Seven years, 750+ files and 5 pounds subsequently with a side of carpal tunnel { decidedly me – not the planner } I ’ thousand proud/relieved/excited to deliver this labor movement of sexual love. It ’ s here ! It ’ s here ! It ’ s the most fantastic time of the year ! The exempt planner 2020 is back from the handmade home plate ! { You should see my studio… The kids have been stepping on wallpaper clips and paper remnants for a week now. Send help oneself. } besides the all-new 2021 planner is available now !
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free 2020 planner
We have so many options this year, y ’ all ! It ’ s closely doubled in size, from assortment to modern file options. The theme is that you can create your identical own files from all the selections and options, based on your own needs and preferences .

Table of Contents

Free Planner 2020: the video

I think you either get planners, or you don ’ thyroxine. I personally hate the digital adaptation of planners. I ’ m a ball-shaped apprentice, and I love color and I need to write down lists for my lists in order to remember. It could be the zombie apocalypse and I would be wholly felicitous at home, with my planner, working off. We can rule the world with some reasonably designs and a few color-coded tabs, amirite ?
2020 planner pages
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So without further ado…

the free planner 2020!

Free planner 2020: Covers + Backs

A4 Covers + Backs 

available with our 2021 planner here .
free planner

A5 Covers + Backs

available with our 2021 planner hera .
planner covers

Free planner 2020: Info Pages

Our information pages this year come with plenty of options and gorgeously coordinated to match any look or jazz band you ’ re going for .

A4 Info pages

available with our 2021 planner here .

free planner cover pages

A5 Info Pages

available with our 2021 planner here .

2020 free planner cover pages 
Free planner 2020: Year at a Glance

As common in our rid planner 2020, we ’ ve included the year at a glance, with a few more options this year, as well !

Year at a glance A4

• A 4 greenish blue tartan – january – june
• A4 greenish blue tartan – july – december
• A4 multi floral – january – june
• A4 multi floral – july – december
• A4 cloud nine – january – june
• A4 cloud nine – july – december
• A4 pink – january – june
• A4 pink – july – december
• A4 raindrops – january – june
• A4 raindrops – july – december
• A4 ticking stripes – january – june
• A4 ticking stripes – july – december
2020 planner year

Year at a glance A5

• A5 greenish blue tartan – january – june
• A5 greenish blue tartan – july – december
• A5 multi floral – january – june
• A5 multi floral – july – december
• A5 cloud nine – january – june
• A5 cloud nine – july – december
• A5 pink – january – june
• A5 pink – july – december
• A5 raindrops – january – june
• A5 raindrops – july – december
• A5 ticking stripes – january – june
• A5 ticking stripes – july – december
2020 free planner

Free planner 2020: Contacts 

How we use it: I plainly hole punch these on the leave and right sides then that the pages face each other…

Available with our 2021 planner here.

planner contacts

Available with our 2021 planner here.

planner emergency contacts

Free planner 2020: Birthdays + Anniversaries

We ’ ra offer more patterns and options this year !

Birthdays + Anniversaries A4 

available with our 2021 planner here .
planner birthday pages

Birthdays + Anniversaries A5

available with our 2021 planner here .
planner insert pages

Free planner 2020: Goals Pages

Because sometimes it ’ s fun to look back by and by and see what you tackled that year…

Goals A4

available with our 2021 planner here .
Free planner insert pages goals

Goals A5

available with our 2021 planner here .
free planner insert pages

Free Panner 2020: Goals – financial, business and personal…

This was per the suggestion of a great lector – we thought it was smart. This manner you can write them down calendar month to calendar month, and keep track of your dreams and accomplishments. nothing motivates me like writing it down !

Goals – A4 – personal 

available with our 2021 planner here .

Goals – A5 – personal 

available with our 2021 planner here .

Goals – A4 – business

available with our 2021 planner here .

Goals – A5 – business

available with our 2021 planner here .

Goals – A4 – financial

available with our 2021 planner here .

Goals – A5 – financial

available with our 2021 planner here .
planner quote pages

Free Planner 2020: Inspiring Quote / Divider pages

Our divider/quote pages are back this year, with 25 options for patterns + sayings .

Inspiring Quotes A4

available with our 2021 planner here .
free quote pages

Inspiring Quotes A5

available with our 2021 planner here .
planner art

Free Planner 2020: Inspiring Quote / Divider Pages – Watercolor Lettering

yet another estimate we got from you guys ! People were sharing all over instagram, and I spied where some of you were sharing our rid art with the planner for splitter pages. now you can combine the two because they ’ re all hera !

