The next balmy constitution vogue that is making its rounds around South Korea is peel-off foundation. To test out this bluff universe, we decided to try the Not4U Real Skin Patch, a korean skin care intersection that acts as a barrier between your makeup and your skin. Its peel-off formula keeps contamination out and is supposed to make removing makeup easier.

To be honest, my beginning thought about peel-off foundation was that it was exchangeable to peel-off eyebrows, where you apply the product and peel it off to look like you have foundation on that stays for prolong periods of meter. I was amiss, and realised that you are supposed to apply the product as a base layer, along after your moisturiser and fuse. The merchandise creates a barrier between your clamber and makeup. Without constitution seeping into your pores, you will be less prone to acne outbreaks. I squeezed the product out from its tube and applied it to my solid face. I avoided getting any product on my eyebrows and eyes. There was a combustion sensation the moment I slapped it on. The feel was not unlike when you apply a mask to your face, so it is nothing to be concerned about. The peel patch dried preferably promptly and added a incandescence to my expression. The future footprint is to apply foundation to your entire side. I used my fingers to apply the foundation on my clamber because using a makeup brush would make the skin mend peel off easily.

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To my dismay, taking the precaution of not using makeup brushes did not help. The moment I moved my face and sass to speak, the bark patch started peeling in many different areas. The most big sphere that starting peeling off was around my nose. It was besides impossible to blend the foundation without breaking the skin patch, so I was left with a very affected front that I could not salvage. Foundation is one of the first few steps of a constitution act, so messing it up meant that I was ineffective to proceed with the other steps. I brought my blush and highlight but I did not even reach the stage where I could add them to my face. If you are adept enough to be able to successfully apply your foundation after the skin temporary hookup, it is unlikely that you ’ ll want to highlight your face since the merchandise does give your font a natural freshness. I decided to remove the peel-off foundation and realised that the worst part was that I couldn ’ metric ton do it with makeup remover. Every piece of the patch had to be peeled off by hand. The clamber bandage did not come off nicely since the lotion to my face was spotty, so I had to spend the respite of the day peeling random patches off my face. The only perk up was that the skin of the juke skin was quite gratifying because it ’ sulfur similar to when your skin peels after getting a sunburn, minus the pain and itch. Don ’ t pretend you don ’ thyroxine know what I mean. Since the function of the Not4U Real Skin Patch is to provide relief for your spots, you should probably just use it only on your pimples. If you ’ re looking for something to help with your acne problems, you can besides consider Eucerin ’ s DERMOpurifyer skin care solicitation. This peel-off foundation garment was probably a constitution swerve that a smasher vlogger ( video blogger ) was trying to start, but it is clearly not feasible to incorporate it into your makeup everyday. This product is decidedly not for you to use as peel-off basis, folks.

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