Working with Rada and her assistant has been on of the most unpleasant experiences.I had made an appointment for a bridal test months before my marry to get a feel and understand what kind of search I wanted. Two days before the confirm digital audiotape …

e, Rada ’ second assistant emailed me and had to cancel and re-book for the middle of July, a calendar month and a half away ! ! I wish I knew how unprofessional and inconsiderate they were at that time, I would have cancelled my trial and took the $ 150 sediment as a loss. The day of my test, Rada ’ south assistant called last moment and changed the time. Rada then showed up to the trial 45 mins late. Regardless of this, I told her that my big pores and acne scars were one of my most concerned areas. Rather than speaking about what type of products she should be using she recommended I get laser treatments. Which possibly she did not have any bad intentions, but if she was not confident adequate doing my makeup and could not give me the results I was looking for, she should have told me in the first invest. She began by commenting on my eyebrows and started to “ condition ” them with a pincer. I did not understand why they needed to be shaped for a test. After tweezing few stands she told me that it would be an supernumerary $ 30. I wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate even asked id I wanted my eyebrows tweezed. I was thinking she was going to do them for the wedding, which is what I had answered on the questionnaire that was sent to me to fill. During the trial, Rada paused many times to go on her earphone, which I think was very unprofessional. She did not mention any of the products that she used nor did she ask me if I had any preference on products and discolor. I told her I wanted contour, but I did not evening have the slightest shape on my face in the end. Once my makeup was completed, I felt rushed and unwanted. I had a quick glimpse of my makeup, paid her the remaining balance and forget. She told me to get a feel for it and see how I felt couple hours late and email her adjunct to go forward. once I got back to the car I looked in the mirror and realized that my makeup did not look as I expected. My eyeliner was not even and my face and neck color did not match. I believe that these are the main effect aspects of constitution and a professional should be mindful. I mentioned that my pores and acne scars were a problem but she did not do anything to cover them even in the slightest way. Doing my own constitution, I can achieve better results than what she had done. By the clock time I drove from Queens to Long Island ( 45 mins away ) my constitution was already gone. My confront was shining and my foundation was cakey and patchy, I was devastated with the results I had. By 10 prime minister ( 6 hours after ) everything was frightful and my grimace looked like I alone had very dark eye makeup. The follow day I emailed Rada ’ south assistant to voice out my concerns and issues ; merely to get the most unprofessional reception back. Rather than asking me about my concerns and how they can address them, she responded “ I am regretful to hear this. Rada said that she provided two hours of her time doing the test and you seemed to love the look. If you had any issues you should have addressed them at the time of service … .this is what trials are for. If Rada is not the artist for you, I am glad you were able to determine that before your wedding day and not the sidereal day of. ” most atrocious experience I have ever encountered. unfortunately I think she ’ sulfur more concern with making money than satisfying her bridget.

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