A4 Watercolor Lettering 

available with our 2021 planner here .

A5 Watercolor Lettering 

available with our 2021 planner here .
free planner art

Inspiring Quote / Divider Pages – Blank

In this year ’ s unblock planner 2020, we besides included some blank dividers .
So you can alter them in any way that you like for all your planner sections. Of course we ’ ve added more patterns to the mix .

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A4 add your own categories 

available with our 2021 planner here .
planner category pages

A5 add your own categories 

available with our 2021 planner hera .
free planner pages

Free planner 2020: Monthly Views 

If you noticed in the free planner 2020 tilt above, we besides included some blank versions for anyone who may not be excessively crazy about all things pattern because less can sometimes be more. { We had tweens of the male variety in mind here who may not be so excite about all the patterns… specifically our adolescent. }

A4 monthly views 

• A4 – january – blank
• A4 – january – blue polka
• A4 – january – leafy
• A4 – january – cloud 9
• A4 – february – pink plaid
• A4 – february – rosettes
• A4 – february – minimal floral
• A4 – february – blank
• A4 – mutilate – yellow watercolor
• A4 – blemish – raindrops
• A4 – blemish – blank
• A4 march – colorful lemondrops
• A4 – april – ticking stripes
• A4 – april – blank
• A4 – april – cabbage bandage
• A4 – april – yellow rosettes
• A4 – may – bang-up keene
• A4 – may – space
• A4 – may – blue tartan
• A4 – may – blue watercolor floral
• A4 – june – spill floral
• A4 – june – blank
• A4 – june – ticking stripe
• A4 – june – obscure 9
• A4 – july – yellow rosettes
• A4 – july – wings a flicker
• A4 – july – blank
• A4 – july – blue polka
• A4 – aug – blue polka
• A4 – aug – blank
• A4 – aug – yellow watercolour
• A4 – aug – pinko
• A4 – sep – peacock
• A4 – sep – lacuna
• A4 – sep – bang-up keene
• A4 – sep – yellow polka
• A4 – oct – jaundiced watercolor
• A4 – oct – blank
• A4 – oct – blue floral
• A4 – oct – amobarbital sodium tartan
• A4 – nov – raindrops
• A4 – nov – blank
• A4 – nov – colorful lemondrops
• A4 – nov – chicken watercolour
• A4 – december – peacock
• A4 – declination – blank
• A4 – december – pilfer patch
• A4 – declination – pinko tartan
planner month inserts

A5 Monthly Views

• A5 – january – blank
• A5 – january – blue polka
• A5 – january – leafy
• A5 – january – cloud 9
• A5 – february – pink plaid
• A5 – february – rosettes
• A5 – february – minimal floral
• A5 – february – blank
• A5 – mutilate – yellow watercolor
• A5 – mutilate – raindrops
• A5 – blemish – blank
• A5 march – colored lemondrops
• A5 – april – ticking stripes
• A5 – april – blank
• A5 – april – cabbage while
• A5 – april – yellow rosettes
• A5 – may – peachy keene
• A5 – may – blank
• A5 – may – bluing tartan
• A5 – may – blue watercolour floral
• A5 – june – fall floral
• A5 – june – blank
• A5 – june – ticking stripe
• A5 – june – cloud 9
• A5 – july – yellow rosettes
• A5 – july – wings a waver
• A5 – july – blank
• A5 – july – blue polka
• A5 – aug – blue polka
• A5 – aug – blank
• A5 – aug – yellow watercolor
• A5 – aug – pink
• A5 – sep – peacock
• A5 – sep – blank
• A5 – sep – bang-up keene
• A5 – sep – jaundiced polka
• A5 – oct – chicken watercolour
• A5 – oct – blank
• A5 – oct – bluing floral
• A5 – oct – blue tartan
• A5 – nov – raindrops
• A5 – nov – blank
• A5 – nov – colored lemondrops
• A5 – nov – yellow watercolour
• A5 – declination – peacock
• A5 – declination – blank
• A5 – december – boodle temporary hookup
• A5 – declination – pink tartan
planner month pages
planner week pages

Free planner 2020: Weekly Views 

back and better than ever with more model options !

A4 weekly views

available with our 2021 planner here .
planner week inserts

A5 weekly views

available with our 2021 planner here .

planner day insert pages

Free planner 2020: Daily Views 

I bet you thought we weren ’ thymine going to offer that, didn ’ t you ? It ’ sulfur hera this year in the loose planner 2020 by democratic demand ! We even left a column in the side in case you want to fill in the hours yourself, along with notes and a larger area at the bottom for anything extra you may want to add. Because it feels good to cross all the things off all the lists .

