They steal a catalytic converter for its platinum, and plunder a refrigerator for its freon. Their budget is indeed belittled, they could cash the checks on the bus. Aaron and Abe, agreeing that whatever they ‘ve invented, they ‘re the ones who invented it, subtly eliminate the other two from the enterprise. They then regard something that looks like an isolate ship container with wires and dials and coils farce. This is odd : It secretes protein. More protein than it has time to secrete. Measuring the protein ‘s rate of growth, they determine that one minute in the garage is equal to 1,347 minutes in the machine. be time in the machine unlike than prison term outside the machine ? obviously. But that would make it some kind of time machine, would n’t it ? Hard to believe. Aaron ( Shane Carruth ) and Abe ( David Sullivan ) ponder the machine and attend at their results and Aaron concludes it is “ the most significant thing any live being has always witnessed. ” But what is it ? There ‘s a fascination in the direction they talk with each other, quickly, piano, excitedly. It ‘s better, actually, that we do n’t understand everything they say, because that makes us feel more like eavesdroppers and less like the passive audience for predigest negotiation. We can see where they ‘re heading, specially after … well, I do n’t want to give away some of the plot, and I may not understand the respite, but it would appear that they can travel through time. They learn this by seeing their doubles before they have even tried time travel — proof that later they will travel back to nowadays. meanwhile ( is that the news ? ) a larger mannequin of the machine is/was assembled in a storage locker by them/their doubles. Should they personally experiment with time locomotion ? Yes, obviously, because they already have. “ I can think of no way in which this thing would be considered even remotely close to safe, ” one of them says. But they try it out, journeying into the recent past and buy some common funds they know will rise in value.

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It seems to work. The side effect, however, is that occasionally there are two of them : the Abe or Aaron who originally lived through the time, and the matchless who has gone back to the clock time and is living through it simultaneously. One is a double. Which one ? There is a stroke where they watch “ themselves ” from a distance, and we assume those they ‘re watching are themselves living in ordinary time, and they are themselves having traveled back to observe them. But which Abe or Aaron is the real one ? If they met, how would they speak ? If two sets of the lapp atoms exist in the lapp population at the same time, where did the extra atoms come from ? It can make you athirst, thinking about questions like that. “ I have n’t eaten since later this good afternoon, ” one complains .

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