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Introducing the Raquel Welch READY FOR TAKEOFF wig review in color RL17/23SS Iced Latte Machiatto. Check out the cap features and EPIC STYLING TUTORIAL! XOXO TAZ #raquelwelchwigs #newwigstyle #tazswigcloset * HairUWear provided this wig for this review. You can also find this style at **Use code CELEBRATEYOU for 20% off. And check out all of Raquel Welch’s styles at **FTC DISCLAIMER: The wig products received for this review were provided free of charge to me by HairUWear, Inc. I am not being otherwise compensated for this video. This article includes affiliate links (Amazon and Teespring). I earn a small commission for purchases made through these links. My review and opinions of the products reviewed are honest and my own, regardless of sponsorships or affiliations. COPYRIGHT © 2019 TAZS WIG CLOSET – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. MY WIG MEASUREMENTS: 21.25″ Circumference 7″ from hairline to chin 4″ from chin to collarbone 5’2.5″ my height, medium frame Wig Studio Youtube Channel 1 – check it out! ***DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT WIGS I HAVE FOR SALE? CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE! *** TAZS WIG CLOSET website! EXPLORE, SHOP my open box wigs, BLOG! Take a look at my new website on OU for mobile Safari users. **DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT ARE MY FAVORITE BEAUTY PRODUCTS? VIEW MY AMAZON SHOP** ***MY AMAZON SHOP*** I get questions about my favorite WIG ACCESSORIES and beauty products all the time! Many of them are listed here: TAZS WARDROBE – TWC MERCH! Musical selections from Produced and filmed in 2020 by TAZS WIG CLOSET ALL RIGHTS RESERVED – COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL

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Raquel Welch READY FOR TAKEOFF Wig Review | NEW | RL17/23SS Iced Latte Macchiato | STYLING TUTORIAL

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Raquel Welch READY FOR TAKEOFF Wig Review | NEW | RL17/23SS Iced Latte Macchiato | STYLING TUTORIAL.

raquel welch short hair.

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28 thoughts on “Raquel Welch READY FOR TAKEOFF Wig Review | NEW | RL17/23SS Iced Latte Macchiato | STYLING TUTORIAL | General knowledge about raquel welch short hair most complete

  1. Gail Burkhalter says:

    Would it be possible to trim the nape a little. I have a shorter neck and I’m afraid this would be too long. Otherwise love the style.

  2. Jude McLean says:

    Hi Taz, I totally am hooked on your channel! I am getting back into wigs however, finding it hard to zero in on one I like or that likes me! Both you and Ellen reviewed this wig (Crazy Wig Lady) and I would not believe it was the same wig! Yours is full (too much for me) but looks adorable on you, and yet Ellen's is smooth and without all that fullness. (too flat for me) I did not know we have the ability to de-poof the wig! Why would they be so different as both of you usually just shake it and plop it on your head?

  3. GeorgiaPeach 1970 says:

    Well I just recieved Ready For Takeoff in fiery copper.
    My early Christmas gift.
    I absolutely adore it!.
    Fibers are exquisite. So many styling options.
    Hope you're having a fun and blessed holiday season🎄

  4. GeorgiaPeach 1970 says:

    Hi Taz,
    Do u find Ready For Take Off styling similar to Noriko Kate?
    I like Kate except there's so much perma-tease at front and of course no lace front.
    Thanks for your input.

  5. JoAnne Catelli says:

    Taz … great video … this one has now been added into my collection … thanks to you, sweetie … can't wait to receive it from WS1 … xoxoxo

  6. NeonCat9 says:

    Taz, You have done such a beautiful presentation and you are clearly gifted in handling wigs. I'm enjoying my "Ready for Takeoff" so much, I love it!

    I do have a question however:.

    With the front and sides of the wig so comfortable and lightweight, why does the nape of the neck on wigs have to be so heavy by comparison? There is comparatively thick material at the nape. I would hope one day that that this area would be as light and airy as the rest of the wig. I do not believe the wig would be unstable with a much lighter treatment at the nape, and it would certainly be more comfortable, cooler and less likely to feel as if it is sliding over what's left of my hair. Thank you so much, Taz!

  7. NeonCat9 says:

    Taz is amazing, she is beautiful but also very gifted . I've never seen anyone create such beautiful styles and with her hands, no less. I do have this wig and am enjoying it very much, it is light and airy, I am spoiled now!

  8. NEREA MONREAL says:

    I think I’m in love with this wig, is one of the most beautiful and sexy I have ever seen

  9. Coast Daze says:

    Oh boy, girl you can wear a mop on your head and you'd look fabulous. You are simply beautiful to watch. This is a gorgeous wig, too. Loved the styling too.

  10. Susan Johnson says:

    Absolutely darling ~ amazing versatility! Loved watching you finger style so many cute 'dos:)!!!

  11. Lana Leah says:

    This video is brilliant showing all the versatility. Love you, Taz! You started me on my wig journey. I have six now. Ordered my 7th yest. EW Dance is candy blonde tipped? can’t remember. Happy New Year, Taz! The best is yet to come!🥂✨💫

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