A4 daily views

available with our 2021 planner here .

A5 daily views

available with our 2021 planner here .

Free planner 2020: Upcoming Schedule 

Is one of our very darling options. It allows you to see the weeks at a 3 or 6 workweek glance. We use these pages to schedule out our occupation projects .
How we use it: There are two columns on the left, adjacent to the sidereal day of the week. One is for the date, the other is a checkmark, once it ’ mho complete. On the main section is the undertaking due that sidereal day, and in the properly area, we use it for things like meetings, or what we need to be working on that day. You could use multiples of these for kids schedules, etc. The possibilities in truth are endless depending on your needs .
planner daily views pages

A4 upcoming schedule

available with our 2021 planner hera .

A5 upcoming schedule

available with our 2021 planner here .

planner daily page inserts

Free planner 2020: Inspiration Pages

Jot down your ideas, sketch them out, and do it all in style. Our inhalation pages are just a cunning as ever, { if we do say so ourselves } for those of you who like to use it as a sketchbook as well… with doubly as many options in this year ’ south free planner 2020 !
How we use it: We love them for brainstorming and planning things out ! These pages are perfect for divine guidance and journaling of any kind. Kids may find this particularly effective when figuring out projects, papers and more .
free planner 2020

Inspiration A4

available with our 2021 planner here .

Inspiration A5

available with our 2021 planner here .
planner inspiration inserts

Free planner 2020: Student Planner

Something that we ’ rhenium superintendent thrilled to add again to this class ’ randomness free planner 2020, is our scholar planner. We think that the schedules for the days of the week and all things homework and activities are ohio indeed authoritative to keep up with, and it teaches them this province, early. We have two versions : one with the subjects filled in, and one wholly lacuna. Yours to choose. And wholly printable all in the name of going binding to school in a few months. Hey, whatever helps that motivation, right field ? Too soon .
How we use it: Our kiddos love using these for back to school. If anything, it gets them motivated. But immediately that they ’ ra old enough to work on some things on their own, they keep up with their assignments this way !
student free planner

A4 Student Planner 

available with our 2021 planner here .

A5 Student Planner 
available with our 2021 planner here .
kids free planner 2020

Free planner 2020: Graph Paper

We received a request for graph newspaper to be included in last class ’ mho barren planner, and we ’ re happy to oblige in this year ’ randomness, besides .
available with our 2021 planner here .
free graph paper
free planner pages

Free planner 2020: Journal Pages

Something we ’ ra felicitous to include in this year ’ south free planner 2020, is the journal. We have blank pages with lines, and we have multiple patterned options as well. Combine these with our inspiration pages, and you have the perfect sketchbook fully of personality .

A4 Journals

available with our 2021 planner here .
planner journal

A5 Journals

available with our 2021 planner here .
planner grade pages

Free planner 2020: Teachers and Homeschool Parents – Lesson plans

Because we know you work hard, and we got you, boo .
Grade Tracker and Attendance Charts

Attendance Charts A4

available with our 2021 planner here .

Attendance Charts A5

available with our 2021 planner here .

Grade Tracker A4

Available with our 2021 planner here.

Grade Tracker A4

available with our 2021 planner here .
free teacher planner

Lesson plans: available in four different formats

The first typeset is blank so it ’ s a more flexible class, whether using it per menstruation in a school rig, or as a homeschooling parent. This format could work for in a variety of ways !

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Blank Lesson Plans  – Open Format

available with our 2021 planner here. free teacher lesson planner pages

1. The first set is formatted with a homework column:

available with our 2021 planner here .

2. The second set is formatted for multiple children with topics covered + notes: 

available with our 2021 planner here .
The third set is for anyone working with a single child {or per child} format:

available with our 2021 planner here .
free lesson planner pages
Schoolwork Charts 
And for your kids, if you ’ re wanting a system in your classroom or a chart for them to keep up with their work, we have these school assignment charts. New and updated + the classic ones, below ! This is another great option for keeping up with their employment in their own planners, in both A4 + A5 formats .
available with our 2021 planner hera .
teacher planner pages

Classic School Charts for laminating and classwork

available in our classical format here :
available with our 2021 planner here .
homeschool planner pages

Free planner 2020: USA MAP

And because we thought this would make it even more playfulness in the kiddo { and let ’ s be honest, adult department } we added our USA map again this year. Laminated, these could be oh sol fun with moisture erase markers and our star stickers. You could besides use these as another cover or partition ! Track your summer travels in a fun direction or teach them all about the states. Endless possibilities .
available with our 2021 planner here .
free usa map

Free planner 2020: Time Sheets, Mileage Sheets, and Monthly Budget Sheets 

Because sometimes you have to keep up with all the things, but that doesn ’ metric ton mean they can ’ thymine be attractive .

