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A wig review of Raquel Welch’s NEW (2021), ALL HEARD! Shown in SS Biscuit RL19/23SS. (SEE PRODUCT LINKS BELOW) What are the comparable styles? CAUTION word on hood adjustment. And how does this color compare to regular SS Biscuit? @HairUWear XOXO TAZ #raquelwelchwigs #wigs #wigreview #newstyle #tazswigcloset #angledbob 0:00 Raquel Welch heard it all 1:15 – Is SS Biscuit light and shiny like it should be? 2:26 – WHAT TO EXPECT right out of the box? ! 2:44 – Specs 3:19 – Coverage issues! 4:10 – DEFECT in the color of my piece! 4:44 – How do I separate my wigs! 5:33 – Comparable styles! 5:57 – Permatease – Is it too much? ! 6:43 – Turn and walk inside and outside! 7:16 – CAP ADJUSTMENT WARNING! 8:35 – Styling! ▶Find RAQUEL WELCH HEARD IT ALL at Check out ALL of Raquel Welch’s looks at ▶!~ ▶Any questions about this style? Contact support at OR GET A REMINDER from Wig Studio 1. Dial 1-877-594-3001 8-4 PST. OR CHAT LIVE with Wig Studio 1 by selecting the “help” button from any product page on the website. 🔹WHAT’S ON MY MANNEQUIN HEADS? You are welcome to inquire about wigs on the head! I will reply as soon as time allows. I rotate wigs too often to keep up with the list of each below the video. 🔹 MY WIG SIZE – 21.25″ Circumference 6.5-7″ from hairline to chin 3-4″ from chin to collarbone 5’2.5″ my height, medium build PLAYLISTS YOU ARE INTERESTED IN! 👉🏻 NEW WIGS SERIES ~ 👉🏻TAZS HOW TO ~ 👉🏻TIPS & TRICKS ~ 👉🏻WIGS WITH 4″ OR LESS FRINGES ~ 👉🏻AFFORDABLE WIGS SERIES ~ 👉🏻TAZS WITIONAL SECRETS REVEALED! & CODES IOCOM WIGSTUD.- Automatic 30% off most brands and styles!Wig Studio 1 YouTube Channel – Check it out!Wig Studio 1 Wig & Topper Help on Facebook – *I do not earn any commission for no sales Use promo code TAZ and get 25% off Place your order!*I earn a small commission on every sale 🟪 SQUARE HAIR STRIPS!Visit and use promo code TAZ for 25% off! discount on your entire order!Most functional and fashionable accessory I own and so sweet on wigs!🟪JEULIA.COM – Beautiful, handmade pieces at unbeatable prices!Check it out!I get a small commission on every sale. Representative link: PROMO CODE: TERREM15 to get a 15% discount on your total order nde!🟪 THE WEBSITE FROM THE TAZS WIG CLOSET! EXPLORE, SHOP my open box wigs and my BLOG! Take a look at my new OR website for mobile Safari users. 🟪 TAZS WIG CLOSET AMAZON STORE*** I get questions all the time about my favorite WIG ACCESSORIES and beauty products! Many of them are listed here: * I earn a small commission on each sale 🟪 LULU KELLOGG ATELIER Etsy Shop! Fun and whimsical handmade jewelry! USE THIS LINK AND GET FREE SHIPPING FOR FRIENDS OF TAZSWIGCLOSET! *I don’t earn commission 🟪 TAZS WARDROBE – TWC MERCH! Musical selections from Produced and filmed in 2021 by TAZS WIG CLOSET ALL RIGHTS RESERVED – COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL

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Raquel Welch HEARD IT ALL Wig Review | TIPS & CAUTIONS! | Comparable STYLES | How's this SS BISCUIT?
Raquel Welch HEARD IT ALL Wig Review | TIPS & CAUTIONS! | Comparable STYLES | How's this SS BISCUIT?

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Raquel Welch HEARD IT ALL Wig Review | TIPS & CAUTIONS! | Comparable STYLES | How's this SS BISCUIT?.

raquel welch short hair.

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  1. Queen Mary says:

    Hi Taz you are truly amazing and very beautiful!👑
    You are so authentic, love your Style! I have been watching your Videos and that helped me choose the right Wig and Color most of the time. Thank you for all your effort and help.
    I absolutely love your glasses so would you mind sharing the link so I can purchase them too?

