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Kathleen Bradley Ted Lange Felton Perry


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The triumphs and tragedies of five childhood friends whose ambitions and talents converged to produce the most popular fragrance in the cosmetics industry, Sassy. Shared for historical purposes. I don’t have the rights. ##### Reelblack’s mission is to educate, animate, entertain, enlighten and empower through film noir. If there is content shared on this platform that you believe infringes your intellectual property, please email me at and with the details and it will be removed immediately.

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Perfume (1991) | Kathleen Bradley Ted Lange Felton Perry | A Film By Roland S. Jefferson

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Perfume (1991) | Kathleen Bradley Ted Lange Felton Perry | A Film By Roland S. Jefferson.

kathleen bradley feet.

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23 thoughts on “Perfume (1991) | Kathleen Bradley Ted Lange Felton Perry | A Film By Roland S. Jefferson | All the relevant contents kathleen bradley feet are the most detailed

  1. It's God's time and it's God's Body says:

    Thank you love this Movie.
    Back then woman/girls were not so large as they are nowadays. These woman were top flight in terms of what the desired look was. Being fat or thick was frowned upon in the 90's and early 2000's( my family disliked that I was over weight and so far from what the desired weight and size was back then). I don't know how I got to weigh 246lbs at the age of 16 i just blew up. I can love everyone big or small but it does matter how and where you carry the excess weight on your body as a female, i wore a size 20 in pants size, i was wide like a Linebacker Football Player. Back then black Parents and Grandparents would not let the children over eat, you had to have permission to eat, you could not just eat how much you wanted, what ever you wanted as a child, you had to eat your vegetables too! Eating out at McDonald's/Burger King, etc. was a treat. Black Moms mostly cooked whole meals everyday back then if they could.

  2. Purple Reels says:

    Some very painful scenes… it gets real but some very beautiful and passionate scenes as well. Thank you kindly.

  3. UNIVERSALLOVE 878 says:

    I love Perfume. I remember seeing the premiere on BET "Screen Scene" it was a big deal. I have the VHS.

  4. Ms. Shugga Deborah Rosenbloom says:

    Oh I'm so mad at y'all!!! Had me in big tears in the last scene. It ended so beautifully. What beatuful women all through the film.

  5. Pri Bro says:

    This movie gives me vibes of a cross between Waiting To Exhale an a black version of Sex In The City. Definitely kept my attention.

  6. nicestar says:

    i love love love….I MEAN LOVE when i see dark skin black women shown in a beautiful sophisticated way love this movie!! and i will never stop watching your content on your channel

  7. sjay19baby baybay says:

    My God! I finally found this movie! Been searching for it since the late 90s. So glad I found it! Was on Kathleen Bradley's Instagram and she mentioned it.

  8. Bubbly Abundance says:

    I'm happy the girls all had a happy ending, except Natasha. How do you go back to the man who got your children taken away from you? Sick

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