• time sheets

available with our 2021 planner here .

• mileage sheets

available with our 2021 planner here .

• monthly budget sheets 

available with our 2021 planner here .
planner inserts mileage, budget and time sheets

Free planner 2020: Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning Schedule A4 

available with our 2021 planner here .
cleaning sheet inserts planner

Cleaning Schedule A5

available with our 2021 planner here .
menu planner inserts

Free planner 2020: Menu Plan

Menu design and patronize list for the unblock planner 2020 edition- because sometimes lists help keeping up with it all .

Menu Plan A4 

available with our 2021 planner hera .

Menu Plan A5 

available with our 2021 planner hera .
planner medical inserts

Free planner 2020: Health: Symptoms Tracker, Med Tracker + Food Journal

last year, we were contacted by a parent of a child with special needs to include a few extra. This class for the loose planner 2020, we were happy to oblige and hope this assistant for anyone who is on a travel with keeping cut of symptoms, meds, or even a food diary for respective reasons .
How we use it: Our youngest child recently had a reaction to lactose – we think we ’ ve squared it away and hope to keep journaling his food inhalation to see if this helps as we eliminate things from his diet. There are a overplus of reasons you could use these forms and we hope they help .

Symptoms Tracker A4:

available with our 2021 planner hera .

Symptoms Tracker A5:

available with our 2021 planner here .

Med Tracker A4:

available with our 2021 planner here .

Meds Tracker A5:

available with our 2021 planner here .

Food Journal A4:

available with our 2021 planner here .

Food Journal A5:

available with our 2021 planner here .
chore chart inserts

Free planner 2020: Chore Charts: Weekly

These are new and improved with simple patterns at the top, and a weekly format. These will fit seamlessly into their absolve planner 2020 for comfortable traverse !
How we use it: We besides like to laminate and put on our electric refrigerator .

A4 chore chart

available with our 2021 planner here .

A5 chore chart

available with our 2021 planner here .
free planner - kids chore chart
kids chore chart

Chore Charts: Daily

See our spare printables for our magnetic job chart here !
available with our 2021 planner here .
magnetic chore chart
And more job chart ideas here .


And nowadays for the fun separate, all our accessories !
From bookmarks to stickers and a few playfulness things to grab to bring them all to life, we have you covered .
free planner accessories

Which brings us to….

Free planner 2o20: ALL. THE. BOOKMARKS! 

bill : A4 bookmarks besides fit the a5 size – we went smaller with the “ A5 ” in a few patterns, fair because

A4 Bookmarks

available with our 2021 planner here .

A5 Bookmarks

available with our 2021 planner hera .
To Do: • Available with our 2021 planner here .
planner bookmarks

Monogram Bookmarks

This year, we ’ ra truly loving these fiddling monogram bookmarks – the cunning paired with your new planner or even a gift for a supporter ! We laminated ours to make them extra hardy .
available with our 2021 planner here .
planner monogram bookmarks free

Free planner 2020: Stickers

available with our 2021 planner hera .
• Random Assorted: Tabs, rosettes, stars, days of the workweek, arrows, To Do, and more : Get them here .
• Agenda: Our Agenda Stickers stickers are great for equitable about anything in the work/parental/keeping up with all things .
• Student Stickers: Our scholar Stickers are the perfect reminders for your kiddos .
• Scheduling: Hooray sports ! Do the thing, win the points – sports/activity schedule stickers
• Watercolor Stickers: watercolor stickers from feathers to flowers – here
• list stickers : included this year so you can add little lists to any page
• abstraction
• blue/green tartan
• feathers
• orange tartan
• pink trellis
• yellow watercolor
free planner stickers

Free planner 2020: Just for Fun 

available with our 2021 planner here .
• Flower stickers: Because sometimes it helps to highlight things : Our flower stickers in fun designs

