Ed made this undertaking the dissertation for his victor of science in health systems administration from RIT ’ s College of Health Sciences and Technology. The success of this project was easy to measure—while 30 % of the nation ’ s 10,000 Medicare Certified Home Health Agencies went out of business—FLVNS did not !

Next, Ed headed to urban Rochester Primary Health Network a Federally Qualified Health Center. It was here he first encountered the “ Health Center Movement ” which aligned health care with community and a focus on primary coil preventive care. Eager to apply skills honed, he accepted the invitation of CEO Norrine Williams, to join Ammonoosuc Community Health Services, Inc. ( ACHS ) in rural New Hampshire In 2005 to become COO transitioning to CEO in 2008 when Norrine retired.

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Today, Ed enjoys being part of a team that wrestles with the hard questions facing today ’ south healthcare. He is a leader in healthcare at a clock time that is demanding a paradigmatic transfer in how we think about individual and population-based health. He works to forge a healthcare prototype that embraces healthcare as prerequisite to our correct of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. together with his team they seek to redefine the fund of healthcare as an investing with a rejoinder on investment, and to create confirm structures for individuals and populations to take accountability for their healthcare choices nowadays and for future generations. The finish is to develop the correct interventions, for the right people, at the right prison term, at the right monetary value ; increasing access and decreasing disparities. He believes this is the link for investing in healthcare.

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Ed ’ s career can best be described as eclectic and devious. He continues to be a life-long apprentice and has had the privilege of mentorship from individuals who have pushed him professionally and personally to pursue excellence. He considers himself a curator of a bodied and clinical culture—where speech matters in framing the why, what, and how of our mission. He believes people do not work for him, quite with him, and together for the patient in the process of co-creating optimum individual health and community health across the continuum of care and the straddle of a well know life experience. This is where his passion lies ; in leading the way forward with those of alike take care ; focusing on primary preventive efforts some of which have yet to be imagined.

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