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Fans will hold crowdfunding at WIZY to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of QUEEN ’ s formation-Tribute band QUEENESS starring “ QUEEN Carnival 2021 ! ” Will be held ! ~
RecoChoku Co., Ltd. ( Headquarters : Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President : Toru Itahashi, hereinafter referred to as RecoChoku ) is available for a limited clock time from June 19th ( Sat ) to August 15th ( Sun ), 2021 QUEEN Carnival 2021 ! Celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the constitution of QUEEN ! ] The project will be developed on the co-creation /
experience-based chopine “ WIZY ” that connects artists and fans operated by RecoChoku ( hypertext transfer protocol : // ).
– image This project was launched by two fans who love Queen and have been hoping to have a Queen Fan consequence for Queen fans to get in concert someday.
2021 is the fiftieth anniversary of the constitution of Queen and the thirtieth anniversary of Freddie Mercury ’ s end. In September, the parturition month of Freddie Mercury, we are aiming to hold an consequence “ QUEEN Carnival 2021 ” that fans will love, such as Queen ’ s tribute appearance, photograph exhibition, and talk testify of people related to Queen.
The project foremost consulted with members of the protection band “ QUEENESS ”. Formed in 2008, QUEENESS is the ultimate Queen live tribute band that continues to pursue the appeal of Queen as a live ring. In support of the concept of “ QUEEN Carnival 2021 ”, live operation cooperation has been decided.
Items include not only event engagement tickets, but besides items for those who want to support from home, vitamin a well as items such as private live concerts with the cooperation of QUEENESS, recording together, and individual lessons.
A project to celebrate the memorable 2021 with fans. Please visit the WIZY site.

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Reading: RecoChoku In order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the formation of QUEEN, fans will carry out crowdfunding at WIZY-tribute band QUEENESS appearance “QUEEN Carnival 2021!” Will be held! ~

– double [ We are very grateful to QUEENESS for planning the “ QUEEN Carnival 2021 ” event. The tribute usher is a court to Freddie Mercury ’ mho lifelong QUEEN prove, and is planned to please QUEEN fans.
Let ’ s celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of QUEEN in concert ! See you soon ! ] QUEENESS
[ The being of a queen who has enriched our lives. I love such queens, and I wish I could have a queen fan consequence for queen fans who will gather queen fans someday ! I was vaguely thinking
We would be then happy if we could realize “ QUEEN Carnival 2021 ” with everyone ’ sulfur power.
When the target come is collected by crowdfunding, we will do our best to cooperate with celebrated music magazine publishers and celebrated music critics related to Queen.
We would be grateful if you could support us. ]
Founder of QUEEN Carnival 2021 ( Atsushi Kusakabe, Takashi Oko ) [ About “ Queen Carnival 2021 ” ]
Date : September 23, 2021 ( Thursday / vacation )
clock time : open 16:00 / Start 17:00 / End 20:00
( Opening / starting times may vary depending on the results of crowdfunding. It will be decided by mid-august 2021 )
location : Club Citta Kawasaki 5-7 Ogawa-cho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa hypertext transfer protocol : //
[ QUEEN Carnival 2021 ! Celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the geological formation of QUEEN ! 】project
■ Project period : June 19th ( Sat ) -August 14th ( Sat ) 23:59, 2021 ■ Project URL : hypertext transfer protocol : //
■ Main items
・ Various plans with live tickets
・ Support software at home
・ QUEEN Carnival 2021 Event Live CD
・ Private live by QUEENESS just for you
・ Recording with QUEENESS
・ Private lessons by QUEENESS members
・ Minus one seance with QUEENESS members
* Please see the WIZY project web site for details such as detail contents and prices. ( hypertext transfer protocol : // )
* Club RecoChoku membership registration / login is required for support. [ About QUEENESS ]

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– image Formed in 2008. Like a queen, QUEENESS was named with the concept of being a queen.
fagot ’ s “ live ” performed with a completely different arrangement from the studio version. In particular, it was formed with the concept of “ live reproduction ” of Queen when Freddie Mercury was active. Focus on rock festival appearances and home live tours. He has besides appeared on many television and radio programs.
Members : Yohei “ Freddie ” Eto, Kazuo Shimizu, Teruyuki Matsuzaki, Hiroshi Nomaguchi
hypertext transfer protocol : //
[ About WIZY ]
WIZY is a co-creation / experience-based platform specializing in the music field that enables artists to realize projects with high message and creativity together with fans who sympathize with and support the ideas. We will connect the “ feelings ” of artists and fans and support their realization. The name WIZY is a mint give voice based on “ With You ”. RecoChoku Co., Ltd. provides a platform to help you approach likely artist fans and create prompt experiences that will deepen your ties with artists.
■ Official locate URL : hypertext transfer protocol : //

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