• Dress up Stickers:
Dress up stickers which I { biasedly } think are oh so adorable
• Vintage Campers and Cars: And our vintage camper and car stickers .
planner stickers
{ The consort links below aid us keep the planner release. Please click on them so we earn money and can keep providing all the freebies ! }
In case your wondering how on earth you make stickers:
Total side tangent, but this is my new fave appliance. The Create a Sticker Machine.
So of course we had to include a few custom stickers in the dislodge planner 2020 for the superdorks out there like us. ; }
free planner accesories
free planner

Our favorite planners/supplies/things that make us happy and keep us organized 

Free planner 2020: Binders


• We ’ re in love with this fabulous A4 binder for all things planning. I ’ megabyte using both planners in bicycle-built-for-two this year – one as a planner, another as a sketchbook/business set up. I love it so much, I purchased another this year for when the older one wears out, since I use it daily .
• You can find our oldie but goodie that we ’ ve used for years, here. They only have a few colors left .
• I besides love this one, specially for binding your own. More on that below – this one does not come with clips, but it makes a capital holder .


• This bluing one had me at hello. More colors, here. All of the colors. seriously we ’ rhenium smite .
• A5 green planner { besides available in other colors } – perfect for smaller compress sizes and inactive holds our printables .
• A5 clear planner – our kids love these so they can customize their own look .
• A5 leather journal – comes with a filler but you can remove and use as a binder .
• A5 mustard – love this color available in more + more options here

Binding your own

• The arc oblige arrangement is the most fabulous new run to ever. Seriously how did we ever live without it ? You can now have your own size, barely bind like this !
• Rainbow tie down disk hera .
• These clips here make it all possible. Simply print and punch .

Paperclips, Smash Bands and Tassles, oh my!

• We paired said binder with this fun bankrupt band for a short excess flair, because it ’ second all in the accessories, ya know. # Ineedtogetoutmore
• We used newspaper clips from here as tabs to group some of our pages together, paired with these + these, for all things super adorable agency supplies .
• Brass paperclips from here
• Unicorn newspaper clips – because unicorn paperclips. They ’ re now sold out but we love these animal shapes .
• Giant paper clips + metallic finishes here .
• We besides love these big chunky clips .
• Love these bookmarks here + these administration check
• We paired them with these faux leather tassels to help keep up with all the things. Smaller ones here. They ’ rhenium superintendent cute string on a newspaper time, and put on the circus tent of a divider or bookmark – as shown above. We besides used these tassels this year to mix it up. intelligibly, we have a thing with reasonably tassels and planners .
• We besides made fun little pill for the kids by combining composition clips + these fun felt balls .

Writing Utensils 

• If I die, they can pry this pencil from my cold, all in fingers. I ’ ve used it since college and there ’ s no going back. always .
• This Mircon Pen is my go-to for standard pen love. Paired with these fun colors for all things keeping it straight. It seriously helps when I can see all the colors. No, I don ’ metric ton actually care if this makes me look like a 7th grader. 7th graders are cool .
• These pens are our newest addition – we love them .
• person else raise their hand if they had these as a child ? We stocked up on these recently for summer fun and the kids have a blast using them .

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Other Accessories: 

• Washi Tape – because rainbow colors are all the rage. We very love these, besides .
• This hole punch is useful for all things A5 sizes
• not shown but linked above – gummed label car from here
• Pencil sharpener from here
• This adorable summer bag + keychain – which we love using as a gigantic planner bookmark .
• Laminator – because if you have children and don ’ t have a laminator, you ’ re decidedly missing out. ; } Really, children are just my excuse to laminate things. All the things .
• Stapler – like one line up here – primitively from Target .

Other planner alternatives: {because sometimes, they sell out}

• This fabulous binder
• Padfolio – in lots of coloring material alternatives
• We love the colors with this one .
This free planner 2020 falls in seamlessly with our ( 2019 ) option. We didn ’ t deviate a lot so it would blend well if you added to it, so we hope you can choose, choice, and enjoy our release planner 2020 ! We continue to evolve each year so we look advancing to sharing that here .
• If you’re new here, be sure to check out all of our free printables, here + our spaces, here. We do more than just produce this planner and we hope you’ll check us out! All posts in chronological order, here.
We have so much more than “just” a planner.
• Nothing makes us happier than seeing them put to good use. Use #thehandmadehomefreebies on instagram, and we’d love to see them there!

