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Thanks for the incredible number of visits. I wrote a few words and posted my favorite comments from the last two years: The clips are from various videos I found on the internet. The ones in London are from a Nike ad for the London Olympics. The voice and soundtrack are made by, check them out. Have a nice day. A motivational video. Be the best you can be.

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Rise and shine - Athlete and running ultimate motivation
Rise and shine – Athlete and running ultimate motivation

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Rise and shine – Athlete and running ultimate motivation.

grow and shine.

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28 thoughts on “Rise and shine – Athlete and running ultimate motivation | In general, the most detailed grow and shine content

  1. Arturo Tapia says:

    Tv would so much better if most commercials were like this, there is just so much people needing to hear this at a daily basis

  2. Portia Snyder says:

    Thank you so much I need to start getting back into shape got into gaming when in lock down now this will get me moving its amazing!!!so glad I stumbled onto this video !!

  3. jetman24 says:

    First time watched this video back in 2015 I think, I was just starting my running journey back then, now I have 3 full marathons and at least 10 half marathons and then Covid hit and got a 2 year break, got lazy and gained a lot of weight. This year Marathon events are just coming back and finally registered for a run next month and now I'm back here again, it's gonna be a long journey but I'm ready for the challenge again.

  4. Louis Hollander says:

    Of the 7,276,644 views, I probably alone am responsible for about 1,000 of them. This just does not get old, over and over again, get up and go motivation, thanks, and thanks again. Keep pushing everyone, just one step at a time, one day at a time, and never look back, never give up!!!

  5. diaries says:

    I first watched this video when I was 9. 18 now and still coming back when I’m in need of some amazing motivation🔥

  6. joel badcock says:

    This is different from other motivational videos where they all are very rough with loud music and yelling speakers. I found this one quite motivating because of its difference and the way the guy spoke in a calm yet quick tone. Good vid

  7. Bo says:

    Used this as my alarmclock for the longest time. I can still recite it by heart years later😂❤️

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