  2. Jazz says:

    Tax can you tell me the name of the wig labeled A behind you please or the link to a review love it thanks

  3. Reboot TV - Optimal Health Reboot says:

    HEY TAZ!!! <3 Thanks for such an amazing review (again!!). I bought it immediately in the Shaded Iced Latte Macchiato (could they please have a longer hair color name?? LOL!). I literally got done with your review and went over to WS1 and bought it as soon as it hit midnight (for the extra 30% off!). The only question I have (and I guess I'll find out when I get it!!) is about how it adjusts in the back: is it velcro like yours or is it hooks like on the product cap graphic?? (Don't care either way, just curious!). Love and hugs, beautiful!! Thanks again for all you do, every day, with so much love… 🙂

  4. Christy Bench-Walter says:

    You are such a beauty!! I am definitely new to wig wearing, and have had some terrible experiences with purchasing. a waste of time, and of money, because I didn't know what I was doing. Then, I was browsing today and there you were! I'm so excited to glean some knowledge from you! Thank you, Christy

  5. Marcia Webster says:

    How much for this particular wig and are any other colors in this style ? I have med brown with golden highlights (my own hair)

  6. Barb D says:

    Taz I got ban from Facebook because they were using your reviews to say they are 39.00 so they ban me because I posted it was a scam

  7. julie mikolay says:

    I purchased the Raquel Welch wig showstopper about a month ago and it feels and looks like a straw broom. It was beautiful when I first got it. Do you have any idea What could make this happen? I use wig shampoo, conditioner and wig detangler, I watch a video on Godiva's wigs and it showed you how to thin it out could that of caused it?

  8. Das kleine Ich bin Ich says:

    This one looks so beautiful on you. I am a Newbie and after 24 months of loosing more and more hair daylie, i decided to go for wigs. Thanks to your videos I am a produziert ohne of Touch & Turn by Ellen Wille and Skylar by Jon Renau. I also got myself a Drive from Ellen Wille and will next buy myself a Dance from her. But you absolutly have me hooked on short style Bobs. Would you choose the CHERRY from Belle Tress over this Raquel Welch? I do not mind the problem with the coulor on the roots. I just want to know your overall impression. As I live in Austria, I will need to have them both shipped overseas incl taxes and importfees. So if I can save myself any trouble with maybe having to return one, I would appreciate your advise very much.

  9. Bernice Palmer-Manley says:

    This is beautiful. Would the seasalt spray give it a more choppy edgy look do you think ?

  10. L C says:

    I love BT Cherry— do you think that this wig is denser and has more permatease? (I prefer lower density and low to no PT). Also, I am not sure I like the “waxy” feeling of HF wigs but I do not think BT feels waxy. Do you agree? Thanks for any feedback.

  11. emy w kosha says:

    Hello my friend… very good video, the content is soo interesting .. it’s really an amazing work , I’m very happy to see the video… your video are mind blowing ,💕💕💕 awesome and enjoyable.. Wishing you lots of love ❤️, happiness and success…👍👍👍💕💕💕💕💗💗💗💗

  12. Crymeariver says:

    Taz, can I just say how grateful I am to you for all you do? I am brand new to wigs and thankfully, one of your videos popped up on here and it was one from four years ago. It was a very candid video you made from your bedroom discussing your hair loss and the feelings that came with it. It was like you were talking about me! I've never had a lot of hair, but within the last year, nearly all of my hair has fallen out and what's left is thin and stringy. For most of the summer, I've worn a baseball cap everywhere I've gone and if I couldn't wear a ball cap, I haven't gone. Even though I've decided to try wigs and have worn one out a few times, I haven't gone around any friends or family wearing one. I'm embarrassed, self-conscious and very nervous about debuting a wig in front of them, worried they'll laugh or worse, talk and make fun of me behind my back. I've purchased a couple nice wigs, Louis Ferre and Tressallure, with mono tops, as well as several cheaper ones from Paula Young and the like. None of them are "me" and the one that comes closest is a basic cap wig from Paula Young; go figure! Since watching that video, I have gone back and watched many, many of your other videos and I've felt encouraged to revisit some of the wigs I bought and use some of your tips to make them look more natural. I really enjoy watching you. You're such a beautiful lady and always so upbeat and encouraging. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  13. Lindsay Gronich says:

    Taz- I love this style. I wear grays/silvers/whites but am not crazy about the RW gray selection for this wig. Do you think I could get it in shaded biscuit and tone it with gentian violet to make it even more ashy, more like some gray than blonde?

  14. Jane Ramsay says:

    I love this wig taz love the review it's like ignite but slightly shorter thanks very much for your help because you sure help me.

  15. Rachel's Wig Reform says:

    I saw your review about 4 mins in I'm like ok order this now! Can't wait to get it ☺☺

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