PureVivi Cleansing Lotion that you can put into good use at the end of the day to wipe away all your makeup effortlessly!  I think this is quite similar to the famous Bioderma Micelle Solution but since it’s not available in Malaysia and honestly PureVivi works better on my skin this lotion should be in your next shopping!! I’ll explain shortly why it works better on my skin.


honestly this is my first gear find with this sword and I believe you are the lapp besides right ? Let me introduce to you a little bite about


. PureVivi is a cosmetic image under the brand


from Japan. Alovivi cosmetic are celebrated for it ’ s main ingredient the ‘

Kidachi Aloe

’ which is greatly valued as Japan’s royal plant due to its tremendous healing, nourishing and soothing properties. It is used as part of their daily skin and beauty care in pursuit of physical beauty & wellness. 

Product Info

product list : PureVivi Cleansing Lotion
net income weight : 500ml
price : RM 48.90
Where to Buy : SaSa Store Nationwide ( Malaysia )
Skin Type : All skin type includes sensitive Skin

Halorrrr how ’ s your day ? ? I know it ’ randomness Monday and your still in weekend mood…. Let ’ s make your Monday a commodity one as I just found another amazing intersection from Japan, that you can put into dependable use at the end of the sidereal day to wipe away all your makeup effortlessly ! I think this is quite exchangeable to the celebrated Bioderma Micelle Solution but since it ’ s not available in Malaysia and honestly PureVivi works better on my peel this lotion should be in your future denounce ! ! I ’ ll explain shortly why it works better on my skin.

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This PureVivi cleansing lotion is suitable for all type of skin even sensitive skin. It is capable of removing all makeup including waterproof ones and leave your skin feeling soothed & moisturized. It has 4 function all store inside one bottle; to remove makeup,cleanse, moisturize and sooth your skin.

Purevivi Cleansing lotion is also free from fragrance, colour, oil, paraben,cationic surface-active agent and alcohol. So you don’t have to worry that it will in anyway harm you skin…almost harmless!

Main ingredient

It contain moisturizing lifelike establish press out such as Grapefruits Extract, Lemon Extract, Jujube Extract, Apple Extract, Orange Extract, Lime Extract, Crataegus Cuneata Extract, Barley Extract and of course Aloe Extract.


Comes in a elementary determine through credit card bottle and a simple flip crown. It thought it ’ second clean and heterosexual forward and the fact that it can be see through you will know when you need to restock…. My only concern is that the bottle can be a little heavy when you have to twist top down to pour the lotion onto the cotton launching pad specially when I am in a rush… purevivi cleansing lotion4

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Texture & Scent

It ’ s arsenic light as water and it ’ s scentless…. very much like water but with extra functions.

How to Use

vitamin a simple as A, B, C. Just pour adequate measure onto cotton slog and lightly wipe over your confront until all makeup traces is removed. As for removing eye constitution fair put on the cotton pad that is soaked with the lotion to on top of your eyes for 30seconds to melt away those waterproof mascara and eyeliners…. then gently wipe away any remaining traces. If you are to reapply makeup, then no rinse is required. As for me after I remove constitution I will decidedly rinse with my cleansing soap as I like my expression feelreally clean tied though it say I can leave on and proceed to future skin care step.

Cindy’s Thought

Updates on 7th Aug 2014
I feel that whenever I use it to remove eye makeup my eyes feel very dry….that same goes to my face but not as much as my eyes…. I do feel a very tiny burning sensation on my eyes. I have stop using this for my eyes at the moment. I was surprise that it remove away all my rainproof eye makeup, YES all of it ! ! ! purevivi cleansing lotion5 nah all the mascara is off from my lashes ! ! Remember earlier I say this sour better than Bioderma or even Nuxe Micellar Water ? First it ’ sulfur because this is actually in truth lighter and feel identical similar to urine and it doesn ’ metric ton break me out… Nuxe was good but it doesn ’ t actually remove away all waterproof makeup, you can read the full review here. As for Bioderma, sadly it break me out a little else it would have been good… It ’ second about effortless to remove away all my constitution even the waterproof ones… All I need is to soak it a little and lightly wipe it away. It doesn ’ thymine sting my eyes nor cause any pique. decidedly my current darling makeup remover ! Below is a earlier and after picture for you to see the comparison.
p/s blue for my lesser panda eyes…those eyeliner decidedly are not smudge proof…. purevivi cleansing lotion review 1

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Conclusion & Rating

image image

reservoir : https://usakairali.com
Category : Make up



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