many commercial cabin crew later in their careers, look to work on private jets, a much coveted role. Often they do n’t understand what a completely unlike function it is, and it is identical demanding. One thing remains the lapp, and that is safety constantly being the first precedence, followed by the best possible service. So let ‘s take a look at some of the differences between working on a commercial aircraft and working on a private jet .
vistajet cabin hostess boarding private jet A individual jet cabin crew is frequently sole flying. photograph : Vistajet

Solo flying

Most of the time you will be flying alone and have sole duty for condom and avail in the cabin. This can be tough as you have to prepare all the meals, drinks and in between serve vitamin a requested equally well as making up beds, looking after the fledge crew and any passenger request. There is no team to help when the workload is high. If there is any kind of emergency onboard, you besides have the province to be able to tackle that and take concern of the passengers. Larger aircraft types will have more crew depending on the aircraft type .

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On commercial aircraft, the meals are pre-plated and preloaded on the aircraft anterior to the flight and served at a stipulate time. On private jets, the cabin gang devise the menu according to the passenger profile and any limited requests and then ordain catering from a specialize VIP caterer. This is delivered anterior to the flight, and it can be difficult to find space for it all on a private fountain .

Service onboard

On commercial aircraft passengers tend to be served at a set prison term and in economy all on one tray. Business class is pre-plated on the ground by the caterer and served as individual meals by the cabin crowd. beginning class is on need and plated by the crowd member in the galley, following specific guidelines .
On the private jet, the meals are then cooked and plated by the crowd member to five-star restaurant quality, service is on demand, whatever the passenger wants whenever they want it – which can be challenging as alone crowd with up to 19 passengers. Meals can be served silver medal service dash or buffet style or family style – there are besides cultural aspects to consider, particularly in the Middle East. There will besides be early types of service, such as caviar service, afternoon tea, canapé service and Arabic coffee bean service. A cognition of all right wines, cocktails and barista skills are helpful .
private jet flight attendant plating meals Meals must be plated to five-star standards. photograph : Tag air travel

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On the ground duties

The aircraft pantry must be restocked, so you will much find yourself buying standard on the land or ordering items in, in homework for a flight. As the passengers are VIPs, you will besides get many strange requests and for unusual items such as a certain brand of tea, a popcorn manufacturer or certain types of champagne and caviar that can be difficult to resource at the last moment. After every flight, the aircraft must be wholly cleaned and polished by the crowd member, with no fingerprints and must be immaculately kept .

Bombardier Global 6000 cabin interior lavishness and a distribute of shape on the Global 6000 Photo : bombardier


Private jet cabin crew broadly earn more than double that of commercial cabin crew, but it differs ship’s company to party. There is normally a per diem payment, for each night spent away from base .


Depending on the aircraft type and where the aircraft is registered will affect the trail, if received at all. Some crew pick up no coach and cream it up as they work, as aircraft under 19 seats do not require a trail cabin crew penis in many countries. Some companies provide extra trainings, not only in safety and service but butler prepare, sommelier prepare and nanny train. It is identical varying !
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There are no flight time limitations as such for private jet cabin crew, so if your switch is extended, there is not much you can do about it. Some individual k cabin crew have rosters of 20 days on, ten days away or two months on, one calendar month off, and you are on call during your roll menstruation. Some crew are on permanent standby all year attack and can be called at any meter to attend to a flight.


Traveling to unusual destinations a well as popular cities, meeting matter to people and tasting some excellent catering are nice perks. Healthcare and life policy are normally covered by the operator. sometimes, private k cabin crew get tips excessively, but it ‘s never expected .

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