And now, just a few always-asked questions about our free planner 2020: 

1. What kind of paper do you print this on? 
Card sprout is what we love well. It ’ randomness probably not the most hardheaded but it makes our barren planner 2020 feel official and stuff. Because planning may just be how we rule the world so that makes it crucial. It ’ mho capital for all things dreaming and scheming, but any will do ! The unconstipated size will fit perfectly on an 8.5 x 11 – precisely click, print, fix punch and use .
The smaller size will still fit on a criterion sheet, just cut to your preferred ( smaller A5 size ) and use – Be indisputable to print these with a cultivate marker option on your printer, to make it easier to trim .
2. Can you print this on two sides? 
I actually use the blank sides for extra sketching space… So I prefer the blank sides. But if you want to print on two sides, you can take it to a professional printer, or depending on your printer settings, try to run your wallpaper back through to get it on the following slope. This will vary for everyone depending on what they have to work with of the printer kind, and will probably require a little experimenting on your region .
3. Can you tell me how to print on both sides?
unfortunately, this all depends on what route you choose to take and which printer you use. So that makes us about adenine useful as, well, this suffice .
4. How much will this cost to print? How much paper will it use? 
There are therefore many options for this, it all depends on you : How many you print at a time, what you decide to print, etc. We would recommend getting a few quotes, but the cheapest choice will be at home if you already have a printer. Either way, it ’ s still cheaper than purchasing a planner. And nothing comes in those individualized options we offer here .
5. I don’t see my size. Can you provide my size? 
We have them available in the two sizes listed. however, you can try resizing it for your printer/computer through respective programs like Photoshop, or taking it to a professional. The DPI is high for this function. besides, you can precisely print out one of our sizes, laminate the covers, and have it bound at a local print shop class. { Or see what we did above with our brass ring clips or the arc binding system above – GAME CHANGER ! } Plenty of our fabulous readers have done this. We hope these suggestions help !
6. Can I take these to a professional printer? Will I be allowed to print them there? 
absolutely. These are barren. Just give me the blood of your firstborn We barely ask that you respect copyright laws by not selling them ; } Or copying them and passing them off as your own because that basically means you suck as a person-sorry not deplorable. Or throwing them at our heads. All of these things have happened. consequently, it ’ south necessity for us to write this. share, and enjoy !
7. How did you create these? 
I am a graphic designer, so the files were created in both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop from original, handmade art. All of these designs are master to us .
8. Why are all of these in separate files? 
Options, Options, Options .
This makes them easier for us to manage on our end, and as the years go by, easier for you to download. Trust us when we say it took a calendar month to create the mail, let alone the files. You would be super confused if we threw them all in one file. And it would take for.ev.ver to load on your calculator. It might break the internet. Each year { don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate worry, we will besides have one for 2021 available by following summer } will come with different features, and it helps to pick and choose what you want to add to your own personal collection as you go. ( besides, we ’ ra human and will make mistakes. We will be shocked if there is not a single edit that needs to be made. ) So this makes for easy quick fixes a soon as we ’ re notified, depending on the file. Whoops. I ’ ve officially over explained myself .
9. Can you print this out, prepare it, and mail this to me?
No .
10 . Regarding additions, changes, personal preferences for color, suggestions, questions and complaints:
We actually do hope that you enjoy our absolve planner 2020 and will decidedly consider changes for the future, and appreciate friendly suggestions. We added a fortune this year, based on last year ’ s requests and take those to heart each year and make thoughtful changes to the invention and new additions. Thank you so a lot for those !
Please wear with us while we explain… unfortunately, personal preferences will be different for everyone. We know that some people don ’ metric ton like turning their planner to the side for the monthly scene, because it ’ south unvoiced. And some people don ’ triiodothyronine like the colors because they give them headaches. And some people think we ’ re idiots. We know, because we have received these actual messages over a barren planner each year. Wheeeeee !
This was a planner made from scratch and original designs which adds up to months of work – believe it or not. If we tried to meet every single need, we would never be able to play with our children. Let alone feed them. ; } At some point, we have to have boundaries. So it is what it is. We know we can ’ thyroxine please everyone. We are not a greaser .
The options seen are the ones that are available. There are a short ton of options here. The stallion thing is over 750 files sum, for a bunch of fun choices at your fingertips to create from the choices available with what you like, best. All of that said, please feel loose to not download the planner, if it doesn ’ thyroxine meet your needs. We know that this is not for everyone .
Thank you so a lot in advance for your understand. If you ’ re inactive reading this, you the real MVP .
Thank you so very much for stopping by, and PLEASE ENJOY AND SHARE with EVERYONE YOU KNOW… that way we can bring it to you next year!
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As always, let us know if you use them ! We ’ vitamin d love to hear .
glad creating and have an divine day – I ’ meter off to take a sleep. ; }

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