not a lot of people know this, but the pouch square has been around since before Don Draper. quite a bit before, in fact. Handkerchiefs have been democratic since the 1400s, when the upper classes first adopted them as an accessory. Silk and embroidered, they were used as symbols of wealth and condition. french nobles even scented them to help make up for a general miss of bathing facilities. By the 1800s and the egress of the bikini suit as a male wardrobe must-have, gentlemen didn ’ thyroxine want their handkerchiefs mixing with the coins and debris in their trouser pockets. So the pocket square as we know it was born, and it has survived as a staple that helps tie an outfit together ever since. ( Related : How To Pair Your Shirt And Tie ) But while the vibration you ’ re going for may be casual, the accessory does require some think. not least because in more than a century of # menswear, dapper Dan types have imagined a surprise number of ways to fold a pocket feather.

Below, we ’ ve counted eight different methods, with instructions on how to fold each of them. Which one you decide on will depend on how conventional you want it to look, and how a lot solitaire you have. Apart from that, all you ’ ll want is a trusty scoop square, a willing breast pocket and a steady hand .

The Square Fold

differently known as the presidential fold, this is the easiest to accomplish. To master the squared-off shape, merely fold your pocket square in half, then fold it back on itself in half again and then once more in half vertically, so you ’ re left with a small square to pop in your pocket. Line the clean edge dainty and straight, adjacent to the top of your pocket. You should be done in under 30 seconds. How To Wear It: It wasn ’ triiodothyronine dubbed the presidential close up for nothing. The abrupt edge works with a master, buttoned-up look, specially when using a white fabric. Bonus points for ironing the flock in identify. The Square Fold For Pocket Squares

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The One-Point Fold

For the most basic pointed pocket feather count, fold the fabric in half, then in one-half again then that you have a compact square. Place the square in front of you like a diamond and fold the two out corners slightly over the center to form a cone determine. ultimately, fold the bottom of the cone back on itself and pop in your pocket with the point facing upwards. How To Wear It: This versatile one-point fold will work well for clientele or casual events. Go for cotton or linen and wear ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate overthink it. It ’ s not boring, it ’ sulfur classical. The One Point Pocket Square Fold

The Two-Point Fold

To score double points with your style, fold your pocket square in half, corner to corner, but leave the two points slenderly askew, one next to the other. now fold one side inwards across two-thirds of the duration. Do the same the other side ( some framework on this fold will extend behind ), then fold the bottom behind on itself to leave the command altitude. Make sure the framework inside your pocket is a flat as potential to ensure there ’ s no undesirable bulge. How To Wear It: This versatile fold looks great with patterned or plain fabrics, and registers a distributor point of difference without going full peacock. A nice way to stand out at a smart function. The Two Point Pocket Square Fold

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The Three-Point Fold

For this three peaks challenge, fold the pocket squarely in half by the corners, creating a triangle. now take the bed left corner and fold it diagonally upwards, making a second point at the top right. Do the lapp with the other side then fold in the out corners to slim the shape quick for your pocket. Don ’ thyroxine worry about being perfectly symmetrical unless you ’ ve got a ) hours of free clock time, or bel ) a burning desire to look like a sociopath. How To Wear It: One of the more formal styles of pocket square here, save this one for weddings.

The Three Point Pocket Square Fold

The Four-Point Fold

To be on sharpen with the pointiest of point folds, you ’ ll need a little origami skill. Start by folding the fabric in half, but make the two points slightly askew. From hera, follow the lapp technique as the three-point by folding the penetrate corners up diagonally, adding a one-third and fourth point. survive, fold the lower sides inwards to make a neat finish that will slip into your pouch. How To Wear It: This looks best with a thinly material such as linen, because it ’ sulfur quite a bulky fold and you want to avoid a bulge. It ’ mho besides quite the yawl look so keep it in the cabinet for Fashion Week or similar showboating exercises. The Four Point Pocket Square Fold

The Winged Puff Fold

This is an elaborately folded triangle with a parting down the center to give it a sharpen of difference. Start by folding the fabric in half by the corners to create a triangle. Take the two wide corners and fold them towards to the orient, so you ’ ra left with a diamond shape. now fold the sides behind and the buttocks up, so you end up with a small feather with a point at the top. Place the puff part at the top of your pocket. How To Wear It: It ’ s not a exhibitionist pen up, but when people spot it, they ’ ll notice the effort that went in. Which makes it a insidious power play at the office. The Winged Puff Pocket Square Fold

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The Scallop Fold

This pen up can be styled up or polish depending on how dandy you ’ rhenium feel. Take your material and fold diagonally by the corners, then repeat. now, hold the smaller triangle so the two widest corners are at the top. Take one corner and wrap it polish and down, and repeat on the other side, layering over the first corner. You should be left with a layered, rounded flock. Place the point at the bed of your pocket, so the round fold sits at the lead. How To Wear It: Because it ’ s layered, you can either keep this fold neat and tidy for a casual office search, or separate the layers slenderly for something more intricate and wedding appropriate. Mind you, if it looks like the close up diaper in front of you, you ’ ve gone excessively far… The Scallop Fold For Pocket Squares

The Dunaway Fold

We ’ re in entire Pitti peacock district now, so give care. Pinch the material at the center of the square and lift it carefully upwards. Bunch it together by making a ring out of your flick and index. now, plainly pop this into your pocket and spend as many hours as you have free arranging the corners to look american samoa aureate as you want.

How To Wear It: The layers in this close up give it a floral, arty expect. Better suited for a night at the theater than a day in the office. The Dunaway Fold For Pocket Squares

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