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Two Florida police officers are under scrutiny for a traffic stop where they arrested a state prosecutor in June. The entire incident was captured on officers’ body cameras. CBSN’s Stephanie Sy has details. Subscribe to “CBSN” HERE: Watch “CBSN” Live HERE: Follow “CBSN” on Instagram HERE: Like “CBSN” on Facebook HERE: Follow “CBSN” on Twitter HERE: Get the latest and greatest original CBS News reports delivered to your inbox Sign up for newsletters HERE: Get your updates wherever you are! Download CBS News Mobile Apps HERE – Get new episodes of the shows you love on all devices the next day, stream live local news and watch full seasons of CBS fan favorites anytime, anywhere with CBS All Access. Free try! — CBSN is the first digital broadcast news network that will enable Internet-connected consumers to view anchored news coverage live on their connected televisions and other devices. At launch, the network is available 24/7 and makes all CBS News resources available directly on digital platforms with live and anchored coverage at 3 p.m. daily. of the week. CBSN. Always on.

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Police pull over Florida state attorney

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42 thoughts on “Police pull over Florida state attorney | Overview of the most complete kentucky sound bonnet knowledge

  1. Tio Rico says:

    Big deal about the stop. She has a crap law degree from the U of Detroit and was treated well by the cops. She was polite as were they.

  2. Crypto Prepper says:

    this lady has a job because a quota, I hope everyone is proud, Murica is a full idiocracy

  3. L W says:

    Just because she's a State Attorney she's allowed to ride around with the illegal tint? Anybody else would have got a citation

  4. j.biscuit says:

    I don't understand, why is this news? Why are the police officers under scrutiny? They performed a routine check to see if a car was stolen, it wasn't, they said bye. What's the problem? Also, why does it matter who they pulled over?

  5. Tony says:

    You gotta love it when cops pull over the wrong woman! If these cops are ever involved in a brutal killing !! She will pick up their case and fry them.

  6. Sam Rima says:

    Wow…I hate to say it but some police need to be defunded. Better yet. 40 lashes on a public forum.

  7. Jim Vonn says:

    so her licence plate tags didnt have a result – that would be suspecious and worthy of a pull over to see if the car was stolen or what was going on. why is that of interst to anyone?

  8. Taschen Karotte says:

    The people always picks sides and then there's only the good one and the bad one. Nothing in between and nothing relative. So annoyong. Like peasants.


    When she asked him why her tag was run and he said ''Excuse me?'' – He heard her the 1st time – It's a tactic people use when they are afraid

  10. Jan Jay says:

    Coincidence? I think not. This is what being The First Black Female State Attorney in a dispute with the Mayor since she refused impose the death penalty on a suspect accused of killing a police officer. Imagine that…

  11. Ffirst Llast says:

    People get pulled over all the time, she ain't special…she's just racist and got a chip on her shoulder.

  12. sebastien7193 Sebastien7193 says:

    I don't understand what is the point here. Did the police officers do something wrong ? Why would she ruin their career ?

  13. moni gee says:

    That's why this country comes down she straight knows wassup , she needs to stick up for us .. public speaker and all we all need more laws that allow us to give out rights …. Anglo saxon

  14. D S says:

    Cop – I ran your tags, nothing came up. Your windows were tinted and I couldn’t see inside.
    Attorney – have you ever heard of “Sector Seven?”

  15. John Visconti says:

    I don't think Aramis Ayala will be getting re elected with this kind of elitists attitude, especially towards the very men and women alike that she will need help from to perform her job ultimately. Why do you need your windows so dark Ms.State Attorney Lady, what are you concealing ?

  16. Gabriella T. says:

    God bless you all here; There is a wise saying🗣
    If you do nothing about your financial situation, your income remains stagnant while expenditures rise. I need the best ways to invest 50k $. Any idea here ?.

  17. Brad Turner says:

    So the lesson here, according to the left wing, is that cops should never pull over black people, no matter what. That's racist.

  18. HM collectibles says:

    God I love the comments here. Word to the wise. Be cooperative whether it's for a good reason or not. Despite your color or gender which you Might want to use as an excuse

  19. HM collectibles says:

    Funny video. this seemed completely fine. Whether she told them who she was or not. They weren't Mean. She was cooperative although apparently anoid. They questioned the tent which did seem dark. All of us have been pulled over for stuff similar to this period and it wasn't because of our skin color. cooperative, and then be on your way. I guess we all can question why we are stopped Every time…and blame race or sex or what have you. To each their own

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